Apple Watch for Kids 2021: How to Set it up for Your Child?

Apple Watch SE is the best Apple watch for kids because of its features like family setup, built-in GPS, and LTE capabilities. Moreover, it is cheaper than the Apple Watch 6 and comes with most of the features of the flagship model.

Apple Watch is the company’s showcase of technical innovations. These devices come packed with features that make life a lot easier in these modern times.

Best Apple Watch for Kids 2021

If you own one, you already know that you can make calls, play music, track your health, and so much more. If you’re thinking about how well it suits your kid, then you’re at the right place.

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We’ll discuss the best Apple watches for kids and how you can set them up the right way. If you’re not a fan of the fruit, stay till the end. We have some great picks that’d suit you well.

Either you’re planning to hand over an older model or buy a new one for your kid; the real question is, do they need them? From a security perspective, they do need these watches. Apart from that, we couldn’t find a logical reason why a kid would need an expensive bracelet on their wrists.

But as we said, Apple Watch is an excellent choice from a security angle. The parents could easily track their kids using the onboard GPS, stay connected using LTE, set parental controls, etc. Parental controls are essential as all electronic devices are dumb enough to obey anything the user wants them to do. So let’s see how one can set up Apple Watch for Kids.

Apple Watch Family Setup

Apple Watch Family is a feature that is available for Watch OS 7 and above. The service lets the parent choose the apps and services a kid can access on their Apple Watch. The parent could control who they can call or text.

In addition to that, it allows you to control the Apple watches of the whole family from your smartphone.

Another excellent and impressive feature is the ability to track the kid’s location using the built-in GPS of the Apple Watch. So if you own an Apple Watch 4 or later, you’re in luck.

Set Up Apple Watch Family

The Apple Watch family setup service is quite simple. Follow these given steps.

  1. Erase the Apple Watch to start a new one.
  2. Bring the Apple Watch near the iPhone and wait for the pairing screen to appear.
  3. Click on Continue and click on Set Up for a Family Member, followed by Continue.
  4. Select the Apple Watch that appears in the Apple Watch app’s viewfinder and then click on Set Up Apple Watch.
  5. The rest is similar to setting up a regular Apple Watch, so follow the on-screen instructions.

You can now manage the settings for your Apple Watch from within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Go to All Watches and select the watch under family sharing watches. You can change the settings from the app. You can manage things like updates, accessibility, SOS options, personal data, change Schooltime and Screen time, etc.

Setup Screen time and Schooltime on Apple Watch

The parent can use the Screen time settings to limit the user (their kid, in this case) from using the Apple Watch for an excessive amount of time. To set the Screen time, follow these given steps.

  1. Select the watch from the Family Watches list.
  2. Click on Screen Time and go to Edit Screen Time Settings.
  3. You can set the time limit for your child from Downtime > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Schooltime is for disabling the usage of the Apple Watch during school hours. This feature will ensure the kids get distraction-free school time. To set the Schooltime, follow these given steps.

  1. Select the watch from the Family Watches list.
  2. Click on Schooltime and turn on the feature.
  3. Tap on Edit Schedule and set the days and times allotted for classes.
  4. You could click on Add Time in case you need multiple schedules for a day. This way, your child can enjoy their free time using the watch.
  5. Click on Done once you are satisfied with the restrictions.

Best Apple Watch for Kids in 2021

If you plan to hand over a family member’s apple watch to your kid, you don’t need to think about it too hard. But if you’re planning to buy a new one, we have some suggestions for you. Even though Apple Watch Series 4 and later models come with a Family setup, we highly recommend you go with the SE or the Series 6 model.

Apple Watch SE

Image of Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is a newer launch, and yes, it won’t put a hole in your pocket. The watch comes equipped with the essential components required for tracking, like GPS and LTE connectivity (optional).

Even though the SE is a cheaper model, it doesn’t compromise the security or privacy of the user or other family members. You could get it in either a 44mm case size or a 40 mm case size. Apple Watch SE houses a Retina display, and the device keeps the user updated on information such as the heart rate. You could get the child’s watch for around 279 USD.

The battery life of the Apple Watch SE is almost similar to Apple Watch Series 4. Apple Watch SE gives you a standby time of up to 72 hours, and if you’re using it for fitness purposes, then the battery life is approximately 18 hours.

As a result, your kid can use this for more than a day easily. Apple Watch Series 6 also offer similar battery life. However, the use of GPS, LTE connectivity, and Apple Watch apps may result in shorter battery life.

Apple Watch Series 6

Image of Apple Watch Series 6 Transparent

The running champion from Apple, the Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the apple watches for kids that you could buy now. The watch comes with advanced health monitoring features like the Blood Oxygen level indication and the popular ECG app.

Built-in GPS is also available in this smartwatch from Apple. As a result, you can track your child’s location right from the Apple Watch App on your phone.

The battery of the Apple Watch 6 is impressive. Apple says it can run for more than a day if used extensively. The Apple Watch Series 6 also comes with several Apple Watches versions – GPS + Cellular, LTE, and the GPS only version. You could get this kids smartwatch in either 40 mm or 44mm case sizes. However, we suggest you go for the 40mm model as it looks non-bulky on your kid’s wrist.

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Unlike the SE, Series 6 comes with an always-on Retina display. GPS and Cellular GPS are nice touches of security. But this one could set you back around 400 USD.

Does your kid need an Apple Watch?

There is no doubt that both these devices can put a hole in your pocket. So the question remains, does your child need this expensive bracelet.

Apple Watch has the reputation of being one of the most fragile Apple products to date. Many have proved genuine of the “Sapphire display” of the Apple Watch in recent history. Fragile products like the Apple Watch could be nothing more than an expensive toy in the hands of a kid. Still, nothing stands more important than the safety and security of our loved ones.

Here are some of the benefits of the Apple Watch as your kids’ smartwatches.

  1. The family setup feature gives you complete access to your kid’s Apple watch 24/7.
  2. You can create personalized content. This prevents your kid from accessing explicit content.
  3. You can limit screen time and restrict usage during school hours.
  4. GPS tracker allows you to track your kids’ location in real-time
  5. Apple Watch offers activity and exercises monitoring. You could monitor your kid’s fitness level, minute to minute.
  6. If your kid’s Apple watch has cellular connectivity, then they can make Apple Watch calls from anywhere in the world. Apple Watch also enables Apple watch to Apple watch calling for free within your house group!
  7. You could control Apple Music on your child’s Apple Watch using your Apple ID. This could help you keep a tab on what they’re listening to and how much time they spend doing music stuff with their Apple Watch.
  8. Your kids can set up alarms and reminders using Apple Watch. You’ll be notified when that reminder goes off.
  9. Fall Detection: Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch 6 come with many safety features like fall detection. In case of a hard fall and the child becomes unresponsive, it alerts the parents and Emergency Department along with the exact location.
  10. Last but not least, Apple Watch is Apple’s way to encourage your kids towards a healthy lifestyle. Apple Watches have sensors built in that remind you and your kid whenever it’s time for exercise or when the heart rate increases above the normal limit.

Alternatives for Apple Watch

As promised, here are our top picks that could get the job done. Deals and offers for these models could save you some green.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 3

Garmin Vivofit Jr 3

Need a dedicated smartwatch for your kid? Garmin had thought of it and made the Vivofit Jr 3. And no doubt we’ll see a “never seen before” watch for kids from Apple soon. The watch is a dwarf compared to an Apple Watch SE. It is missing GPS and LTE connectivity.

But we believe the Vivofit Jr 3 is a great budget smartwatch for your kid under the $60 price tag. Moreover, the watch seems to be more durable than an Apple Watch structurally.

Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit Ace 3

Another smartwatch made for kids by Fitbit, the Fitbit Ace 3, is a cheaper alternative for the Apple Watch. The watch comes equipped with features and activities tailored for kids. Fitbit Ace gives accurate information about your heart, and you can buy under $100.

VTech Kidizoom

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

This one is a toy rather than a watch. The VTech Kidizoom is an excellent choice for a kid as it could help them learn and grow through games. You can get the Kidizoom for roughly around $28, which is one-tenth the price of the cheapest Apple Watch you can get.

  1. Do Apple Watches supports video calling?

    Apple Watches do not have a built-in camera for making video calls. So, you cannot make video calls through the Apple phone. However, Wristcam recently launched an Apple watch strap with a camera that allows you to make live video messaging via its camera.

  2. What is the best Apple Watch for a 12-year-old?

    Apple Watch SE and Series 6 would be the best Apple Watches for a 12-year-old. The Apple Watch SE is the cheapest Apple Watch you can buy right now, but it has all the basic features of Series 6 smartwatches.

  3. Can I get my kid an Apple Watch without an iPhone?

    Yes. Apple watch could be paired with another Apple device by using Apple's family sharing feature.

  4. Does VTECH Kidizoom watch make video calls?

    No. It does not come with a video calling feature.

  5. Which is the best Fitbit for kids?

    If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Apple watch, it is worth considering the Fitbit Ace 2 or Ace 3. Both the wearables offer some excellent features to kids that help them be active and engaged.

To wrap things up

Apple Watch for Kids is a perfect and excellent way to keep your kids safe and sound. Apple watch has a GPS tracker, which allows you to track your kids’ location in real-time; it offers activity and exercises monitoring so they can monitor their fitness level whenever you want.

They come equipped with many safety features like fall detection where they alert parents as well as Emergency Department along with the exact location if he’s fallen and unresponsive.

Apple Watch is without doubt one of the best tools to safeguard your child, and that will cost you a lot. But the question is does your kid need that much protection. Any security measure will always be a restriction to a kid. But know that they are there if you need them.

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