Apple Watch Series 7 Review: A Larger watch with Rugged Design!

Apple Watch Series 7 Review

The Apple watch series 7, Apple’s latest smartwatch, is finally available for purchase, and enthusiastic users have been excited so far. From one glance, you can tell it has a more rounded design with a larger casing compared to the series 6. And a few other features that distinguish it from its predecessors.

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Apple releases new smartwatches consistently every year, and there are usually some key features that make each one different. For Series 6, it was SpO2 monitoring and the S6 chip for more efficient performance.

For a detailed review about what makes the Apple Watch Series 7 better, keep reading.

Apple Watch Review

The Apple Smartwatch Series 7 was announced in September, and so far, all of the feedback has been positive. With a bigger screen compared to the Series 6, fast-charging capabilities, and other exciting features, this watch is designed to be more efficient

Similar to the previous Apple Smartwatches, the Series 7 also has a health/fitness monitoring option. And its bigger screen offers more than just an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and it also improves its usability.

Let’s explain just how exciting and better the Apple watch series 7 is in the following sections.

Design and Display

The corners of the Apple Watch Series 7 are slightly rounded, and the display meshes into the chassis effortlessly compared to the Apple watch series 6. Both the Apple watches have the same swim-proof certification of 50 meters, but the series 7 has an IP6X certification for dust resistance.

Apple Watch Screen Size Comparison
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As mentioned earlier, the large screen on the Apple Watch Series 7 is designed for more than aesthetic purposes. The Series 7 display is 20% larger than the series 6 and 50% larger than the series 3. Apple has completely switched the watchOS 8 to help you view different things at a wider angle. For instance, looking at maps is more accessible, and you can see every word even better. Plus, this makes it easier to read messages and other information. You don’t necessarily need to zoom in like the previous models.

The on-screen buttons on the Apple Watch Series 7 are also significantly more extensive than those on the previous models. This feature automatically improves accessibility a lot because you can navigate with ease. And for users who might not have steady hands due to health reasons, this is a big deal. Hence, making it great for older people. 

The Apple Watch Series 7 Always-on screen is also a handy feature. Unlike the series 5 and 6 that go completely dark when you’re outside on a sunny day, the series 7 dims to a lower power mode. Apple has reported that it is 70% brighter than the previous models. This means the watch screen is always visible regardless of how you move your hand or wrist.

Health and Fitness Tracking Features

The Apple Watch 7 will be a treat for people who love to keep fit and track their progress every day. The series 7 features a heart-rate sensor for monitoring your pulse regularly. There’s also an ECG function for monitoring a more precise picture of your heartbeat. Both features can help you ascertain if there are irregularities in your heartbeat.

You will also find an oxygen sensor which is great for monitoring recovery time via oxygen saturation. Although it doesn’t act as an alternative for a proper medical checkup, you might be able to tell if your lungs have a problem. 

The Series 7 also helps with tracking a wide range of exercise options depending on what you prefer. And with its haptic feedback feature and earphones, you can pick up calls as you exercise.

Smart Features

The Apple watch series 7 features an improved version of WatchOS 8, which provides numerous compelling features.

In addition to all of the features mentioned already, there’s also the ability to track your sleep pattern, and women can track their cycles. There are also calendar alerts, weather notifications, and the QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard is a huge difference from the previous models, and many users have been begging for it since the Galaxy watch 4. And it’s finally here!

The QWERTY keyboard gives you the freedom to swipe words to form messages instead of tapping. And even though that might seem lazy, it’s easily more efficient and convenient. The keyboard also helps with fixing errors, which is excellent, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Battery Life

The Apple Watch Series 7 will last for up to two days when fully charged and not used for much. However, when you use some of its incredible features, such as answering calls and a series of tracking, it will last for up to 18 hours. This is thanks to its fast charge time with the new magnetic to USB-C charger.

This charger offers a 33% faster charge time compared to Series 6. If you’re someone that needs to use your watch all day, this is great because it charges quicker and lasts longer.

Price and Availability

The Series 7 watch is currently available at two different prices for both sizes. You will find the 41mm model for under $405 and the larger 45mm for under $435. And if you prefer to get cellular support, you might need to spend under $500 for the 41mm model and under $535 for the 45mm model. Getting cellular support mainly allows your smartwatch to work untethered to your iPhone.

For stainless steel cases, you will need under $700 and titanium cases under $800. 

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in green, Midnight, which is black with a hint of blue, and Starlight, a mixture of silver and gold.

Overall, the Apple Watch Series 7 is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches available currently. The bigger screen offers a better display experience, and the keyboard makes all the difference. Its fast charging capabilities blended with its bright Always-on screen and crack resistance make it perfect for sporting activities.

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