Are G Shock Watches Waterproof? Ultimate Guide!

Casio G-Shock watches are made with durability and shock resistance in mind. The biggest selling point of these watches is that they are built to last. But the question on everyone’s minds is, “are G shock watches waterproof?” This article will answer that and other important questions about Casio G-Shock Watches.

are g shock watches waterproof

What is a G Shock watch?

Casio G-Shock watches are made by Casio Japan and were first released in 1983. The name G-Shock Stands for its ability to withstand shock from a fall. Because of this reason, these watches are popular among hikers, military, and construction workers.

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Are G Shock Watches Waterproof?

Most models like Casio G-Shock GMDS6900SR-7 and GM5600SCM-1 are waterproof up to 200 meters(20 bar). This means that you can use these models to swim up to 200 meters underwater.

However, the water-resistance capacity of G-Shock varies from model to model. So, refer to the Casio G-Shock watch manual for details. But make sure you are not confused between waterproof and water resistance.

Difference between a waterproof and water-resistant watch

I have come across many situations where people use both these terms interchangeably, but they are entirely different in reality. So, what is the difference between water-resistant and waterproof?

The term waterproof means that it cannot be damaged by water under any circumstances. But in practice, it is not possible. Smartwatches and other luxury watches use plastic or rubber material as a seal to prevent water entry into the watch. This seal leaks at a certain depth, and the water enters the watch. So, a watch can never be entirely waterproof. Depending on the model, the watch can withstand different depths of water pressure.

On the other hand, water resistance is a term used to determine up to what depth a watch can withstand without damage. Normally water resistance is mentioned in meters(m) or feet(ft). But there is another term used in G-Shock watches, BAR, which is the unit of pressure. 1 BAR = 10 meters. So, if a watch has a water resistance of 10 bars, it can withstand depths up to 100 meters.

Now that you know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. So make sure to check the water resistance of your G-Shock watch before taking it for a swim. You can check the water-resistance ratings of a Casio G-Shock watch under its casing. See the image below!

How to check the waterproof ratings of your G Shock?

To check the waterproof rating of the G-Shock watch, you have to look at its back, as shown in the image. Alternatively, you can find this information in the G-Shock watch manual.

G-Shock waterproof ratings

In the G Shock watches, the concept of water resistance is measured in bars. 20-bar water resistance means that you can swim up to 200 meters of water with this watch.

Casio G-Shock Watch Water-resistance ratings

G Shock Watch Water-resistance ratings

The Benefit of owning a Waterproof G-shock watch

A G Shock watch will be your best companion if you are very active outdoors because you do not need to worry about getting it damaged by water, fall, or shock. In short, G-Shock watches can withstand the most extreme or challenging environments they face in the real world.

As mentioned, each watches water resistance capacity varies from model to model. So, make sure that the watch that you are going to buy meets all your needs. For example, a watch with 5-10 BAR water resistance would be sufficient if you need a watch for swimming. On the other hand, swimming in the sea won’t be enough for you. In this case, you should consider a G-Shock watch with at least 20 BAR water resistance.

In addition to its water-resistance capabilities, owning a rugged G-Shock timepiece has other benefits.

  • Built-in GPS that allows you to navigate through strange routes. A G-Shock with GPS benefits cyclists, hikers, and anyone who explores.
  • Casio G-Shock GACS100B-1 comes with a world time function that lets you display the current time in any of the 29 time zones worldwide.
  • It has a multi-band atomic timekeeping capability (in advanced models) that automatically updates the time of the G-Shock watch using radio signals from the same six stations in different countries.

G-Shock Watch Water-Resistance Test

1. What do 200 meters of water resistance mean?

A watch rated with 20 bar or 200m resistance means that it can be used for most watersports like pool diving, swimming, etc. However, you should not use these watches for scuba diving as the forced water jet will damage the watch’s waterproof sealing. If you are specifically looking for a scuba or diving watch, then go for G-Shock Frogman.

2. Does G Shock make a dive watch?

If you are a professional diver searching for a G-Shock for diving, then G-Shock Frogman is the right watch, and it comes with a water-resistant rating of 200m.

3. Why is G-Shock Frogman so expensive?

The G-Shock Frogman is the most durable watch ever built by Casio, and it is the only diving watch the G-Shock series offers. You can use this watch for diving up to 200 meters of water.

4. Does Casio have a smartwatch?

If you are looking for a Casio G-Shock smartwatch, then Casio G-Squad Pro GSW H1000 is the right product for you. This luxury smartwatch comes with Bluetooth connectivity and additional sensors to track your health metrics, such as heart rate, calories burned, etc. It is powered by Google Wear OS and supports iOS and Android devices.

5. Can I swim with a 6-bar watch?

A 6 BAR-resistant G Shock watch means you can use this watch safely for swimming up to 60 meters.

6. What is ATM in water resistance ratings?

ATM is an abbreviation for “atmospheres,” and it is a water-resistance rating that indicates how deep a watch can be safely worn underwater. 1 ATM equals 10 meters of water resistance, 3 ATMs equals 30 meters of water resistance, and so on.

7. What are IP Ratings in smartwatches?

IP ratings or Ingress Protection ratings in smartwatches indicate the level of protection a watch has against the ingress of dust and water. The higher the IP rating, the better the protection. Smartwatches with an IP68 rating or higher are considered waterproof and can be worn while swimming or bathing.


Casio’s G Shock watches are a good choice for people who like water sports or outdoor activities such as hiking, trail running, etc. Casio G-shock Frogman is an excellent option if you’re looking for a diving watch because of its rugged and rigid design. I hope this article has addressed your query, “Are G Shock Watches Waterproof?”. If you have any further questions, feel free to post your comments below. 

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