Are Smartwatches Safe to Wear?

Yes. Smartwatches are safe to wear every day.

For many people, a smartwatch is a fashion accessory and not an essential item. Others may rely on it for their work or fitness needs. They can track your health and fitness metrics with the help of their advanced sensors and algorithms. 

Smartwatches and fitness trackers track your activities along with your various health metrics with the help of their sensors and software. Your smartwatch sent this data to the companion app on a compatible smartphone, either via Wifi, Bluetooth, or cellular connectivity(LTE).

So, how safe are smartwatches? Are smartwatches safe to wear while sleeping? Continue reading this article for the answer to these questions. 

Are smartwatches safe to wear

Studies show that smartwatches are safe to wear because they don’t emit any harmful radiation. Moreover, there is no evidence to prove that wearing a smartwatch can increase your chances of getting cancer.

As per CDC, smartwatches and fitness trackers uses RF transmitters that emit non-ionizing radiation. It doesn’t really cause any health hazards to humans.

Do Smartwatches emits radiation?

Are Smartwatches Safe to Wear?

Electronic devices like smartwatches and smartphones emit radiation while transmitting information from one device to another. As they are emitting non-ionizing radiations, it does not have enough energy to cause cancer in humans. This means that the smartwatches and fitness trackers are safe to wear without worrying about any health hazards.

How smartwatches were tested for safety?

Smartwatches, like other electronic devices, have been tested to assess their impact on humans. All consumer electronic devices such as smartwatches are tested and approved by CE in the European Union and FCC in the USA.

These certifications on an electronic device indicate that it complies with various national or international safety standards. Thus it is safe to wear and does not cause any health issues.

So, now we know that the smartwatch radiation does not cause any health issues in humans. But is there any other aspect that you need to consider while buying a smartwatch?

Are there any health risks associated with smartwatches?

Smartwatches may not be causing any direct health risks to humans. However, it can cause distraction, especially for those who work with high-precision machinery. When working in such an environment, your attention should be on the machinery and not your smartwatch.

Also, you should not use your fitness trackers or smartwatches while you drive. Notifications from your smartwatch can distract you and can cause accidents. So, it is advisable to avoid making calls or texting through your smartwatch while driving as it can be equally dangerous to you and others.

But you should not forget about the health benefits of smartwatches. Now smartwatches can monitor your various health metrics such as ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, etc., accurately.

The latest wearable tech devices, such as Apple watch Series 6, Galaxy Watch 3, etc., can detect irregular heart rates and even alert the Emergency Department if an incident like a fall happened to you.


Many smartwatches come with a silicone strap or nickel-based case. If you are allergic to these materials, then you should avoid wearing a smartwatch made up of these materials because these types of smart watches may cause health problems like skin rashes or other allergic reactions in humans.

Privacy issues and Data breach

As mentioned, a smartwatch uses EMF radiation to transfer data to the cell phone. Cell phones are connected to the internet and thus enable remote access to your smart watch through applications. This means that a hacker can hack into your smartwatch and gain access to all of your data like texts, calls, GPS location, and even your credit card information.

It is advisable always to keep your cellphone and smartwatch password-protected to avoid any data breach. This way, you can protect your privacy by preventing any unauthorized access to your smartwatch or smartphone. Advanced wearables such as Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Series, etc., allow you to secure your device with a password.

  1. Do smart watches give off radiation?

    According to researchers, smart watches and fitness trackers give off non-ionizing radiation, which does not possibly harm human beings.

  2. Does wearing a smartwatch cause cancer?

    There is no evidence to prove that wearing a smartwatch or fitness tracker causes cancer.

  3. Is it unhealthy to wear a smartwatch?

    Wearing a smartwatch is not unhealthy instead, it has many health benefits. They can help you track your heart rate, monitor your oxygen level, blood pressure, and many other health metrics.


Many researches have been done on the health issues associated with smartwatch usage, and still, there is no evidence to prove that wearing a fitness tracker or smartwatch can cause health problems in humans. But smartwatches and fitness trackers can distract you while you drive or operating heavy machinery. So, you should not your smartwatch or fitness trackers where it may cause distractions and put you and others at risk.

I hope this article on smartwatch safety has answered your question, “are smartwatches safe to wear?” If you have any doubt about smartwatch safety, leave a comment in the comment section below.

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