The Best Garmin Watches Compatible with Spotify: How to Set Up Spotify?

outdoor running man

Garmin is a multinational company specializing in GPS devices, and they now have watches that work with Spotify. A running watch with music is a great way to keep motivated during long runs, especially if you don’t like to carry a phone while you run. Related Posts: The Best Smartwatch for Podcasts and Music in 2021 Garmin … Read more

Garmin Incident Detection Review: Saving You From Dangerous Situations

Garmin Incident Detection Review

Do you want to stay safe and secure while enjoying your favorite activities? If so, then Garmin incident detection is the perfect feature for you. But, What does incident detection mean? Well, incident detection is a safety feature in Garmin devices that will help you get out of danger. Garmin watches will notify your emergency contacts if … Read more

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Withings ScanWatch: Two ECG Watches Compared

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Withings ScanWatch

Withings ScanWatch is a hybrid smartwatch that comes with an FDA Approved ECG onboard. Apart from the ECG feature, both the watches have many health and fitness tracking features. But which one is the best buy? Related Posts: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs Fossil Gen 6 Fossil Gen 6 Watch vs TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs … Read more

Do Garmin Watches Work with iPhones? Check Now!

Do Garmin Watches Work with iPhones

Apple and Garmin are the two big names in the world of smartwatches and fitness trackers. Garmin makes fitness-oriented timepieces to provide you with more insights into a range of sports activities, such as running, swimming, cycling, and so on. The Apple Watches are more focused on providing enhanced health information, user interface, and a better design. Related Posts: … Read more

How to Fix Fitbit Charging Slowly: Learn How To Improve Your Charge Time

How to Fix Fitbit Charging Slowly

Fitbit is a great way to improve your fitness and get in shape, but it can be frustrating when you’re not getting the charge time that Fitbit promises. Even if you use the same(original) charger, Fitbits may charge too slowly with an error message “Slowly Charging.” Related Posts: How to Reset a Fossil Watch – … Read more