10 Best Garmin Watches for Cycling you Need to Check Out Now

Best Garmin watches for cycling

Choosing between the best Garmin watches for cycling can be tricky but necessary. Because you need to track your activity as you cycle, Garmin watches offer you the right features to make that possible. With any of the GPS cycling watches we’re about to list out, you can easily; Get the precise/accurate location as you ride Enjoy advanced cycling … Read more

Famous Female Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches!

Female Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches

It’s no secret that Rolex watches are some of the most coveted timepieces in the world. Celebrities, both male and female, adore them for their luxurious style and impeccable craftsmanship. It’s brand reputation and craftsmanship that has carried Rolex through the ages, making it one of the world’s most respected and recognized luxury brands. Related Posts: Rolex … Read more

Fitbit Fall detection: Does Fitbit Detect Fall? Check Now!

Fitbit Fall Detection

Fitbit is one of the most popular smartwatches and fitness tracker makers owned by Google. Their wearables are packed with tons of health and fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitor, stress monitoring, step counter, etc. Check this article if you don’t know what fall detection is and how fall detection works in the … Read more

How do I Know if My Fitbit is Charged? Quick and Simple Guide

How do I Know if My Fitbit is Charged

Fitbit is a great wearable device to track your health and fitness metrics. Even if Fitbit wearables are known for their long battery life, it is still essential to know how many battery percentages are in your Fitbit. There are multiple ways to view the battery percentage of your Fitbit smartwatches. Generally, Fitbit devices do not display … Read more

Does Fitbit Work On Treadmill? Ultimate Guide + Pro Tips!

Does Fitbit Work On Treadmill

Treadmill running is one of the best indoor exercises. However, tracking your steps or laps while running on a treadmill is challenging as you are stationary in a specific place. In this guide, we will be looking at whether a Fitbit fitness tracker can work on the treadmill? Many Fitbit wearables boast a built-in treadmill mode to track your running. … Read more

What Is A Presidential Rolex? A Symbol of Prestige and Luxury!

What Is A Presidential Rolex

What Is A Presidential Rolex? Rolex Day-Date watches are called Presidential Rolex due to their nature and exceptional appearance. It was first introduced in 1956, and since then, this luxury timepiece has become popular among politicians and influential figures worldwide. Related Posts: Rolex and Omega Watches Compared!: The Ultimate Guide Everything You Should Know about Rolex Batteries! 20 … Read more