12 Best Smartwatch with ECG Approved By FDA in 2023

When it comes to the best smartwatches with ECG or electrocardiogram, Apple Watch Ultra 2, Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, Apple Watch Series 9, Google Pixel Watch, and Fitbit Sense 2 are the top-selling EKG watches in 2023.

best ecg smartwatches

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of death around the globe. CDC says every 40 seconds, one person dies from Cardiac arrest in the USA. Most deaths due to cardiac arrest can be prevented if we detect the early signs of cardiac arrest.

We updated this blog post on 18 September 2023 with the latest information on FDA-approved smartwatches with ECG features as part of our commitment to provide accurate and up-to-date information on health and wellness technology.

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Irregular heart rate and atrial fibrillation(AFib) can lead to cardiac arrest or stroke if not treated at the earliest. Fortunately, today some smartwatches and wearable devices come with clinically validated ECG sensors that can detect the early warning signs of a cardiac arrest, such as an irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation.

The latest advanced ECG smartwatches can take ECG or EKG readings within 30 seconds and alert you in case of atrial fibrillation. If you are not sure about your report, you may send your ECG or EKG report as a PDF file to your doctor for further analysis.


In addition to ECG, ECG watches also record heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level(SpO2), skin temperature, and much more. This gives you an idea about your overall health and fitness.

According to a study, clinically validated ECG Smartwatches can help you in health promotion and early detection of cardiac arrest by identifying early signs of AFib. But not all ECG smartwatches in the market are not clinically validated by the health authorities like FDA.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best ECG Smartwatches in 2023 approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that the ECG-tracking smartwatches listed here have gone through clinical trials and have been proven to be accurate in detecting atrial fibrillation and other cardiac abnormalities.

This article aims to help you choose the most reliable ECG smartwatch out there in the market. We spent hours of time and effort developing this list of the best smartwatch with ECG approved by the FDA because we wanted to help people choose the right smartwatch.

Before proceeding further, let us quickly look into what ECG is and how an EKG Smartwatch works. If you are in a hurry, you can directly jump to our list of handpicked ECG wearables here

What is ECG/EKG(Electrocardiogram)?

ECG Report

An electrocardiogram, also called an ECG or EKG, is a diagnostic test that measures the electrical activity of your heart. This test is used to detect a variety of cardiac conditions, including heart attacks.

The ECG procedure is simple and painless. It is usually done in a doctor’s office or hospital with the help of a 12-lead ECG machine to record the electrical activity of your heart from 12 different angles.

At the clinic, you will be asked to lie down on a table and place electrodes on your chest and limbs to take an ECG. These electrodes are connected to a 12-Lead ECG machine that records your heart’s electrical activity.

The test usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete. With ECG, your healthcare professional can diagnose heart diseases by identifying patterns(also called ECG variations) in the heart’s electrical activity.

What is an Atrial Fibrillation?

Atrial Fibrillation Report by Apple Watch
Apple Watch AFib Report

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular rhythm that can lead to stroke, blood clots, or even heart attack if not treated at the earliest. CDC estimates that more than 12.1 million people (about twice the population of Arizona) in the United States may suffer from atrial fibrillation by 2030.

Age, high blood pressure, coronary artery diseases, lung diseases, etc., can lead to atrial fibrillation. By detecting the signs and symptoms at the earliest, we can prevent the progression and complications of the disease.

How does ECG work in a Smartwatch?

Apple Watch with ECG

ECG tracking watches come with PPG sensors that sense the electrical activities of your heart. Then, the ECG app in the smartwatch analyzes the data for any irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation. If there are any warning signs, the app will alert you so you can get medical help right away.

Even though it does not give you much information like a 12-lead ECG, it is the most convenient way to track your heart health. You can wear it all the time on your wrist, and it does not have any wires or electrodes like a 12-lead ECG, making it very convenient to use. Advanced ECG watches such as Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra, Sense 2, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 alert you about irregular heartbeats.

If you get an irregular heartbeat notification, you can do an instant ECG for 30 seconds and get results immediately. Once the ECG or EKG is taken, the app assesses the rhythm and alerts you if there is an increased or decreased heart rate or atrial fibrillation.

After ECG, an ECG watch will give you any of the following results.

  • Sinus Rhythm: An ECG report with sinus rhythm means that the ECG is normal. But in case of chest pain or any other associated symptoms, you must seek medical help immediately. 
  • Atrial fibrillation: Atrial fibrillation in the ECG report means the heart rhythm is abnormal. It could be an early sign of a cardiac arrest or stroke. This severe medical condition needs immediate medical attention, even if you do not have chest pain or chest discomfort symptoms. 
  • High or low heart rate: An ECG reading can also detect the heart rate. The ECG tracking feature in an Apple watch works only if your heart rate is between 50-120 or 50-150 beats/minute, depending on ECG Version 1 or 2.
  • Inconclusive: An Apple watch can sometimes not classify your heart rate for multiple reasons. The factors that lead to inconclusive ECG recording are a pacemaker’s presence, not wearing your watch correctly on the wrist, etc.
  • Poor Recording: It is a new classification added to the Apple Watch ECG since the introduction of ECG Version 2 with Watch OS 7.2. A Poor ECG reading means that your Apple watch failed to classify ECG.

Advanced wireless wearable ECG devices such as Apple Watches have already saved many people by alerting them of an irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation. It is a life-saving feature that everyone should have on their smartwatch.

ECG Smartwatch Accuracy

If you are serious about buying a smartwatch that accurately tracks ECG, you should go for a smartwatch approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA requires that ECG devices meet specific standards for accuracy and reliability. As a result, an ECG smartwatch that has been approved or validated by the FDA is the best option for those who are serious about tracking their heart health.

smartwatch ECG accuracy study suggests that “The ECG feature also shows promise in AF detection and management and may enable users to take a more active role in their health care.” The AHA (American Heart Association) agrees that smartwatches with ECG can help doctors monitor patients’ heart health.

In this list, we have included many smartwatches with FDA-approved ECG features.

12 Best ECG Smartwatches in 2023: Ultimate Guide

Here is our handpicked list of the best ECG Smartwatches Approved by the FDA in 2023. These are the most accurate ECG watches in the market available today.

  1. Apple Watch Ultra 2
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
  3. Apple Watch Series 9
  4. Apple Watch Series 8
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  6. Apple Watch Ultra
  7. Garmin Venu 2 Plus
  8. Fitbit Sense 2
  9. Google Pixel Watch
  10. Apple Watch Series 7
  11. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  12. Fitbit Charge 5
  13. WithingsScan Watch
  14. AliveCor® KardiaMobile 6L Mobile EKG

Now without wasting time, let us jump into the smartwatches list that records ECG/EKG in 2023.

1. Apple Watch Ultra 2: Best Rugged Apple Smartwatch with ECG

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple has been making FDA-approved ECG-tracking smartwatches since 2018 with the Apple Watch Series 4 release. The latest Ultra 2 is also not an exception, assuring users of the accuracy and reliability of their ECG readings. The Ultra 2 has an electrical heart rate sensor and an ECG app that allows you to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) directly from your wrist.

The ECG app on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 goes beyond basic heart rate monitoring. It analyzes the electrical activity of your heart, offering insights into heart rhythm irregularities. This means you can keep a vigilant eye on your heart health and promptly detect any anomalies.

With ECG readings conveniently stored in the Health app on your paired iPhone, you have the power to share this crucial health data with healthcare professionals. This comprehensive health-tracking approach empowers you and your medical team to make informed decisions regarding your well-being.

Beyond ECG, the Ultra 2 includes a wealth of health-tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, sleep tracking, stress level monitoring, and even fall detection for added peace of mind.

The Ultra 2 boasts a display brightness of 3,000 nits, making it one of the brightest displays in the smartwatch market. This enhancement ensures optimal visibility, even in direct sunlight. In addition, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 offers an extended battery life of up to 72 hours with Low Power Mode. This means you can rely on it to keep pace with your active lifestyle.


  • Advanced rugged smartwatch with ECG
  • Better display than the Ultra
  • Female health tracking
  • Skin temperature monitoring
  • Irregular heart rate alerts.
  • 100 meters of water resistance


  • Expensive
  • Poor battery life

Our Verdict

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the best smartwatch with ECG tracking capabilities in 2023. Its dedicated health monitoring features and a host of other cutting-edge features make it a top choice for those seeking a health-tracking smartwatch. Whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast or simply looking to watch your heart health closely, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a versatile and reliable companion for your journey to a healthier you.

2 . Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Best Smartwatch with ECG

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and Galaxy Watch 6 are the latest ECG smartwatches from the company. In terms of health and fitness tracking features, there are no major changes from its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. It comes with a clinically validated ECG app that can track the electrical activity of your heart and alert you to abnormal rhythms like Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). 

In addition to ECG, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is equipped with an array of health-tracking features. It offers features such as monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), stress levels, and sleep tracking. The timepiece also includes a skin temperature sensor that can predict menstrual cycles in women by detecting changes in body temperature.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 boasts an impressive Super AMOLED display, ensuring crisp visuals and vibrant colors. The 40mm model features a 1.3-inch display with a resolution of 432 x 432 pixels, while the larger 44mm variant comes with a 1.5-inch display boasting a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels. 

Both models offer the convenience of an Always On Display, allowing you to easily check the time, your notifications, or your health metrics without having to wake the watch. This high-quality display technology enhances user experience, making it a standout feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.

Galaxy Watch 6 is one of the best ECG Smartwatch with Wear OS that you can buy in the market right now. The combination of excellent health-tracking features, vivid display, and stylish design make this watch ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want to keep track of their heart health. 


  • Clinically validated ECG app and multiple health-tracking features.
  • Super AMOLED display 
  • Always On Display feature.
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Built-in GPS


  • No significant improvement from previous variants
  • Only 24 hours of battery life

3. Apple Watch Series 9: Best Alternative to Ultra 2

Apple Watch Series 9

While less premium than the Ultra 2, this affordable alternative doesn’t compromise on essential features, making it a strong competitor in the world of ECG smartwatches. Now, we’ll explore the key features that make the Apple Watch Series 9 a standout choice for those seeking a reliable and budget-friendly ECG smartwatch than Ultra 2.

In fact, Series 9 features all the health tracking features of the Ultra 2 at a lesser price tag! It includes heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, FDA-approved ECG readings, sleep tracking, fall detection, and even loud noise monitoring. Plus, it adds built-in temperature sensing for an extra layer of health awareness. So, if ECG monitoring is your priority, the Apple Watch Series 9 is your best bet. 

The Apple Watch Series 9 retains the classic design elements of its predecessor, offering two size options: 41mm and 45mm. While it may not introduce a groundbreaking design overhaul, its familiarity ensures that fans of previous models will feel right at home.

One of the notable improvements in the Series 9 is the Always-On display, now boasting a maximum brightness of 2000 nits. This enhancement ensures excellent visibility in even the brightest sunlight, while its dimmable feature allows for comfortable nighttime use.

The Series 9 keeps the fast charging capabilities of its predecessor, ensuring you spend less time tethered to a charger. Despite its enhanced features, it gives only 18 hours of battery life in normal usage. The Series 9’s battery life can be extended to 36 hours on Low Power Mode.


  • Brighter display with crack-resistant front glass.
  • Double Tap Gesture
  • On-Device Siri Processing
  • Fast charging
  • 50-meter water resistance
  • Music storage and streaming


  • No significant improvement from Series 8
  • Poor battery life

Our Verdict

The Apple Watch Series 9 is a commendable choice for those seeking an ECG smartwatch that balances affordability and functionality. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of the Ultra 2, it provides essential health-tracking features, durability, and impressive performance with the new S9 chip. If you’re in the market for a reliable ECG smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 9 is undoubtedly worth considering.

4. Apple Watch Series 8: Best ECG Smartwatch for iPhone Users

Apple watch series 8

The latest Apple Watch Series 8 is an FDA Approved/validated ECG smartwatch that can detect atrial fibrillation just like its predecessors. In addition, it also features other important health monitoring features such as a heart rate monitor with irregular heart rate alerts, blood oxygen level monitoring(SpO2), stress level monitoring, and sleep tracking. You can find more details about the Apple watch ECG here

The Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra have a temperature monitoring sensor that aids women in tracking their ovulation and menstrual cycles. It will be an excellent bonus for those attempting to conceive. However, it does not measure your skin temperature directly.

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In the case of an accident, the Apple Watch Series 8 Car Crash detection features instantly call the local emergency department automatically, thanks to its advanced gyroscope and an accelerometer that helps the watch to detect if you’ve been in a car accident. The car crash features come in addition to fall detection, which also calls the Emergency Department in case of an unfortunate fall and you’re unresponsive for about a minute.

The new Apple Watch Series 8 is available in 41 and 45-mm case sizes, and both variants feature an Always-On Retina display with 1000 nits of brightness. It is available in aluminum and stainless steel casings with various color and band options. The watch’s price starts at $399 and is available to order from Apple.com and Amazon.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has 5 ATM water resistance, which means you can use this watch for swimming in shallow water for up to 50 meters. It also has a water lock and ejection mechanism that prevents water from entering the speaker. It also streams music via music streaming apps such as Apple Music, Deezer, etc., allowing you to download music into the watch for offline playback.

Unfortunately, the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 8 is still 18 hours, but it has a low-power mode that can extend battery life up to 30 hours by turning off features like an always-on display. The Series 8 supports fast charging. If you use a fast-charging USB-C Cable, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach 100%. This fast charging feature adds some relief to the short battery life of Apple Watches.

How to Take an ECG on Apple Watch?


  • Advanced health monitoring features
  • Irregular heart rhythm alerts
  • Increased and decreased heart rate alert
  • Safety features such as fall detection and car crash detection
  • Fast charging
  • Female health tracking


  • It looks similar to the Apple Watch Series 7
  • Expensive.
  • Poor battery life

Our Verdict

Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the best smartwatches with FDA Approved ECG in 2023. The addition of a new temperature sensor is an excellent addition for females. But I dont believe it is a deal breaker as it does not currently measure your skin temperature. Besides that, the Apple Watch Series 8 is just like the Series 7, and I do not recommend upgrading if you already own a Series 7.

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Best ECG Smartwatch for Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes with an FDA-cleared ECG monitor. The Galaxy Watch 5, like other ECG watches, takes only 30 seconds to perform a full electrocardiogram. This ECG watch is easy to use and provides accurate readings that can be shared with your doctor.

In addition to ECG, the Galaxy Watch 5 has a 3-in-1 Bioactive sensor that measures your heart rate, blood oxygen level(SpO2), and body composition. The latest Galaxy Watch 5 has improved sleep monitoring features that can track your sleep more accurately than any previous models.

The Galaxy Watch 5 also included a temperature sensor that was not activated at the release. So we need to wait for a future software update to use it. The Fitbit Sense is the only other smartwatch with a built-in temperature sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes. The smaller model has a 1.19-inch AMOLED display, while the larger model has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display. Both models have Sapphire Crystal glass which is 60% stronger than the Galaxy Watch 4. The watch has 5 ATM water resistance and MIL-STD-810H approval, making it ideal for swimming and bathing.

The watch is powered by Wear OS and supports multiple Google Play Store Apps. The watch also has a built-in GPS, allowing you to accurately track your outdoor activities such as running, cycling, hiking, etc.


  • Attractive design
  • Longer battery life and fast charging feature
  • Wear OS
  • The improved sleep-tracking feature
  • Addition of a temperature sensor


  • Only minor improvements from the Galaxy Watch 4
  • Expensive
  • The temperature sensor is not yet activated

Our Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a good ECG Smartwatch with many health tracking features such as SpO2, Blood Pressure Monitoring, sleep tracking, body composition monitoring, etc. However, it has no new features that make it a must-buy if you already own the Galaxy Watch 4. The price of the Galaxy Watch 5 is also on the high side, but if you are looking for the best and latest ECG smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5 is worth considering.

6. Apple Watch Ultra: Best Rugged Smartwatch with ECG

Apple Watch Ultra in Snow

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged and expensive watch ever made by the company. The Ultra is packed with every feature of the Apple Watch Series 8, such as ECG, blood oxygen level monitoring, temperature monitoring, and many more. The Ultra will compete with high-end Garmin watches such as Fenix 7, Epix Gen 2, and Forerunner 955. However, we must wait and see how the Apple Watch Ultra fares in real-world usage.

The Electrocardiogram or ECG in this Apple Watch can detect irregular atrial fibrillation just like any other smartwatch. This Apple Watch also allows you to share your ECG report with your Doctor or family as a PDF. As mentioned, skin temperature monitoring is currently for females as it tracks their ovulation and menstrual cycles.

This advanced Apple Watch has a fall detection and car crash detection feature. It alerts Emergency Department with your location information as soon as it detects a fall or meets with a car accident. I pray to God that you never have to use this feature.

The Apple Watch Ultra is available only in 49mm size, which is very huge! If you have a small wrist, you may not feel comfortable with this watch. The Ultra has a Retina LTPO OLED 2000 display protected by a highly durable Sapphire crystal front and ceramic/sapphire crystal back. The watch is only available in a titanium frame and is water resistant up to 100 meters, just like many top-end Garmin watches out there.

The smart features of the Apple Watch Ultra include smartphone notifications, music storage, streaming features, fitness tracking, Apple Pay, and many more. The Ultra variant only comes with a GPS+LTE variant; thus, it allows you to make phone calls right from your wrist as there is an eSIM inside.

Apple has finally released a smartwatch with more than 18 hours of battery life and supports wireless charging. The battery can last even longer with Low Power Mode, which cuts down some features to save power. But is it enough to compete with Garmin watches that say battery life in weeks and months?


  • Larger and brighter display
  • Advanced health and safety features
  • Irregular Heart rate alerts
  • Detects Atrial Fibrillation
  • Diving features
  • 100 ATM water resistance


  • Expensive
  • Battery life still needs improvement

Our Verdict

The Apple Watch Ultra is not an ideal alternative to the Garmin GPS Sport watches. Obviously, it has more health-tracking features than any Garmin watches on the market today. However, when it comes to sport tracking features and battery life, the Apple Watch Ultra is still lagging behind. Plus, the bigger size and the high price tag of the Ultra will be a turn-off for many people.

7. Garmin Venu 2 Plus: Garmin ECG Smartwatch

Garmin Venu 2

If you are looking for a Garmin Smartwatch with ECG, the Garmin Venu 2 Plus is the only option available for you. Most of its rivals, such as Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung, introduced ECG features into their smartwatches more than a couple of years ago. Because of this reason, many Garmin watches users need to carry an additional ECG smartwatch to monitor their heart health. Finally, Garmin now has an ECG-enabled smartwatch with the Venu 2 Plus, and it has all the bells and whistles of an advanced health-monitoring smartwatch.

Like other smartwatches, this Garmin ECG takes only 30 sec to take an ECG reading. It also detects atrial fibrillation(AFib) and records the data in the Garmin Connect app. Venu 2 Plus also has a built-in heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, Pulse OX Sensor, stress tracker, and respiration rate monitor to help you closely monitor your wellness.

On top of this, it has all the features of advanced sports tracking like GPS, altimeter, accelerometer, and GLONASS. Furthermore, it also has many in-built sports apps to track your activities like running, cycling, swimming, biking, etc. It is also water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters and tracks many swimming metrics such as laps, stroke type, etc.

In addition to its health and sports tracking features, it has all the features of a premium smartwatch, such as music playback, contactless payments, notifications, and more. It also has good battery life with up to 28 days in GPS mode without music, and you can extend the battery life up to 10 days in Battery saver smartwatch mode.


  • Premium design and durability.
  • AMOLED Touchscreen display.
  • Bluetooth calling feature compatible with Android and iOS
  • Sleep tracking and female health tracking


  • Expensive
  • No Wireless charging support.

Our Verdict

The Garmin Venu 2 Plus is an advanced health and fitness monitoring smartwatch packed with the latest features to help you closely monitor your health and fitness. Its advanced ECG feature and other tracking capabilities make it one of the best Garmin Smartwatches with ECG available.

8. Fitbit Sense 2: Best ECG Smartwatch for Android Users

Fitbit Sense 2 Advanced Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense 2 is the company’s latest launch, focusing on health and fitness tracking features. It comes with an ECG app, blood oxygen sensor, heart rate sensor, skin temperature sensor, irregular heart rythem, and many more.

The Sense 2 has an improved stress level monitoring sensor (e-EDA Sensor) for monitoring your stress in day-to-day life. It can alert you when there is an increased stress level and allows you to do breathing exercises to bring it down. Plus, it also has a dedicated Yoga App, which is also helpful in managing stress.

The Fitbit Sense 2 has a 1.58-inch AMOLED and is always on display with a 336 x 336 pixels resolution. It is available in 40mm size and made of a durable Aluminium casing and a silicone band. It is 5ATM water resistant and can track your swim workouts as well.

The Fitbit Sense 2 has a built-in GPS so that you do not need to carry your smartphone along with you. Plus, it has 40 pre-installed apps to monitor your activities, whereas Sense has only 20 apps. At the end of the day, you can see your performance in the form of colorful graphs and charts in the Fitbit App, which is very handy.

The smart features of the Fitbit Sense include smartphone alerts, NFC Payment, and streaming via apps such as Deezer, Spotify, and Pandora. Unfortunately, it does not have Bluetooth calling at launch, which was available in Sense. Like me, you will wonder why the Sense 2 does not have a Google Assistant or Google Maps at launch.

The Fitbit Sense 2 gives you almost 5-6 days of battery life with an AMOLED screen and all these features. However, the battery will drain fast if you use music and built-in GPS for longer. The charging time for this watch is about 2 hours, similar to that of other Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers. I expected a fast charging feature in Sense 2, just like in the Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 7.

As expected, the Fitbit Sense 2 is an advanced health and fitness tracking smartwatch with many features, including an FDA-cleared ECG app, blood oxygen sensor, and skin temperature sensor. The watch also has a beautiful design that makes it suitable for any occasion. However, lacking an LTE variant and blood pressure monitoring features makes it less appealing to some users.


  • Durable design and a high-quality display
  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS
  • Skin temperature monitoring
  • Irregular heart rate alerts
  • Sleep tracking


  • Expensive
  • No Google Assistant or Google Play

Our Verdict

Fitbit Sense 2 is a flagship smartwatch from the company with a focus on fitness and health tracking features. It comes with many health monitoring features such as ECG, SpO2, sleep tracking, etc. It also features an improved cEDA sensor for monitoring your stress level. It has a thinner and lightweight design when compared to its predecessor. Compared to Apple Watch 8 and Ultra, the Sense 2 has an advanced skin temperature monitoring sensor and dedicated stress tracking sensor, making it a better choice for health monitoring.

9. Google Pixel: Google’s First Smartwatch

Google Pixel Watch

Google has finally released its most awaited smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch. The first smartwatch from Google runs on the latest Wear OS 3.5, an improved version of Android Wear jointly developed by Google and Samsung. The integrated health tracking features from Fitbit and Wear OS 3.5 combination make it one of the most capable smartwatches in the market.

Health by Fitbit,” Google itself calls the new watch’s fitness and health tracking features. The Google Pixel Watch has a built-in ECG (electrocardiogram) sensor that detects atrial fibrillation, just like any other ECG smartwatch mentioned here. Since Fitbit offers health tracking features, it is safe to say that the Google Pixel Watch will be an excellent choice for those looking for a smartwatch with good fitness and health tracking features.

Compared to Fitbit Sense 2, the Pixel watch does not have high and low heart rate notifications or irregular heart rhythm notifications. Plus, the stress and sleep tracking features are also not as advanced as the Fitbit Sense 2. The skin temperature and SpO2 monitoring are the other important features missing on the Pixel watch.

The Google Pixel watch comes with a beautiful custom AMOLED color display with 1000 nits of brightness protected by the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5. The case is made of Stainless Steel, available in 41mm size only. The watch is also 5ATM + IP68 water-resistant, which means you can use this smartwatch in the shower or while swimming.

The Pixel watch is also offered in an LTE variety, allowing you to make phone calls, SMS, or use internet data without being connected to your smartphone. Since it uses eSIM, you can easily activate it via a phone call or by visiting a carrier store.

The battery life of the Pixel watch is 24 hours which is standard in many smartwatches with similar features, such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Apple Watch Series 8. With GPS, the battery can last only 12 hours, which is also not bad compared to Apple Watches.


  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design and bright display
  • FDA Approved ECG
  • Music streaming support and music storage
  • Highly accurate GPS
  • LTE variant


  • Expensive
  • Limited health tracking features compared to Fitbit Sense 2
  • Need Google Fit and Fitbit App
  • Not compatible with iOS

Our Verdict

Yes. Google Pixel is one of the best smartwatches for ECG monitoring, and it also has a beautiful design and a bright display. However, it lacks many health monitoring features such as SpO2, skin temperature monitoring, and EDA Sensor for advanced stress tracking. So, if you need a smartwatch with advanced health tracking features, then you should consider other smartwatches such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or Fitbit Sense 2.

10. Fitbit Charge 5: Best Fitness Tracker with ECG

Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5 is the first fitness tracker that comes with an FDA Approved/cleared ECG. The ECG tracking feature in this activity tracker is similar to that of the Fitbit Sense, and it also can detect irregular heart rates and atrial fibrillation. Just open the ECG app on your activity tracker to take an ECG with Fitbit Charge 5. Once you’re in the app, just touch and hold on to the case of the watch with your thumb and index finger for 30 seconds. Done!

The ECG feature is one of many health-tracking features that come with this device, such as an EDA Sensor (for stress monitoring), heart rate monitoring, SpO2, and female health tracking(menstrual Cycle). It also tracks your sleep, and you can see your sleep quality score on the Fitbit App.

The battery life of the Fitbit Charge 5 is five days, which is more than enough for an average user. It’s also water-resistant up to 50 meters, so that you can use this watch for swimming or other light water-based exercises.

This ECG-tracking fitness tracker has a built-in GPS and app to track 20 indoor and outdoor goal-based activities. Its smart notifications help you stay updated with calls, messages, emails, and other app notifications. So you never miss an important notification!


  • Attractive and lightweight design
  • Irregular heart rate alerts
  • Blood oxygen
  • Built-in GPS
  • Sleep tracking and intelligent alarm


  • No music storage
  • Limited clock faces

Our Verdict

The Fitbit Charge 5 is a significant upgrade over the Fitbit Charge 4, and it is one of the best fitness trackers with ECG approved by the FDA. If you are looking for an affordable fitness tracker with ECG and SpO2, this is the right choice for you. The EDA sensor-based stress monitoring feature allows you to monitor your stress levels throughout the day.

Availability: Fitbit Store, Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart

11. Withings ScanWatch

WithingsScan Watch with ECG

Withings ScanWatch is the first hybrid smartwatch with an FDA-cleared ECG Sensor. If you are looking for a classic-looking ECG watch with a traditional and simple user interface, then the Withings ScanWatch is a good option. The ECG-sensor accuracy is excellent, and it provides the same level of information and data as any other ECG watch that is priced four times more than this one.

The new ScanWatch comes with essential features, such as blood oxygen level monitoring (SpO2) and a PPG heart rate sensor. Even though it isn’t a full-featured smartwatch like Apple, Samsung, or Fitbit, it’s still an excellent choice if you’re searching for an inexpensive ECG tracking watch.

This ECG hybrid watch also has a sleep tracking feature that closely monitors your sleeping pattern for sleep abnormalities such as sleep apnea. However, it lacks REM and HRV (Heart Rate Variations) tracking features.

The Withings app has an excellent user interface, and it displays your health and fitness stats such as VO2 Max, heart rate, steps, etc. It is also compatible with other fitness tracking apps such as Starve, MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health, Google Fit, etc.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • 30+ Activity tracking modes
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters.
  • Up to 30 days of battery life
  • Option to share ECG with your doctor


  • Limited smartwatch features
  • No REM or HRV

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a classy watch with health features such as ECG, SpO2, and activity tracking features, then you should buy the Withings ScanWatch. As it is a hybrid smartwatch, do not expect it to have all the features of a full-fledged smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series 8 or Galaxy Watch 5s. But it is still an excellent choice for anyone looking for an ECG tracking watch on a budget.

Availability: Amazon and BestBuy

12. AliveCor® KardiaMobile 6L EKG: Best Portable ECG Monitor

KardiaMobile 6L ECG Monitor

AliveCor® KardiaMobile 6L Mobile EKG is another FDA-approved wireless ECG monitor that assesses your heart rhythm and detects atrial fibrillation within 30 to one minute.  If you already own a smartwatch(without ECG) and do not want to invest more money on another smartwatch just for ECG, then you can consider buying a portable wireless ECG monitor such as AliveCor® KardiaMobile 6L Mobile EKG

If you feel, you can take an ECG with the device in 30 seconds and email it to the doctor. Also, sharing or storing ECG on the devices costs no money.  Unlike other ECG devices discussed here, the AliveCor® KardiaMobile 6L Mobile EKG takes a 6L ECG and can give your doctor more information about your heart condition. 

In addition, if you subscribe to Kardia Premium, your ECG will be assessed by real human doctors for any complications. This service is optional; even without it, you can take and share ECG with your doctor for free. 

Besides atrial fibrillation, the AliveCor® KardiaMobile 6L Mobile EKG also detects other heart conditions such as bradycardia (slow heart rate), tachycardia (abnormally increased heart rate), and sinus rhythm. 

Finally, AliveCor has collaborated with Mayoclinic to develop a technology to detect Long QT Syndrome (LQTS), a type of irregular heart rhythm. This condition is treatable but can lead to fainting or seizures. This may soon be introduced into AliveCor devices via KardiaBand.


  • Small and easy to carry.
  • FDA Approved Portable ECG device.
  • 6-lead ECG monitoring.
  • Compatible with Apple and iOS devices.
  • Good battery life.


  • Not as convenient as a smartwatch with ECG.
  • Premium features require a monthly subscription.

Our Verdict

AliveCor® KardiaMobile 6L Mobile EKG is one of the best portable wireless ECG monitors with six lead ECGs. It is one of the best choices for people who already own a smartwatch and do not want to spend money on another advanced smartwatch.

Availability: Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart

However, a smartwatch is far better than this device in terms of convenience and portability. 

ECG Smartwatch Related Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the questions frequently asked by our readers about the best ECG watch. I hope this will help you.

12-Lead ECG vs. Single Lead ECG in Smartwatches

A 12-lead ECG assesses your heart from different angles and gives your doctor a wealth of information about your heart’s condition to diagnose various heart conditions, including cardiac arrest. That’s why 12-lead ECGs are considered the gold standard for diagnosing heart conditions.

While ECG Smartwatches cannot give you that much information, they cannot be used as medical equipment for diagnosis or treatment. However, it can detect Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) and abnormally low or higher heart rates. If not treated, AFib can be deadly and lead to a heart attack or stroke.

1. Which smartwatch is best for ECG?

If you’re looking for an ECG smartwatch in 2023, then the Apple Watch Ultra is what you should go with – it’s the best Apple watch ECG for runners and other outdoor enthusiasts! However, if your phone runs on Android rather than iOS and affordability matters too, look no further than Samsung Galaxy watch 5 Pro. Finally, Fitbit Charge 5 offers great quality and cost-effectiveness, making it one of the top picks this year!

2. Does Apple Watch Detect Heart Attack?

No. Apple Watches cannot detect a heart attack. This is because the ECG changes associated with MI, such as ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), large peaked T waves, or pathologic Q waves, cannot be detected by any smartwatches, including the Apple watch.

However, smartwatches can still be useful for people with heart conditions as they can track other important health metrics such as heart rate, Atrial Fibrillation(Afib), and activity level.

3. How good is the smartwatch ECG?

If you use an FDA Approved ECG smartwatch, they are excellent for tracking irregular heart rhythms such as Atrial fibrillation.

However, there is the assurance of accuracy if you are using a smartwatch that is not clinically validated by the authorities. Because of this reason, we have only included the FDA Approved or cleared ECG watches in this list.

4. Does Fitbit Charge 4 have ECG?

No. Fitbit Charge 4 does not have an ECG tracking feature. If you are looking for a Fitbit activity tracker with ECG, go for the Fitbit Charge 5.

5. Does Fitbit Versa 2 have ECG?

No. Fitbit Versa 2 and Versa 3 do not have an ECG tracking feature. Fitbit Sense and Charge 5 are the only Fitbit wearables that feature an FDA Approved ECG.

6. Do Apple Watch Series 3 have ECG?

No Apple Watch Series 3 does not have ECG monitoring features. If you are looking for a smartwatch with ECG, go for the Apple Watch Series 4 or later.

7. Which smartwatch has ECG and SpO2?

Multiple smartwatches come with ECG and SpO2. Here is the complete list of smartwatches that comes with both ECG/EKG and SpO2
1. Apple Watch Ultra 2
2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
3. Apple Watch Series 9
4. Apple Watch Ultra
5. Fitbit Sense 2
6. Fitbit Charge 5

8. Which Smartwatch with ECG holds a Longer Charge?

Fitbit Sense is one of the best smartwatches with ECG that hold about 5-6 days of battery life. The Fitbit Charge 5 also comes with a battery life of 5-7 days.

Final Verdict

So here is my list of the best ECG Smartwatch 2023 Approved by the FDA. In my list of best smartwatches with ECG, I recommend the Apple Watch Series 9 as it comes with advanced health tracking features such as ECG, temperature monitoring, heart rate monitoring, blood Oxygen level, calorie tracking, and much more. If you are looking for a rugged watch with ECG, go for the all-new Apple Watch Ultra 2!

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best ECG smartwatch for Android, I recommend choosing Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 as it has all the necessary health tracking features such as ECG, SpO2, Blood pressure (B.P), heart rate monitoring, etc. 

I hope this article helps you choose the right smartwatch. If you bought a wearable ECG device, it would be great if you commented on its name below. If you need further information about Smartwatches with ECG, please feel free to comment below.

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