12 Best Smartwatches with Blood Oxygen Sensor 2022:Hand Picked List

Smartwatches are not just to count your steps or activity. Now it can monitor your health and fitness metrics such as heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen level, and many more.

Best Smartwatches with blood oxygen sensor

But, not all smartwatches come with such advanced sensors to monitor blood oxygen levels. Hence, finding out the Best Smartwatches with blood oxygen level monitoring can be a difficult task.

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In this article, I have a list of top Smartwatches that can monitor the oxygen levels in the blood. So you can purchase your favorite smartwatch for monitoring your various health fitness metrics, including SpO2.

Note: There are three ways in which a smartwatch may monitor blood oxygen levels: SpO2, VO2 Max, or both. But some smartwatches just track VO2 Max only and do not track SpO2.

What is SpO2?

Blood oxygen level or SpO2 is the amount of oxygen that your red blood cell carries in your blood. So, it is crucial to measure your SpO2 levels while tracking your health parameters, such as heart rate and blood pressure.

The function of the Best Smartwatches with a blood oxygen sensor is to monitor the blood oxygen level and report them immediately(within 30 seconds) so that you can react accordingly.

What is VO2 Max?

VO2 Max stands for the maximum volume of oxygen that a person can consume per minute. This test is completed during an exercise stress test, and it measures how efficient your body is at using oxygen while working out or running and how much stamina you have. The more fit you are, the higher your VO2 Max will be.

Who Needs a Smartwatch with Blood Oxygen Monitoring?

SpO2 smartwatches are for anyone who wants to monitor blood oxygen levels and track their health automatically. Even if it is not a medical device, it can give you valuable insights into your health and fitness.

  1. Sports Personnel: If you are a sportsperson, then having one of these watches is very important. You can monitor your blood oxygen levels(SpO2) while at the same time tracking how fast and far you can run, etc.
  2. Hiking Personnel: If you are a hiker, then this is also useful. You can track your oxygen levels and how high or low they go depending on the height of the mountain you climb.
  3. Early Detection of Sleep Apnoea: People who have a history of sleep apnea often rely on smartwatches with blood oxygen sensors to ensure they do not miss any critical episodes. A study Cardiogram and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) suggests that the wearables like Apple Watches can detect sleep problems and hypotension(decreased blood pressure)
  4. People with breathing problems: If you have any breathing problems, this smartwatch is perfect for you. It is also used by people who suffer from COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It helps them monitor their blood oxygen levels every day and ensure that they are within a healthy range.

Since it is not a medical-grade device, it cannot be used as a replacement for medical equipment or medical advice.

12 Best Smartwatches with Blood Oxygen Sensor

Without further delay, let us look at Best Smartwatches with blood oxygen monitoring features.

  1. Apple Watch Series 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  3. Garmin Venu 2
  4. Apple Watch Series 6
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  6. Amazfit GTR 3/Amazfit GTS 3
  7. Fitbit Sense
  8. Fossil Gen 6 Watch
  9. Fitbit Versa 3
  10. Garmin Fenix 6
  11. Tic Watch Pro 3
  12. Garmin Instinct

1. Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 boasts an oxygen sensor to monitor blood oxygen levels. The Apple Watches are known for their reliable sensors for providing accurate readings for heart rate, SpO2, and other health and fitness metrics.

In addition to blood oxygen, it also has a clinically validated ECG app and sensor that allows you to take and analyze ECGs for atrial fibrillation(a serious condition) and irregular heart rate.

Fall detection is another advanced life-saving feature that was first introduced to the Apple Watch Series 4. This feature is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and also for older people who tend to fall more often. In case of a fall, it automatically detects the fall and calls the emergency services if the wearer doesn’t respond.

Apple Watch Series 7’s battery lasts for only 18 hours, significantly less than the other smartwatches. It is too late for Apple to add a longer-lasting battery since other brands already have. Fortunately, the Series 7 charges 33% faster than its predecessor, the Series 6.

Pros of Apple Watch Series 7

  • Advanced health and fitness tracking features
  • Durable than the previous Apple Watches
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Music storage and streaming feature
  • Built-in GPS

Cons of Apple Watch Series 7

  • Costly
  • No significant improvement from Apple Watch Series 6

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 is an excellent alternative to the latest Apple Watch Series 7 and 6. It has most of its functions, including ECG, blood oxygen level monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. It also includes a wrist-based blood pressure measurement that is not available on any Apple Watches.

It comes with an AMOLED touchscreen display protected by the classic rotating bezel with two side buttons. The Bezel and side buttons help you navigate through the menu and apps quickly.

The Galaxy Watch is IP68-certified, meaning that it can be submerged up to 50 meters deep in water for 30 minutes at a stretch, making this watch ideal for swimmers or triathletes. 

The advanced navigation sensors make it suitable for outdoor activities.

The battery life of the new Galaxy Watch 4 is 24 hours which is excellent compared with the 18 hours of battery life in Apple Watches.

Pros of Apple Watch Series 7

  • Classic look and design
  • Advanced health, fitness, and innovative features
  • Accurate SpO2 monitoring
  • Body composition monitoring(only available in Galaxy Watch 4)
  • Compatible with Apple and Android
  • Music storage and streaming feature

Cons of Apple Watch Series 7

  • Expensive
  • No marked improvement from the previous model

3. Garmin Venu 2

Garmin Venu 2

Garmin Venu 2 is the best smartwatch with a blood oxygen level sensor. It comes with heart rate sensors, SpO2 sensors, and many more advanced fitness monitoring features.

The Garmin Venu 2 has a sleek design and is made of high-quality materials. The watch fits comfortably and is extremely lightweight, so it feels very comfortable to wear.

The 1.1″ AMOLED always-on display makes it easy to read the display of Garmin Venu 2 while you are inside or outside. It also has a Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 that helps protect the device from any scratches caused by accidental falls. 

Like any other Garmin wearables, the Venu 2 is also designed for the outdoors person. It has many features to track your outdoor activities, such as biking, running, skiing, and hiking.

The battery of this Garmin watch lasts up to 10 days in smartwatch mode and 11 days in battery saver mode. In GPS mode with music, it can last up to 7 hours, while it can last 19 hours without music.

Pros of Garmin Venu 2

  • Always-on display
  • Advanced Health and Fitness Tracking
  • Guided Animated Workout Sessions
  • Music Storage Capability (plays MP3s)
  • Garmin Pay
  • Built-in GPS

Cons of Garmin Venu 2

  • No map
  • Limited smart features

4. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is Apple’s first series of smartwatches to include a pulse ox sensor for SpO2 monitoring. It is one of the many upgrades from its predecessors. Apple Watch Series 6, with the addition of SpO2 monitoring, is one of the best health monitoring smartwatches in 2022.

This Apple watch takes only 30 seconds to measure your blood oxygen level. On the Apple Health App, you can see your SpO2 stats along with other health and fitness metrics.

FDA Approved ECG monitoring is another great feature of a smartwatch. This watch allows you to take an ECG at any time anywhere and share it as a PDF with your doctor. Even if you cannot use it as medical-grade equipment, it is still an excellent device to monitor your health and fitness parameters.

This smartwatch has a great design that makes it easy to use in every possible way. You can control the Apple Watch using gestures, touchscreen controls, or even talking into it(Siri).

Pros of Apple Watch Series 6

  • Premium design
  • Advanced health and fitness metrics
  • Fall detection
  • Emergency SOS
  • Built-in GPS
  • 5 ATM water resistance

Cons of Apple Watch Series 6

  • Expensive
  • Not for Android users
  • Poor battery life

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, like Apple Watch Series 6, is another excellent smartwatch that comes with FDA Approved ECG and blood oxygen saturation measurement. This rugged watch comes with many advanced health tracking features such as heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, and many more.

Since it was released, Galaxy Watch 3 is our favorite smartwatch in categories. If you own an android phone and looking for a smartwatch with SpO2, you can go for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 without any further thoughts. 

When we tested, it constantly measured blood oxygen level saturation(SpO2) accurately. Just open the SpO2 app and follow the onscreen instruction to measure SpO2 in 30 seconds. Even though it accurately tracks blood oxygen, it cannot be used as medical-grade equipment. But still, it is an excellent feature to know how your body is performing. 

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is impressive. The 42mm version of the watch comes with a 247 mAh battery and lasts for about 24 hours. The 46mm version has a 340mAh battery which lasts for around 30 hours. The watch has Qi wireless charging capability as well, which allows it to charge in 2 hours.

Pros of Galaxy Watch 3

  • Classic design with rotating bezels
  • FDA Approved ECG
  • Advanced sleep monitoring
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • On-board GPS
  • 5 ATM water resistance

Cons of Galaxy Watch 3

  • Expensive
  • Bixby is not helpful as expected

6. Amazfit GTR 3/Amazfit GTS 3

Amazfit GTR 3 and Amazfit GTS 3

The Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 feature many of the same features. The Amazfit GTS 3 is a squire-style watch, whereas the Amazfit GTR 3 has a circular design.

Both the wearables feature an advanced BioTracker 3.0 sensor that can track multiple health metrics such as heart rate, SpO2, and stress at a time, making it more convenient. On other devices, you need to switch to various apps to take different readings.

The watch has an inbuilt GPS and barometer that can track the location, altitude, weather conditions over a time range. It also has a water resistance of up to 50 meters, so you don’t have to worry about rain or swimming while wearing this smartwatch.

The Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 have an impressive battery life of 21 days in typical usage, making it one of the best smartwatches with longer battery life.

Pros of Fitbit Sense

  • High-quality AMOLED touchscreen
  • Lightweight design and impressive look
  • Affordable
  • Sleep monitoring
  • More than 150 sport modes

Cons of Fitbit Sense

  • It supports music storage but not music streaming
  • Sleep tracking needs improvements

7. Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense

This latest smartwatch from Fitbit is one of the best smartwatches with an oxygen sensor you can buy in 2022. Its advanced features make it ideal for fitness enthusiasts and those looking to take care of themselves.

YIn addition to blood oxygen level monitoring, it can also check various other vital aspects of your health such as ECG, skin temperature, irregular heart rate, etc.

You can see your average SpO2(nighty SpO2) on the clock face or the Fitbit Apps’s “Today dashboard.” You can also see the previous oxygen saturation stats or trends on the app.

Thanks to the (Electrodermal Activity) EDA app for making this device capable of tracking stress levels from sweat. Fitbit Sense is the first smartwatch that comes with an EDA sensor to track stress from sweat. 

Fitbit Sense is the best smartwatch when it comes to battery life. This smartwatch’s battery can last up to 6 days on a single recharge. Moreover, it takes only one hour to charge the device from 0 to 100%.

Pros of Fitbit Sense

  • Advanced health features
  • Long battery life
  • FDA Approved ECG
  • Built-in GPS
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Temperature sensor

Cons of Fitbit Sense

  • Expensive
  • No LTE model available
  • Some features require Fitbit Premium

8. Fossil Gen 6 Watch

Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 6 is the latest smartwatch from Fossil that features an accurate blood oxygen sensor. The Snapdragon 4100+ processor, along with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage, ensures the watch is powerful enough for its intended purpose.

In addition to SpO2 monitoring, it also can monitor your heart rate throughout the day. The sleep tracking feature of the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch is exceptional. It records your sleep time, deep and light sleep phases, and heart rate trends during sleeping hours to better understand your health condition.

It has a built-in GPS that helps you track where you went or what route you took without carrying your phone everywhere. It is water-resistant up to 30 meters(3ATM) so that you can wear it while swimming or bathing.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus platform is known for its lower battery consumption. But still, this watch’s battery lasts for only 24 hours in normal usage. The Fossil Custom Battery modes and fast charging help you get through the day.

Pros of Fitbit Versa 3

  • Classic look and design
  • Brighter display
  • Fast charging(0-80% in 30 minutes)
  • Music playback

Cons of Fitbit Versa 3

  • Wear OS 3 not available at launch
  • Poor companion app

9. Fitbit Versa 3

Image of Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 is a classic smartwatch with a blood oxygen sensor, heart rate monitor, and other advanced health tracking features.

This smartwatch has the capability of tracking your blood oxygen levels as well as sleep apnoea. Every morning you can get in-depth data on your sleep metrics along with your blood oxygen level on the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Versa 3 comes with more than 20 sports apps to track your various indoor and outdoor activities. The in-built GPS makes this smartwatch one of the best smartwatches for outdoor activities such as running, open water swimming, mountain biking, etc.

When it comes to battery life, Versa 3 and Sense have similar battery life. After every recharge, the battery can last up to 6 days on normal usage. The battery of this watch may drain faster if you use some features like GPS and music streaming.

Pros of Fitbit Versa 3

  • Classic design
  • Smart notifications
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Fitbit Pay

Cons of Fitbit Versa 3

  • Expensive
  • No ECG

10. Garmin Fenix 6

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Garmin Fenix is one of the best-rugged smartwatches with a pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen saturation levels. In addition to blood oxygen measurement, it comes with a handful of health tracking features such as irregular heart rate detection, stress tracking, female health tracking, and much more.

The Garmin Fenix 6 also can track your sleep quality and oxygen variation. Its sleep monitoring feature is helpful to know how much sleep you are getting each night, which is very useful for those who suffer from sleep apnea.

When it comes to smart features, the Garmin Fenix 6 can alert you to various notifications such as incoming calls, messages, SMS, and many more. Moreover, it has an onboard GPS navigator and allows you to get turn-by-turn navigation assistance.

Another excellent feature of this smartwatch is its ability to store more than 2000 songs and play music even if you are away from your smartphone.

Fenix 6 Series has extremely long battery life. In smartwatch mode, the battery can last up to 14 days after a full recharge. With battery saver mode, the battery can even last for 45+ days.

However, the battery may die even faster when you have features like GPS, music, etc. But still, it offers a more extended battery than Apple Watch Series 6.

Fenix 6 Pros

  • Rugged design
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent display
  • Built-in Garmin Pay for contactless payments
  • No body temperature monitoring feature

Fenix 6 Cons

  • No LTE model available yet
  • High price tag

11. Tic Watch Pro 3

TicWatch Pro 3

The Tic Watch Pro 3 is the first Wear OS smartwatch with the most awaited Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor. This advanced smartwatch has all the essential sensors to track your active lifestyle.

This fitness smartwatch can track your sleep as well. With advanced sleep-tracking features, it takes health tracking to the next level. This health data is even helpful to detect sleep apnoea.

The heart rate and SpO2 sensor are pretty accurate compared to other fitness smartwatches in the market today. But it does not have advanced features such as ECG or blood pressure monitoring like Apple Watch Series 6 or Galaxy Watch 3. Still, it offers essential features to track your health and fitness.

It coves with over 13+ sports apps to track both indoor and outdoor activities. As it comes with onboard GPS, which is a significant upgrade from Versa 2, you don’t need to carry a phone when you go out jogging or running.

Compared to its predecessors, the Tic Watch Pro 3 has a battery that can last for two days on normal usage and 45 days in essential mode, which is excellent.

Pros of TicWatch Pro 3

  • Accurate SpO2 sensor
  • Dual Display
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Compatible with third-party apps
  • Google Pay

Cons of TicWatch Pro 3

  • Mobvoi app is not user friendly
  • Not a durable watch

12. Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct is another rugged smartwatch that comes with blood oxygen saturation functionality. This SpO2 smartwatch is designed to accompany you in challenging environments, like trail running or mountain biking.

Instinct is equipped with Garmin’s wrist-based heart rate monitor that measures your heart rate even during sleep.

In addition to pulse OX, it also comes with other health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, sleeps tracking, and stress monitoring.

Garmin Instinct has a built-in GPS and barometric altimeter to track your outdoor activities. It includes navigation features such as Garmin’s breadcrumb trails, back-to-start Garmin feature, and TracBack Garmin technology.

This outdoor smartwatch has a few battery smart modes for an extended battery. With GPS and heart rate monitoring, the battery can last for 16 hours. In UltraTrac GPS mode, the battery can last up to 40 hours after a full charge. Like Fenix 6 Series, it also has a solar model, which offers an even longer battery life.

Pros of Garmin Instinct

  • Rugged design
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters
  • Sleep tracking
  • Long-lasting battery (Solar model)
  • Built-in GPS and barometric altimeter

Cons of Garmin Instinct

  • Monochrome display
  • No Garmin Pay

1. How pulse ox Sensor on a smartwatch works?

The pulse ox sensor(infrared light sensors) in a smartwatch is designed to measure your blood oxygen saturation levels by emitting light at two frequencies. The blood oxygen monitoring sensor then measures the time taken for the light pulses to return and uses this data to calculate your SpO2 level.

2. What is the normal SpO2 level?

The SpO2 blood oxygen level is the amount of oxygen that is present in your blood. The SpO2 level should be 95-100%, which means you have a healthy heart and lungs.
Blood SpO2 levels < 90% indicate hypoxemia or lack of oxygenation in the body’s organs and tissues. SpO2 levels < 80% are a sign of very poor oxygenation and may be fatal.

3. Do a Smartwatch with SpO2 detect heart attack?

No. SpO2 sensors do not detect a heart attack. SpO2 sensors are used to monitor your SpO2 levels only, which indicates the amount of oxygen in your blood.

4. Do Smartwatches’ oxygen saturation accurate?

Most smartwatches measure blood oxygen saturation accurately. However, it depends on the SpO2 sensor or technology that your smartwatch uses to calculate SpO2 levels. Advanced smartwatches like Garmin, Apple, Samsung, etc., track SpO2 more accurately. However, it does not replace a medical-grade SpO2 monitor.

5. Which is the best SpO2 watch for runners?

If you are a sports personnel or athlete, go for a Garmin Forerunner Series. Garmin Forerunner 945 is the latest smartwatch equipped with pulse oximetry and other advanced health and fitness tracking features.


I hope this article helps you choose one of the best smartwatches with blood oxygen sensors in 2022. The watches listed above have been carefully selected because of their durability, battery life, and accuracy in measuring blood oxygen saturation levels – as well as other features such as built-in GPS or barometric altimeters for outdoor activities like trail running or mountain biking.

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