10 Best Watches for Police and Law Enforcement Officers in 2023

Best Watches for Police

You probably would’ve guessed that this one is for the police from the title. Whether it be a watch or a smartwatch, it could be challenging to choose one if you’re someone who has to deal with the unexpected on a day-to-day basis. Still, you could tag along to see some of the best watches and smartwatches that can take quite an amount of abuse. So, in this guide, we’ll discuss the best watches and smartwatches for police officers.

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As we said, choosing a watch could be difficult if you’re in the police or any field related to law enforcement. There will be multiple factors at play, like the durability and ruggedness of the watch, a reliable GPS and compass, etc. In these times, a device should serve various purposes, so we’ll focus more on smartwatches and some normal ones that still hold bold.


10 Best Watches for Police Officers

  1. Garmin Tactix 7 Series 
  2. Garmin Fenix 7
  3. Apple Watch Ultra
  4. Garmin Epix Gen 2
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  6. Amazfit Falcon
  7. Garmin Instinct 2
  8. Casio Tactical Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch
  9. Casio G-Shock Men’s GG-1000-1A
  10. Amazfit T-Rex 2

1. Garmin Tactix 7 Series

Garmin Tactix 7 Series

The Garmin Tactix 7 series is the best tactical watch for military and police personnel. It is available in three variants: Standard, Pro, and Pro Ballistics. All three variants contain tactical features like night vision goggle compatibility, preloaded topographic maps with federal public land boundaries, and tactical activity profiles.

The Pro Ballistics Edition comes with a calculator that considers variables like range, wind speed, and elevation to give you the most accurate shot possible. It also has a Jumpmaster mode that calculates your jump altitude and time so you can land safely and on target.

The Garmin Tactix 7 series watches offer highly accurate GPS tracking, even in challenging environments like canyons and dense forests. The night vision mode, Stealth Mode, and kill switch are some other tactical features that make this series of watches the best for police and law enforcement personnel.

The watch has military-grade durability that can withstand harsh conditions. Thanks to its Sapphire Crystal lens, titanium bezel, and fiber-reinforced polymer case. The watch has 10 ATM water resistance ratings, so you can use this smartwatch while raining or swimming without worry.

The battery life of the Garmin Tactix 7 is pretty good! In Smartwatch Battery Mode, the battery can last up to 28 days; in Battery Save Mode, it can go up to 90 days after each recharge. However, if you turn on all the Satellite systems and music, the battery life is only 16 hours, which is okay. The Tactix 7 Pro and Pro Ballistic have a solar charging option that can give you up to 1-year battery life in Battery Saver Watch Mode.

The Garmin Tactix 7 series is the best tactical watch for military and police personnel. This Garmin flagship watch comes with a wide range of features that make it perfect for use during military operations. The military-grade durability and long battery life make this watch an excellent choice for officers who need a reliable and rugged smartwatch. However, it will put a hole in your wallet since it is a bit pricey.


  • Military-grade durability
  • Advanced safety features
  • LED Flashlight and on-screen navigation
  • Highly accurate multi-GNSS satellite tracking features
  • Advanced health, fitness, and training features
  • Longer battery life


  • Very expensive
  • Feature overloaded

2. Garmin Fenix 7 Series

Garmin fenix 7

Garmin Fenix 7 Series is another rugged smartwatch with excellent durability and tactical features for police and military personnel. The display is protected by the highly durable scratch-resistant sapphire crystal/Corning® Gorilla® Glass, and the bezel is made of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability. Moreover, it has a water-resistance rating of 100 meters and is MIL-STD-810G certified, making it ideal for use in water and harsh conditions.

Inside the watch, it is packed with many health, fitness, and training tools to help you stay in top shape. Its heart rate monitor allows you to monitor your heart rate throughout the day continuously and also alerts you in case of an abnormally increased or decreased heart rate. It also has a SpO2 sensor that gives you information about the oxygen level in your blood. The body energy monitor and health snapshot feature gives you an overview of your current energy level and health status.

Like Garmin Tactix 7, it also has a highly accurate multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) satellite system that tracks your location even in the most challenging environments. The built-in map feature with topographic maps lets you quickly see your location and plan your routes. You can also use the TracBack feature to go back to your starting point using the recorded track log.

When it comes to training, the Fenix 7 has advanced features to help you train more effectively. The Training Status, Training Readiness, Recovery Status, etc., lets you see your training progress and plan your future workouts accordingly. Its multiple sports profiles track your activities and give you a detailed training report on the Garmin Connect App. With this data, you can adjust your training to improve your performance.

The battery life of the Fenix 7 Series of watches is also perfect. Choose Fenix 7 Solar or Saphire Solar Edition if you want the longest battery life. Solar charging can last up to 173 days in Battery Saver Watch Mode and 74 days with Expedition Mode enabled. However, if you use all satellite features and music, the battery lasts about 10 hours only.

The Garmin Fenix 7 is an excellent smartwatch for police officers or military personnel who need a durable watch with all the features to help them during training and missions. Even though it does not offer every feature that the Tactix 7 does, it is still a fantastic option if you are looking for a durable and feature-packed smartwatch. If you have a small wrist, this watch will look very big and might be uncomfortable.


  • Durable Design
  • Flashlight
  • Safety features
  • Sleep and stress level monitoring
  • Advanced training features


  • Expensive
  • No AMOLED Screen

3. Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged smartwatch that Apple has ever built. It was released along with the Apple Watch Series 8 and focused on people who explore the outdoors. The aerospace-grade titanium build ensures the watch’s durability, while the sapphire crystal display protects it from scratches.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a robust always-on Retina LTPO OLED display with up to 2000 nits of brightness. So you can see everything on the screen with a glance, even in direct sunlight. The watch also has an on-screen map with turn-by-turn navigation, which helps you reach your destination without hassle.

With L1 and L5 GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and BeiDou on board, it ensures super accuracy of your location and activity tracking. The compass and the barometer help you find your way even in the most challenging missions. The Apple Watch Ultra is also IP68 water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it perfect for swimming and diving for up to a depth of 40 meters.

The Safety and Security features of the Apple Watch Ultra are what make it stand out from other smartwatches. The Fall Detection feature is highly advanced and accurate in detecting falls, and it sends alerts to the Emergency Department if you fall and do not respond for more than one minute. Similarly, it also has a Car Crash Detection feature that detects car crashes and sends alerts to Emergency Departments and Emergency Contact numbers along with your real-time location.

Since Apple Watch Ultra has LTE/ cellular feature, it does not require a smartphone to make or receive calls or send Emergency SOS, even in the most remote areas. This is an excellent feature for police officers and military personnel who need to be reachable at all times. The Walkie-Talkie app is also handy as it lets you stay connected with your team without having an additional device.

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The battery life also has improved in Apple Watch Ultra. Unlike other Apple Watches, its battery lasts about 36 hours(doubled from older variants) with regular use. Even with LTE, the battery can last up to 18 hours. So you don’t have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of a mission.

Apple Watch Ultra is a perfect smartwatch that you can wear during an operation and track your fitness. It has all the features that a police officer or military personnel would need, and its durability is unmatched. Its premium design and advanced health-tracking features make it one of the best outdoor health-tracking smartwatches for police and law enforcement officers.


  • Durable and beautiful design
  • Advanced health and fitness tracking features
  • Advanced security features
  • Smart features and music capabilities
  • Flashlight


  • Expensive
  • Only available in one size(49mm size)

4. Garmin Epix Gen 2

Garmin Epix Gen 2

The Garmin Epix Gen 2 is a premium outdoor smartwatch that can be placed along with the Fenix 7 Series. The high-quality AMOLED Screen is one of the significant differences and addition in Epix 2. The watch has a 1.3″ full-color screen with a 416 x 416 pixels resolution that is sunlight readable and provides excellent visibility even in poor light conditions.

The design of the Garmin Epix Gen 2 is very rugged, and it can withstand any environment or situation. It has a stainless steel bezel and Corning® Gorilla® Glass or Sapphire Crystal(in Sapphire Edition) screen protection, making it scratch-resistant. The watch is also water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it perfect for swimming or other water activities.

The Epix Gen 2 has a similar GNSS Sensor and offers the same tracking features as the Fenix 7 Series. It comes with a preloaded topographic map of your region, and you can also download additional maps if you need. The clarity and details of the map are great, and you can easily find your way around using the Epix Gen 2. Plus, its built-in altimeter, barometer, and compass give you accurate information about your surroundings.

The health tracking features include a wrist-based heart rate monitor, Blood oxygen level monitor(SpO2 and VO2 Max), and stress tracking. The Recovery Advisor feature tells you how long you need to recover from your workout before pushing yourself again, ensuring you are not overtraining.

The smart features of the Epix Gen 2 include smartphone notification, Garmin Pay support, music storage, and streaming via services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and Deezer. Just connect with your Bluetooth headphones, and you’re good to go. Since it has an AMOLED display, the battery life could be better than Fenix 7 watches. The lack of Solar Charging support is also a disappointment. Nevertheless, the Epix Gen 2 offers 21 days of battery life in Battery Saver Mode and 10 hours of battery life with all GNSS turned ON!

The Garmin Epix Gen 2 is for those who want a bit more from their outdoor smartwatch and are willing to pay the price. It is an excellent choice for police officers as it has all the features they need and some extras that might come in handy. However, the lack of a flashlight and solar charging support might be a deal-breaker for some.


  • Durable Design
  • High-Quality Display
  • Highly accurate GNSS
  • Safety and security features
  • Advanced health and fitness tracking features


  • Costly
  • No LTE or Cellular Features

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is next on our list of the best smartwatches for police officers. This outdoor smartwatch has MIL-STD-810H and IP68 ratings, making it tough enough to withstand most of the environments and situations that police officers might face. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has 5 ATM water resistance, so that you can use this watch in the rain or swimming. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a 1.4″ Super AMOLED display with 450 x 450 pixels. The display is always on, so you can see the time and your current activity even when the watch is in standby mode. Plus, the Sapphire crystal protection makes the display scratch and shatter-resistant so you can use it without worry.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro uses GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and BDS to track your location and offers accurate tracking even in difficult environments. The accelerometer and gyroscope are the other essential sensors in this GPS smartwatch to track your various workouts and activities. Plus, it uses the Android Wear OS 3.5, rich with features and apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has many health tracking features, including an FDA Approved ECG and blood oxygen level monitor. It also has a blood pressure monitoring feature that works with select Samsung phones. The watch can also track your sleep and stress levels and has relaxation tools like a built-in breathing guide to help you relax.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has many smart and security features that allow you to do more with your watch. If you buy Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with the cellular feature, you can make phone calls or send SMS from the watch without a smartphone nearby. However, the cellular variant costs you more than a non-cellular one.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is an excellent GPS smartwatch for police officers. It is rugged, has a long list of health-tracking features, and comes with Android Wear OS 3.5, which offers many features and app support. It offers decent outdoor activity tracking features but is less good than expensive Garmin watches such as Fenix 7 or Epix Gen 2.


  • Tough and Durable Design
  • Body composition monitoring
  • Accurate GNSS Tracking
  • Music storage and streaming
  • Loaded with health-tracking features


  • No Solar Charging

6. Amazfit Falcon

Amazfit Falcon

Amazfit has been making affordable wearables for a while now. However, the Amazfit Falcon is a bit expensive for an Amazfit smartwatch. It is still cheaper than other watches on our list, but it’s less affordable than the Amazfit GTR 4 or Amazfit Stratos 3.

The Amazfit Falcon is companies most rugged multi-sport smartwatch. This rugged GPS Smartwatch has passed 15 military-grade tests and has MIL-STD 810G certification. The watch has a whopping 200 meters(20 ATM) of water resistance and tracks both open and closed-water swimming. 

The Amazfit Falcon features a 1.28″ AMOLED touchscreen protected by Sapphire Crystal Glass with a hardness rating of 9H, which means that the watch is strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. The display is always-on and has a resolution of 416×416 pixels.

Like Apple Watch Ultra, the Amazfit Falcon also features dual-band GPS (L1 and L5) sensors which give you highly accurate and consistent tracking. The on-screen turn-by-turn navigation helps you continuously find your way. Plus, the watch also has over 150 sports modes that track your activities with great precision and give you an in-depth analysis of your performance.

The Amazfit Falcon has a BioTrackerTM3.0 PPG biometric sensor that can track your heart rate, SpO2, and sleep quality. Since it is compatible with other health and fitness tracking apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health, and, Strava, you can get a comprehensive overview of your workout data. The Zepp Coach app provides custom running, cycling, and swimming training plans, useful features for beginners.

The Falcon has a massive 500 mAh battery that can last about 14 days on normal usage. The charging time is about 90 minutes. And, if you enable the always-on display or GPS, the battery life will drop to about ten days. Music usage is another battery-draining activity. You can store about 500 songs on the watch and listen to them via Bluetooth headphones. However, it does not support music streaming apps like other smartwatches with music.

The Amazfit Falcon is a multi-sport outdoor smartwatch with a rugged design, advanced tracking features, and excellent battery life. It is comparable with leading smartwatches like the Garmin or Polar watches. But it is a lot cheaper than those watches. Overall, the Amazfit Falcon is an excellent choice for casual and serious athletes.


  • Military-grade design and durability.
  • Accurate data and tracking.
  • Good value for money.
  • Long battery life.
  • 200 meters of water-resistance


  • Still expensive
  • No music streaming

7. Garmin Instinct 2

Garmin Instinct 2

Garmin Instinct is one of the best watches for police officers in 2022. It offers you all the essential features of Garmin wearables at an affordable price. The tough and rugged design of the watch makes it ideal for outdoor activities. The watch looks slimmer and lighter than the previous Garmin Instinct model.

The Garmin Instinct 2 uses a Monochrome MIP display like other top-end watches like Fenix 7 or Enduro. Its fiber-reinforced polymer case and chemically strengthened scratch-resistant display make it one of the most durable smartwatches. This GPS watch for police is water-resistant up to 100 meters and can withstand extreme temperatures. If you need a smartwatch for surfing, go for Instinct 2 Surf Edition, which comes with tide and wave information.

The Garmin Instinct 2 Tactical Edition is the best option if you are in the Military or Special Force. Like Tactix 7, it offers many features for your tactical activities, such as Jumpmaster Mode, Kill Switch, Stealth Mode, and Night Vision Compatibility Mode. These are some essential features for any Special Forces or military personnel.

The Garmin Instinct 2 comes with a combination of GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO satellite systems. So, it can provide accurate tracking and navigation in many challenging environments. The watch has a built-in 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, and gyroscope to track your activities precisely. Instinct 2 has a heart rate sensor that continuously monitors your heart rate 24/7 and alerts you if your heart rate goes below or above the normal limits. It also has a Pulse Ox Sensor that gives accurate SpO2 readings.

The watch does not have topo map support like high-end Garmin watches. But it has a mapping feature which does not look good to me due to poor screen resolution. The lack of a touchscreen gives me a hard time exploring the map. Unfortunately, this GPS Smartwatch does not store or stream music; if you have your smartphone, you can control the music from your wrist.

The Garmin Instinct 2 has a good battery life, just like any other Garmin watches discussed here. The average battery life is 28 days in smartwatch mode and 70 hours in Max Battery GPS Mode. The Garmin Tactix 2 Tactical and Surf edition supports solar charging and gives a lot more battery life on sunny days. If you are looking for a solar-powered smartwatch, the Garmin Instinct 2 is the most affordable one that you can buy.

If you cannot afford an expensive Garmin Fenix 7 or Tactix 7, the Garmin Instinct 2 is the best watch for you. It gives you most of the features you need for your tactical and outdoor activities. The only downside of this affordable police officer’s watch is the lack of a topo map feature and music storage.


  • Tactical and Outdoor features
  • Lightweight and slimmer
  • The excellent GPS tracking feature
  • Good battery life
  • 100 meters of water-resistance


  • Poor display quality
  • No music control

8. Casio Tactical Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

Casio Tactical Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch GW9400-1B

There’s no doubt that Casio G-Shock Watches are known for their ruggedness and build quality, which makes them perfect for all sorts of users. The GW9400-1B is marketed as the blackest of the black watches, which definitely lives up to its name. This watch was designed to withstand extreme environments like rubble, dirt, and debris.

Apart from that, the GW9400-1 Rangeman can withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, and shocks. It is water-resistant up to 200 meters and has a triple sensor that can measure compass, barometric, and altitude readings. Just like the previous Rangeman model, this watch comes with a full auto LED backlight, which is extremely handy in low-light conditions.

The Casio G-Shock GW9400-1B has a black dial that displays the date, day, time, and many more. Plus, it has cylindrical buttons that are mud and debris-resistant. The watch is quite big and might be a bit too big for some people, but it definitely looks tough and rugged.

Finally, if you need only tactical features, not health or fitness tracking, the Casio Rangeman GW9400-1B is the best smartwatch. 


  • Incredibly durable, perfect for extreme environment
  • Full auto LED backlight
  • Rugged and sleek design that sets it apart from other brands
  • Incredible battery lifetime (up to 5 years with solar power) 
  • Very versatile and adaptable watch brand


  • Expensive
  • The display is shady and has a poor readability

9. Casio G-Shock Men’s GG-1000-1A

Casio G-Shock Men's GG-1000-1A Mudmaster Watch

For any police officer, a watch is an essential piece of equipment. Not only does it need to be durable enough to withstand harsh conditions, but it also needs to be accurate and easy to read. The Casio G-Shock Men’s GG-1000-1A is a new addition to the Master of G Series that meets all of these requirements.

Casio G-Shock Men’s GG-1000-1A has a mud-resistant construction that keeps most dirt and debris from getting into the device. The new Twin Sensor keeps you updated on your direction and temperature, making it an ideal watch for any law enforcement officer. Plus, The watch also has a LED light, stopwatch, countdown timer, and five daily alarms.

Since it got an LED backlight, you can easily read the watch in low-light conditions. Overall, the Casio G-Shock GG-1000-1A is an excellent watch for any law enforcement officer who needs a durable and accurate watch.


  • Perfect for someone looking for a sporty and reliable timepiece. 
  • A fashion-forward accessory with excellent quality
  • Waterproof, mud-resistant
  • Digital/analog hybrid design


  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Expensive

10. Amazfit T-Rex 2

Amazfit T-Rex Pro 2

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 is the perfect smartwatch for those who need an affordable watch with military-grade design, health, fitness, and tactical features. The watch is made of durable materials that can withstand harsh environments, and it features a heart rate monitor, GPS, and other health-tracking features. Additionally, the watch has various tactical features, including a compass, altimeter, and barometer.

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 has a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a 454 x 454 pixels resolution, which you already know is quite good. This affordable outdoor watch is made of highly durable Polymer Alloy and has 10 ATM water resistance, which is quite good.

The watch uses Dual-band & 5 satellite positioning (GPS + GLONASS) and 150 sport modes, making it a perfect choice for those who are into fitness and health tracking. The watch also has a BioTrackerTM 3.0 PPG biometric sensor, which simultaneously tracks your heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. Additionally, it also has abnormally high and low heart rate alerts to notify you of any potential health issues. Its low blood oxygen and high-stress level detection is also quite handy.

As for the battery life, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 has a large 500mAh battery that can last up to 20 days in normal usage. Plus, it has multiple battery modes that optimize the battery life depending on the usage. Overall, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 is an excellent smartwatch for those who need an affordable watch with a military-grade design and a variety of health, fitness, and tactical features.


  • Affordable and Durable design
  • Good battery life
  • A variety of health monitoring features
  • 10 ATM water-resistance


  • Bulky
  • No music storage or streaming

1. What watch do they wear on SWAT?

You will typically find that SWAT teams wear whatever watch they want on their wrist. SWAT teams are mostly on the ground, so they only need the essentials. This means they will wear watches with good water resistance and strong batteries for tactical movements. They also might wear a watch with a compass because of many situations requiring them to navigate.

2. What watch do snipers wear?

Snipers typically wear a specialized watch with a compass and night vision, such as Garmin Tactix 7 Ballistic, Garmin Instinct 2 Tactical, etc. Some snipers prefer wearing a metal watch, while others prefer a rubber band. They might prefer metal watches because they reflect sunlight a lot less.

3. What do Air Marshals wear?

You will not find an answer to this question online because of national security concerns. But from what we’ve seen in movies, the air marshal wears big, round, metal watches. It also comes with a protective band to protect them from taking hits or blows when in difficult situations.

Our Verdict

Even though most smartwatches won’t withstand the abuse taken by an old-school quartz watch or a mechanical one, we highly recommend you go with a smartwatch. A smartwatch packs in modern features that will come in handy when needed. We should buy a watch that can protect us instead of protecting itself.

So, if you’re in the police, we recommend you get a smartwatch for your daily needs. We recommend the Garmin Instinct 2 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro if you’re on a budget; however, if you can afford it, go with the Garmin Tactix 7 or Garmin Fenix 7 to get all of your needs met in one device. Best of luck out there!

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