Apple Watch Fall Detection: Everything You Must Know

Apple Watch Fall detection

“Fall Detection is a life-saving feature on advanced smartwatches like Apple Watches, Samsung Wearables, etc. It saves people’s life by automatically calling the emergency department in case of a hard fall.” Apple always surprises with innovative technologies and features. The Apple wearable devices are also not an exception for this. Must Read: Apple Watch for … Read more

7 Best Refrigerators Under 25000 in 2021: Top Selling Brands

Best Refrigerators Under 25000

If you’re looking for the best refrigerators under 25000 rupees, available in India, then you’ve come to the right place. A refrigerator is now an essential part of any kitchen for those who live alone to bigger families.  However, choosing the best refrigerator can be a confusing task, and it’s easy to go over budget … Read more

6 Best Refrigerator Brands in India in 2021:Top Brands Based On Performance

best refrigerator brands in India

“The best refrigerator brands in India are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Panasonic, and Godrej“ If you are planning to purchase a refrigerator or fridge, it means that you are ready to spend ₹10,000-75,000 to keep your food items fresh. Since you are spending such an amount, it is necessary to pick from India’s best refrigerator … Read more

Fitbit Blood Pressure: Can Fitbit Monitor Blood Pressure? The Facts

fitbit blood pressure monitor

“A Fitbit cannot track or monitor blood pressure but there are many other smartwatches that can track blood pressure accurately.” If you are specifically looking for a Fitbit blood pressure monitoring watch, then I am really sorry. As of now, there is no Fitbit which tracks or monitor blood pressure.  Related Post: Best ECG Smartwatches … Read more

Can I Wear Fitbit on My Ankle? An Ultimate Guide

can i wear fitbit on my ankle

“Wearing Fitbit on ankle is not recommended. However, Fitbit Inspire HR and Inspire 2 comes with a clip so that you can attach it to your dress or shoes”. Fitbit is one of the most popular wearable tech gadget manufacturers who always makes fantastic fitness trackers and smartwatches. Their latest smartwatch, Fitbit Sense, comes with … Read more

How does Apple Watch LTE work? A Quick Guide

How does Apple Watch LTE work? A Quick Guide

Decided to purchase an LTE Apple Watch? Wait, are you still confused? No more worries. Supercharge with our detailed review, tips, and reasons to confirm your decision. We here give you an excellent idea of how each version can benefit you, how you can install various setups and apps most quickly. Scratch from the surface … Read more

Can Apple Watch Measure Body Temperature?

Can Apple Watch measure body temperature

Apple watch is the most advanced smartwatch available today in the market. It is packed with a lot of advanced health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, ECG App, blood oxygen level monitoring, and much more. But the question is ” Can Apple Watch Measure Body Temperature?”. So can an Apple watch really measure … Read more

What is Green Light In Apple Watch?

How to turn off Green Light on Apple Watch

“Here is an in-depth guide on what is Green Light on Apple watch and how to turn it off.” Apple Watch is the most advanced smartwatch with many advanced features such as heart rate, ECG, Blood oxygen level, heart rhythm, and much more.  But have you ever annoyed with the Greenlight on the Apple watch? … Read more