Where Casio Watches are Made?

Where are Casio watches made

Casio is a Japanese-based multinational electronics manufacturing company established in 1946. Casio was the first to mass-produce calculator watches and is currently the largest manufacturer of watches in Japan by revenue. It also produces other electronic items such as cameras, mobile phones, and calculators, etc. Casio Started to create watches in the 1980s due to … Read more

Apple Watch for Kids 2022: How to Set it up for Your Child?

Apple Watch for Kids 2021

Apple Watch SE is the best Apple watch for kids because of its features like family setup, built-in GPS, and LTE capabilities. Moreover, it is cheaper than the Apple Watch 6 and comes with most of the features of the flagship model. Apple Watch is the company’s showcase of technical innovations. These devices come packed … Read more

Are G Shock Watches Waterproof? Everything You Should Know

Are G-Shock Watches Waterproof

Casio G shock watches are designed with durability in mind to withstand the most challenging conditions. However, the question on everyone’s minds is, “are G shock watches waterproof?” This article will answer that and other important questions about G Shock Watches. What is G Shock watches? Casio G-Shock watches are made by Casio Japan and … Read more

Do You need a Smartphone for Fitbit? Find Now!

Do You need a Smartphone for Fitbit

Many people are looking for smartwatches and fitness trackers without smartphones because of safety issues like radiation. Many researchers have been conducted on smartwatch radiation safety, and still, there is no evidence to prove that radiation from smartwatches is harmful. To minimize radiation, many people prefer to use wearable tech devices like Fitbit without a smartphone. … Read more

Are Smartwatches Safe to Wear?

Apple Watch Series 6, How to charge apple watch without charger

Yes. Smartwatches are safe to wear every day. For many people, a smartwatch is a fashion accessory and not an essential item. Others may rely on it for their work or fitness needs. They can track your health and fitness metrics with the help of their advanced sensors and algorithms.  Smartwatches and fitness trackers track … Read more

What are Fitbit badges, and how to earn them?

What are Fitbit badges

Fitbit is an American fitness company that doesn’t need any introduction. The company produces some of the finest fitness trackers and smartwatches in the market. Fitbit also has different ways of keeping the consumer engaged. One such feature is the Fitbit badges offered by the company as rewards to the user. This guide will help you understand what … Read more

Suunto 9 Peak vs Garmin Fenix 6 Pro: Which is the Best Sports Watch?

Suunto 9 Peak vs Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

We all know that having a smartwatch for fitness and sports purpose is a necessity and most athletes have one. There are plenty of smartwatches present in the market and choosing any one of them is difficult. All the watches offer too many features and differ in a minor way, but whether it is minor … Read more