Bulova vs Tissot: Which is the Best Watch in 2023

Bulova and Tissot have been well-established watchmakers since their inception in the 1800s. Both brands are unique in their ways. Over the years, these brands have set some records of their own.

Bulova vs Tissot

These watchmakers share some similarities, and choosing between the two might be a bit tedious. So, in this Bulova vs Tissot comparison guide, we’ll gently compare these brands; no, we won’t compare any models head-to-head. But do forgive us if a model comes in anywhere in this guide.

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We’ll be comparing Bulova and Tissot based on their overall build quality, design, and pricing strategies. The success of any watch is subject to these three factors, and there is no better way to compare both these brands. 

Legacy & Current Status

The value of a watch heavily relies on how older the watchmaker is. Also, there is no point in comparing two brands without talking about their history. As we said earlier, both brands came into the world in the late 1800s. Another similarity between these brands is that both shared the same golden age in the 1920s and 30s. Both brands can be considered entry-level luxury watches. 

The American watchmaker Bulova watch company holds some records in history. Like the first watchmaker to introduce a woman’s only line of watches, the first to advertise on a radio broadcast, the first electronic watch in history, and much more. The brand is now a subsidiary of Citizen. 

The Swiss watchmaker Tissot is known to be one of the few watchmakers who focus on innovation. Tissot brought us the multifunctional tactile watch and the anti-magnetic watch, two products that were game changers at their time. Tissot is now under The Swatch Group, which owns over a dozen watch brands, including Rado.

Bulova vs Tissot: Design

Both brands are known for quality watches in terms of their evergreen designs and craftsmanship. These companies offer premium watches that use stainless steel cases and intricate designs.


Bulova is a brand that grew the trend of designs and styles among users. This trend even dates to the early 1920s. You might be having a hard time picking from the vast collection of sports, luxury, chronograph designs, and minimalist designs offered by Bulova. If you’re more into the design aspect of the watch, Bulova might be the right choice among the two.


Even though the collection isn’t as vivid as Bulova, Tissot is also known for great designs that look well on your wrist. Tissot makes watches in most or all the segments, like chronographs, sports watches, and luxury watches. If you’re a person who loves minimalism, Tissot got you covered. While the collection might not be as extensive as Bulova, we recommend that you try Tissot since design choice varies from person to person.

Bulova vs Tissot: Strength and Quality

Again, this will be a tight comparison unless we weren’t doing this a decade ago. Both Bulova and Tissot offer watches that can withstand a considerable amount of abuse. As we said, both brands make watches that use stainless steel cases. These stainless-steel cases ensure ultimate protection without numbing your wrists.


Tissot watches might have a slight upper hand with the use of sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystals are known for their shaping challenges. However, these crystals are near scratchproof. Most Tissot watches can endure depths in the range of 30 to 100 meters. 

You can get a Tissot Watch with either a steel or leather strap. In addition to the quartz watches, Tissot also produces digital watches that use a rubber or nylon strap that offers a certain degree of comfort. You can choose from a line of quartz, automatic, and smartwatch models while buying from Tissot. 


Bulova used to make watches using mineral crystals, and the brand is now switching to Sapphire for long-lasting watch faces. Bulova makes automatic and quartz watches that use stainless steel casings. The brand is also known for the first-of-its-kind electric watch with its Accutron.

Bulova watches have a similar water resistance rating when compared to Tissot. The high precision 262 kHz quartz crystal and the curved chronograph movement will be enough to give you an idea of the brand’s dedication. You can get a Bulova Watch with either a steel or leather strap. But the lack of smartwatches gives Tissot an edge over Bulova.

What do people say about Bulova vs Tissot?

There is no doubt that Bulova and Tissot are respectable brands in the world of chronographs in terms of their reputation and style.


  • Known for their high-quality Swiss-made watches
  • Often praised for their elegant and classic designs
  • Considered a mid-range luxury watch brand
  • Some people find their watches to be too traditional or conservative
  • Their mechanical watches are highly regarded for their craftsmanship and accuracy
Tissot T-Race T0484172705700
Bulova Precisionist 98B152


  • Known for their precision timekeeping and accuracy
  • Often praised for their unique and innovative designs
  • Considered a more affordable luxury watch brand
  • Some people find their watches to be bulky or heavy
  • Their quartz watches are highly regarded for their accuracy and reliability

Bulova vs Tissot: Pricing and Availability

As we said earlier, both brands can be considered entry-level luxury watchmakers. So do expect the price to fall in the mid-range. But don’t get your hopes up, as you’ll need to plan for your month carefully if you’re planning to buy from either of these brands. Also, we highly recommend that you won’t go with the cheaper models from Bulova. Because they’re known to be some of the most terrible performing watches in case of accuracy. 

As for availability, you can get these watches from authorized retailers or e-commerce platforms like Amazon. We highly suggest that you buy from an authorized retailer only. Your warranty may ruin if you buy a Tissot or Bulova watches from an unauthorized seller. Unauthorized sellers even sell fake products in some cases.

Notable models

Even though we said we’d not be comparing any models head-to-head, these models from both brands have put them back in the business. 

1. Bulova Precisionist 98B152

Bulova Precisionist 98B152

Bulova Precisionist is a line of watches from the brand that offers unmatched precision and accuracy. Bulova developed the Precisionist technology as a follow-up to Accutron, and it is worth the hype. The technology enhances the typical frequency by over eight times, which gives these watches an astounding accuracy of +/-10 seconds per year. Among these watches is the Bulova Precisionist 98B152, the best of the best. The 98B152 features a rose-gold design with black details.

2. Tissot T-Race T0484172705700

Tissot T-Race T0484172705700

The Tissot T-Race T0484172705700 is a sports watch from Tissot. This one is often associated with various sporting events and leagues across the globe. This one is an excellent choice for all your sporting and workout needs.

You can take it confidently to the water, even with mixed-gas diving. The stiff and sporty design makes it the perfect companion for hiking and trekking.

1. Is Bulova a luxury brand?

Bulova is considered an entry-level luxury brand. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less than what we’d expect from other luxury brands. If we focus on the watches made by Bulova and Tissot, both brands offer you excellent quality at reasonable prices. If price plays an important role in your decision-making process, we suggest that you go with a brand like Bulova that gives better value for your hard-earned money.

2. Is Tissot a luxury brand?

Tissot is a luxury brand. However, it’s not one of those brands that come to our mind when we think about the word “luxury.” The brand is more of an entry-level luxury watchmaker. But for any newbie, Tissot can be their very first step into the wonderful world of fine watches.

3. What brand is better than Tissot?

We have already mentioned that the brand is an entry-level luxury watchmaker, so what’s better than Tissot? Well, there are quite a few things that come to mind here. But for a newbie getting their first luxury watch, we don’t think there’s anything that can beat Tissot. In our opinion, Bulova is also an excellent option.

To wrap it up

It is not just easy to compare watches the way we compare smartphones. Both Bulova and Tissot are well-established brands and come with perks and quirks of their own. If you’re a person who values design, Bulova might be the one for you. Tissot is in the race with unique designs and styles. On the other Tissot makes some of the most structurally sold watches, and Bulova doesn’t seem to give up. 

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