Can Apple Watch Measure Blood Pressure?

Apple makes top-end health tracking smartwatches with advanced health, and fitness tracking features such as Electrocardiogram(ECG), heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen(SpO2), and many more. Compared to other health-tracking smartwatches, the accuracy of the Apple Watch is pretty high.

Can Apple Watch Measure Blood Pressure

However, the question is, can Apple Watch measure blood pressure? If you are also searching for the answer to this question, you have come to the right place. Here, we will explain whether the Apple Watch is capable of measuring blood pressure or not.

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Can Apple Watch Measure Blood Pressure?

No. Apple Watches does not have a blood pressure monitoring feature. However, you can integrate third-party blood pressure monitoring devices, such as QardioArm, Withings Smart Body Analyzer, etc., with Apple Watch to record your blood pressure levels.

So if you have an Apple watch and want to measure yourB.P with Apple Watch, you can do it by just tapping on Apple Watch, and this is more convenient than manually measuring the blood pressure and then recording it on a piece of paper.

Apple Watch Blood Pressure Monitoring

According to the rumors, Apple is working on adding a B.P monitoring feature to the upcoming smartwatches. The Apple Watch 8 is expected to release in September 2022 and may feature both blood pressure and skin temperature monitoring features. Multiple blood pressure monitoring technologies patented by Apple also suggest that the company is working on implementing this feature into future watch models.

Reports also suggest that Apple might use a technology similar to the Omron Heart Guide to measure blood pressure. But having an inflammable cuff on the watch band may make the watch more bulky and inconvenient to use for many people.

But the good news is that Apple has also patented several other B.P. monitoring technologies based on Applanation tonometry, oscillometer, and ultrasound transducer, that don’t require an inflatable strap. So we need to wait until the release of the next Apple Watch with blood pressure monitoring to see which technology the company is going to use in their smartwatch and how accurate the readings will be.

On the other hand, its rivals, Samsung, have already implemented B.P monitoring into their Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 4, and Active 3 watch models. The Google-owned Fitbit is also at the end of adding the B.P. monitoring feature to Fitbit Sense and other upcoming smartwatches. A few eligible Fitbit Sense users in the USA have already been invited to participate in beta testing for the new feature. So it seems that both Apple and Fitbit will soon introduce the blood pressure monitoring feature into their smartwatches.

Apple Watch Blood Pressure Benefits

Undoubtedly, the blood pressure technology on Apple watches will be top-notch. Their strict quality control, advanced sensors, and experience in the field of wearable technology will ensure that the feature is accurate and works as intended.

Adding a blood pressure monitoring feature to the smartwatches helps people with high B.P. and others to detect blood pressure at the earliest. Since a smartwatch with blood pressure monitoring is more convenient, people tend to check their blood pressure regularly. This helps them to detect the early signs of hypertension and take the necessary steps before it gets out of hand.

High blood pressure(B.P.) or hypertension is a silent killer and often doesn’t show any symptoms until it’s too late. In many cases, high blood pressure or hypertension is diagnosed only when they visit a clinic for other health issues. So by the time you are getting diagnosed, it may have been too late to prevent the complications of hypertension.

But with a smartwatch that can monitor blood pressure, people can detect the early signs and take necessary measures to control it. This way, they can avoid any complications arising from uncontrolled hypertension.

More Health Tracking features on a single device.

Apple Watch Series 6 and later variants come with many advanced health tracking features such as:

  • FDA Approved Electrocardiogram(ECG)
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Irregular Heart Rate Alerts
  • Blood Oxygen level monitoring
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Stress level monitoring
  • Fall detection
  • and many more.

By adding Blood pressure monitoring, the Apple watches become an even more powerful health tracking device. This way, people can track all the important health parameters on a single device and get a complete picture of their health.

Easy to use and Handle

Many blood pressure monitoring devices are challenging to carry and come with a more oversized cuff. This makes it difficult for many people to use them on a daily basis, especially when there are traveling. If you have a blood pressure monitoring smartwatch, it will be very convenient to check your blood pressure anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, many of the latest smartwatches are very sleek and small, and they can track many health metrics. So you can easily wear them all day long without feeling any discomfort. This way, you can keep track of your blood pressure throughout the day without compromising your comfort.

If you need a standalone smartwatch with blood pressure monitoring, you can consider Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, or Omron Hear Guide. Alternatively, you can go for a B.P. Monitor compatible with Apple Watch.

3 Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices work with Apple Watch

Here is a list of the top 3 blood pressure monitoring devices that will work with the Apple watch in 2022.

1. QardioArm Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

QardioArm Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

QardioArm is a clinically validated wireless blood pressure monitor approved by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration), and it also meets European standards. It works with Android and iOS and has a sleek and stylish design, making it perfect for everyday use. In addition to that, this wearable B.P. Monitor also monitors your heart rate and alerts you about irregular heartbeats.

You can see your blood pressure trends as charts and graphs on the Qardio App, which you can download on your Android or iOS devices. Additionally, you can share this date with your doctor so that he can have a look into it.

Finally, if you have the QuardioArm wireless B.P. Monitor, you will never forget to take a reading as it will remind you daily to measure your blood pressure.

How to take blood pressure with QardioArm?

  1. Pair your iPhone with QardioArm
  2. Download the Qardio App to your iPhone and enable it for your Apple watch.
  3. Apply the B.P. cuff onto your upper arm.
  4. Open the Qardio App and tap on the “Start Button.”

It takes less than a minute to measure your B.P. and heart rate, and you can also see your history and trend data on the app. This device works with the Apple watch that uses Apple Watch O.S. 3 or later.

Accuracy of QardioArm

The QardioArm is a blood pressure monitoring device approved by the FDA and shown to be correct in clinical studies. It also meets the ESH-IP2 (European Society of Hypertension International Protocol) requirements.

2. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure is another FDA Approved wireless blood pressure monitor compatible with Apple Watches. It weighs only 250g and is easy to carry, so you can take it anywhere.

It has a bright LED matrix display which visible even under dark conditions. Plus, it also can measure your heart rate but does not have irregular heartbeat alerts like the QardioArm. But it is not an issue for you if you already have an Apple Watch with you.

It also allows you to share your blood pressure data with your doctor and other health and fitness monitoring apps such as Google Fit, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Noom, etc. So you can keep track of your health and fitness data in one place.

How to take blood pressure with the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor?

  1. Download the Withings App to your iPhone
  2. Pair the device with your iPhone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  3. Apply the device to your upper and press the “Start” button when you are ready.

It measures your blood pressure and stores it in the cloud, and you can also see the charts and trends on the app. In addition, it allows you to instantly share your blood pressure readings with your dietitian, Monitor, doctor, or loved ones.

3. Wellue BP2A Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Wellue BP2A Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

The Wellue BP2A Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is a portable, lightweight device that allows you to measure your B.P. and heart rate on one device. This wireless blood pressure monitor is approved by the FDA, and you can expect a pretty accurate blood pressure reading.

It has an OLED display and an internal memory to store readings. Plus, it takes only 30 seconds to measure your B.P. and heart rate. It automatically syncs the reading with the App, where you can see your systolic and diastolic B.P. trends as graphs and charts, making it easy for you and your doctor to track trends over time.

Final Words

Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches on the market, with many advanced health, fitness, and activity tracking features. However, it does not yet have blood pressure and temperature monitoring feature. You need to wait for the upcoming Apple Watch models that are rumored to have both blood pressure and skin temperature monitoring feature. Meanwhile, you can use third-party blood pressure monitoring devices with your current Apple Watch to measure and track your blood pressure levels.

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