Can Apple Watch Measure Body Temperature?

Apple watch is the most advanced smartwatch available today in the market. It is packed with a lot of advanced health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, ECG App, blood oxygen level monitoring, and much more.

Can Apple Watch Measure Body Temperature

But the question is ” Can Apple Watch Measure Body Temperature?”. So can an Apple watch really measure the temperature?

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Well, in this article, I will explain to you everything about your question like “Does Apple watch measure body temp?”

Can Apple Watch Measure Body Temperature?

Unfortunately, no Apple watch can track or measure body temperature. It does not have any dedicated sensors to track your body temperature. It would be a great addition if they could add this feature to their latest smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 6. 

Unfortunately, Apple Watch Series 6 also do not have the hardware or sensors to measure your body temperature. However, Fitbit Sense comes with this feature along with other important health metrics such as heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, etc. 

If you are an Apple Watch user and looking for an ECG Smartwatch with blood oxygen level, then Apple Watch Series 6 is the right option for you.

There are many Apple watch apps available in the iOS store for temperature monitoring. However, none of these apps can automatically record your body temperature as the Apple Watch do not have the hardware to record the temperature. 

Instead, you can use Apps like ThermoWatch+ to record your temperature readings manually into the smartwatch so that you can check it later. But these Apple Watch body temperature monitoring apps are not so useful as long as it does not measure temperature by itself. 

Can you take your temperature with an iPhone?

Your Apple phone can not take your body temperature. But you can pair it with a compatible digital thermometer to record body temperature directly on your iPhone. It is very convenient to use as you do not need to enter the data manually into the smartphone app. 

Once the data entered, it allows you to view the data on a specific period of time. In addition to that, it also displays the temperature data in a graphical format so you or your doctor can see the temperature trend over a specific period of time. 

If you are looking for a digital thermometer for your iPhone, then JKInsa Smart Thermometer is the most recommended hygienic body temperature monitoring device in 2020. 

Can Apple Watch Detects COVID-19 Symptoms?

Even though Apple wearables can not detect the skin temperature, it can detect other symptoms of flu-like diseases by detecting the variations on your important vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, etc. 

Many studies are being conducted on the early identification of COVID-19 with the help of wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers. Fitbit’s study on COVID-19 suggests that their devices are able to detect flue like infection at the earliest by detecting the changes in heart rate, blood oxygen level, ECG, and body temperature. (Fitbit Sene comes with an ECG and skin temperature monitoring feature). 


Implementing temperature monitoring feature into a smartwatch is not easy. An elevated temperature always does not mean that you have a fever. Likewise, a normal temperature also does not mean that you have no fever. 


Even external factor(Eg: Standing near to fire ) can increase or decrease your body temperature, and a smartwatch can record it wrongly as an episode of fever. 

To get an accurate temperature, at the hospital, we use a rectal thermometer or oral thermometer to record the core temperature accurately. Many smartwatch manufacturers do not have this technology integrated into their smartwatches. 

However, wearable tech manufacturers such as Fitbit, and Garmin has devices that track skin temperature. As I said, an elevated body temperature always does not mean that you have a fever. 

If you use any of these devices to monitor your body temperature, then it would be better if you take a series of reading rather than a single reading. 


In a nutshell, An Apple Smartwatch can not detect body temperature automatically. Instead, you can couple it with a compatible digital thermometer to automatically record your body temperature.

Also, three are many Apps for Android and iOS that allow you to enter your body temperature automatically into the smartwatch. This allows you to see the body temperature trends over a period of time with a few taps on the smartphone app. 

I hope that this article has cleared your question “Can Apple Watch measure body temperature?”. If you have any further queries, please feel free to comment below. 

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