Fitbit Blood Pressure: Can Fitbit Monitor Blood Pressure? The Facts

“A Fitbit cannot track or monitor blood pressure but there are many other smartwatches that can track blood pressure accurately.”

Can Fitbit Monitor Blood Pressure

If you are specifically looking for a Fitbit blood pressure monitoring watch, then I am really sorry. As of now, there is no Fitbit which tracks or monitor blood pressure. 

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If you are looking for a wrist monitor for blood pressure, there are many smartwatches are out there. Modern smartwatches come with advanced health tracking features such as ECG, Blood oxygen level, irregular heart rate alert in addition to basic heart rate monitoring and calories tracking. 

Can Fitbit Monitor Blood Pressure?

As I said earlier, no Fitbit Fitness tracker or smartwatch can track your blood pressure. Even the latest Fitbit Sense does not have these blood pressure monitoring features in it. 

Except Blood pressure, it has many other health tracking features such as wrist-based ECG Monitoring, Blood oxygen level monitoring, body temperature and much more. 

Body temperature monitoring is the rarest feature available in Fitbit, which even not available in other premium smartwatches. It will be beneficial for you in detecting any changes in body temperature caused by COVID-19 or other flues like symptoms. 

So, if you are looking for a health-tracking Fitbit, then Fitbit Sense would be the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a blood pressure watch, then you can consider other smartwatches such as Samsung Galaxy Watch3, Omron Heart Guide Watch, etc. 

The Omron Heart Guide is the only blood pressure watch approved by the FDA. However, it has limited features compared with other wrist monitors for blood pressure. 

I have already written a list of best smartwatch blood pressure monitor in 2021. 

How accurate are fitness trackers for blood pressure?

If you are looking for a more accurate smartwatch with blood pressure, then Omron Heart Guide would be the right choice as it is the only FDA approved blood pressure smartwatch. 

Do smartwatches check blood pressure?

Yes. Smartwatches do check blood pressure. Here you can find the best blood pressure watches in 2021.

Do Samsung Tracks blood pressure? 

Yes. The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch3 comes with many health tracking features like ECG Monitoring, fall detection and much more. Unfortunately, as of now, Samsung blood pressure watch is not approved by any health authorities. However, we tested the Samsung Smartwatch for it its health-tracking features and found to be accurate. 

However, we do not recommend it to use as a medical device as it is not approved by any health authorities to do so. With that said, it can give you an overall look into your health and fitness by monitoring your day to day health and activity metrics. 


In a nutshell, Fitbit does not track blood pressure, and Fitbit blood pressure monitoring is a myth for now. If you are looking for a wrist-based blood pressure monitor, then you can check our list of best blood pressure smartwatches for more information. If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment below. 

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