12 Best Smartwatches with Blood Oxygen Sensor 2021:Hand Picked List

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Smartwatches are not just to count your steps or activity. Now it can monitor your health and fitness metrics such as heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen level, and many more. But, not all smartwatches come with such advanced sensors to monitor blood oxygen levels. Hence, finding out the Best Smartwatches with blood oxygen level monitoring … Read more

10 Best Health Tracking Smartwatches in 2021

Best Health Tracking Smartwatches

Health tracking features on smartwatches and fitness trackers are getting better every day. Now, you can have ECG, get your oxygen saturation levels, measure the stress level, female health-tracking, etc., on your fitness tracker or smartwatch. Some smartwatches like Fitbit Sense can even measure skin temperature. Selecting a watch that gives you all is a … Read more

6 Best Smartwatches with Wireless Charging Capabilities in 2021

best smartwatches with wireless charging

Today, charging capabilities have become an important factor in deciding which device to buy, especially smartwatches. Now, smartwatches come with features like sleep monitoring which creates problems finding a proper time to charge them. So, today we will list smartwatches that support wireless charging because charging a smartwatch wirelessly is hassle-free. Related Posts: 22 Tips … Read more

10 Best Smartwatch with ECG Approved By FDA 2021(Updated)

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When it comes to best smartwatches with ECG or electrocardiogram, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, and Fitbit Sense are the top-selling FDA Approved EKG watches in 2021. We recommend Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 as the best ECG smartwatch for Android users. Sudden Cardiac … Read more

8 Best Watches for Police Officers and Law Enforcement

Best Watches for Police Officers

From the title, you probably would’ve guessed that this one is for the police. Whether it be a watch or a smartwatch, it could be challenging to choose one if you’re someone who has to deal with the unexpected on a day-to-day basis. Still, you could tag along to see some of the best watches … Read more

The Best Smartwatch for Podcasts and Music in 2021

Best Smartwatch for Podcasts and Music

Podcasts are the latest trend in entertainment, and you’ll find yourself listening to them more than your favorite radio station. If that sounds like something you want to do on the go without lugging around a laptop or smartphone, then we have just what you’re looking for: An awesome list of the best smartwatch for … Read more

7 Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel: Ultimate Guide

Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel

WearOS watches are the perfect combination of class and style. These smartwatches are the choice of every health-conscious personality as it contains many health and fitness tracking capabilities and other excellent smart features. And, if you are a Google Pixel smartphone owner, you need the best smartwatches out of hundreds. Related Posts: 12 Best Smartwatch … Read more