6 Best Fitness Tracker without Smartphone in 2021(Non-Bluetooth)

Best Fitness Tracker without Smartphone

In this article, I have listed the best fitness tracker without smartphone in 2021. It is 100% non-Bluetooth fitness trackers that does work without a smartphone or companion app.  Many people use fitness trackers and smartwatches to track their various activities along with health metrics. However, none of these modern fitness trackers does work without … Read more

Do Smartwatches need a SIM Card?

Does a Smartwatch need a SIM Card

A smartwatch does not nececeraly need a SIM card for cellular connectivity. Modern smartwatches with cellular feature comes with an eSIM or virtual SIM for cellular connectivity. In this article, we will answer your question, “does a smartwatch need a sim card?” This article will also provide everything you want to know about a smartwatch … Read more