Where Casio Watches are Made?

Where are Casio watches made

Casio is a Japanese-based multinational electronics manufacturing company established in 1946. Casio was the first to mass-produce calculator watches and is currently the largest manufacturer of watches in Japan by revenue. It also produces other electronic items such as cameras, mobile phones, and calculators, etc. Casio Started to create watches in the 1980s due to … Read more

Are G Shock Watches Waterproof? Everything You Should Know

Are G-Shock Watches Waterproof

Casio G shock watches are designed with durability in mind to withstand the most challenging conditions. However, the question on everyone’s minds is, “are G shock watches waterproof?” This article will answer that and other important questions about G Shock Watches. What is G Shock watches? Casio G-Shock watches are made by Casio Japan and … Read more