7 Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel: Ultimate Guide

Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel

WearOS watches are the perfect combination of class and style. These smartwatches are the choice of every health-conscious personality as it contains many health and fitness tracking capabilities and other excellent smart features. And, if you are a Google Pixel smartphone owner, you need the best smartwatches out of hundreds. A wide array of smartwatches … Read more

9 Best Standalone Smartwatch Make Calls without Phone: Leave Your Phone at Home

best smartwatch make calls without phone

In this article, I have compiled a list of best smartwatch make calls without phone. These smartwatches are also called standalone smartwatches as they have a SIM card for cellular connectivity and thus work without a smartphone.   Like a smartphone, a smartwatch with a SIM card can connect to a cellular network. Once it is connected … Read more

Are Smartwatches Safe to Wear?

Apple Watch Series 6, How to charge apple watch without charger

Yes. Smartwatches are safe to wear every day. For many people, a smartwatch is a fashion accessory and not an essential item. Others may rely on it for their work or fitness needs. They can track your health and fitness metrics with the help of their advanced sensors and algorithms.  Smartwatches and fitness trackers track … Read more

4 Best Smartwatches with Wireless Charging Capabilities in 2021

best smartwatches with wireless charging

Today, charging capabilities have become an important factor in deciding which device to buy, especially smartwatches. Now, smartwatches come with features like sleep monitoring which creates problems finding a proper time to charge them. So, today we will list smartwatches that support wireless charging because charging a smartwatch wirelessly is hassle-free. 4 Best Smartwatches with … Read more

10 Best Smartwatches under $ 50: Handpicked List

Best Smartwatches under 50

Smartwatches are also becoming popular among young millennials due to their diversity and ability to keep you on track, whether exercising, working, or sleeping. Getting an excellent smartwatch is a more frequent question, with popular brands such as Apple being insanely expensive.  But you do not need to spend a lot money on expensive smartwatches … Read more

Do Smartwatches need a SIM Card?

Does a Smartwatch need a SIM Card

A smartwatch does not nececeraly need a SIM card for cellular connectivity. Modern smartwatches with cellular feature comes with an eSIM or virtual SIM for cellular connectivity. In this article, we will answer your question, “does a smartwatch need a sim card?” This article will also provide everything you want to know about a smartwatch … Read more