Do Garmin watches have ECG?

Do Garmin watches have ECG

Garmin is a well-known company that makes navigational devices. Garmin navigational devices are used in a variety of settings, including automotive, marine, aviation, and fitness. In 2001, they started to make highly durable smartwatches with GPS under the trade name Forerunner. As the name suggests, the Forerunner Series watches are made for runners. They have a durable design and are packed with advanced sensors, and have great battery life.

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The Garmin smartwatches come with advanced health and fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring with irregular heart rate alerts, blood oxygen level monitoring, sleep tracking, etc. However, the question is, “Do Garmin Watches have ECG Monitoring feature?

This question is very important because top smartwatch makers such as Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung make ECG smartwatches approved by the FDA. However, these smartwatches do not have advanced sport tracking features like those in Garmin, which are required by sports personnel like runners, swimmers, and other athletes.

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Do Garmin watches have ECG?

Unfortunately, Garmin does not have any smartwatches with ECG monitoring features since it does not have an ECG Sensor or algorithms that are required to measure the electrical activity of your heart and detect any irregular heartbeats.

The good news is that, according to the reports, Garmin has filed patents for ECG technology in smartwatches. This suggests that Garmin ECG watches might be in the works, and we might see them soon. The upcoming flagship model, the Fenix 8 Series, may have this feature. If Garmin ECG becomes a reality, the sports personnel who depend on Apple or Samsung may switch to Garmin as it helps them to in tracking their fitness data as well as their heart health.

Blood Pressure monitoring is another important feature missing on Garmin watches. However, the Garmin watch with ECG and blood pressure monitoring features are expected to be released soon. Once it is available, it will be a huge blessing for Garmin lovers, especially runners. 

Alternatives to Garmin watches that have ECG

If you are looking for an FDA-validated ECG watch, many other options are available on the market. These include the

  1. Apple Watch Series 7
  2. Apple Watch Series 6
  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  5. Fitbit Sense
  6. Fitbit Charge 5

All these smartwatches come with FDA Approved ECG and are available for purchase. If you are looking for the best fitness trackers or smartwatches with ECG, check ReviewBreak’s top-rated review of the best ECG watches in 2022.

Will ECG be present in upcoming Garmin watches? 

As mentioned earlier, Garmin is working on implementing ECG in its future smartwatches. According to the Garmin Electrocardiogram Clinical Validation Study, the upcoming Garmin ECG software algorithm can detect and alert Atrial Fibrillation. However, implementing ECG into a watch and passing clinical tests by authorities like the FDA is not easy. This makes it hard to predict when Garmin will release ECG-enabled smartwatches on the market. So stay tuned for any announcement from Garmin in the future.

What is ECG, and what does it do?

ECG or electrocardiography is a non-invasive medical test used to diagnose cardiac problems by measuring the heart’s electrical activity. Although smartwatches are not as advanced as ECG Machines in the hospital, they can detect irregular heart rate and atrial fibrillation(AFib). By detecting these deadly heart rhythms at the earliest, smartwatches can save lives.

Plus, the ECG Smartwatches make the screening process very easy as the users do not need to carry a separate ECG machine everywhere they go. Plus, an ECG smartwatch does not have wires like a traditional ECG machine. This makes it much easier and more comfortable to use.

1. Can Garmin watch detect irregular heartbeat?

Yes. Garmin watches can detect and alert you to an irregular heartbeat. Garmin Fenix Series and Forerunner Series are the popular wearables with this feature.

2. Does Garmin Venu have ECG?

No. Garmin Venu does not have an ECG monitoring feature.

3. Is there any Garmin watch with ECG and blood pressure?

As of now, there is no Garmin watch that comes with ECG and blood pressure. But it offers many other health and fitness features such as SpO2, VO2 Max, body battery, etc.


In conclusion, Garmin does not currently have any smartwatches with ECG or blood pressure monitoring capabilities. However, the company is working on adding both these features to their upcoming watches. So, we expect Garmin to release an ECG-enabled smartwatch in the near future.

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