Do Garmin Watches Work with iPhones? Check Now!

Do Garmin Watches Work with iPhones

Apple and Garmin are the two big names in the world of smartwatches and fitness trackers. Garmin makes fitness-oriented timepieces to provide you with more insights into a range of sports activities, such as running, swimming, cycling, and so on. The Apple Watches are more focused on providing enhanced health information, user interface, and a better design.

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But the question is, Do Garmin Watches Work with iPhones? Do they work with iOS, or are they incompatible with the Apple Ecosystem? Let us find out!

Do Garmin Watches Work with iPhones?

Yes. To use your iPhone with the Garmin watch, you need to download the Connect IQ app on an iOS device. But this doesn’t mean that they are fully compatible or work together seamlessly like Apple Watch. 

For instance, when you use a Garmin watch along with your iPhone, you won’t be able to replay or send text messages from your Garmin watch. You will only be able to receive text messages on your Garmin watch.

But, the good thing is that you will be able to use all other features when you have connected the Garmin watch with your iPhone via Bluetooth. Also, there is no problem getting accurate data or location tracking when pairing Garmin watches with iPhones.

Benefits of Garmin Wearables

  • Durability
  • Advanced running metrics
  • High-end Garmin watches are best to track your triathlon, running, or workout sessions.
  • Accurate location data
  • Longer battery life than Apple Watches
  • Recovery time
  • Sleep tracking

Garmin or Apple Watch?

If you are an Apple smartphone user and want a seamless workout experience throughout the day or during your sports activities, go for an Apple Watch instead of a Garmin watch. With that said, there are mainly two reasons why people choose Apple watch alternatives:

First, some people might want to wear a watch that is more affordable than the Apple watch. Many Apple Watch alternatives are available in the market with excellent health and fitness tracking features, such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Amazfit GTR 3, or GTS 3

Fitbit Versa 3 is also a better alternative to mid-range Apple Watches. However, as mentioned earlier, you may face some compatibility issues with iPhone and Apple Watch alternatives.

Second, some smartwatch users switch to the Garmin watches because of their excellent durability, fitness tracking features, and battery life. If you are a sports personnel and need to get detailed workout data, you should consider buying a high-end Garmin wearable.

Finally, the Garmin watches works with iPhone and tracks your fitness activities quite well. It also has many excellent tactical and intelligent features, making it one of the best alternatives to Apple Watches. If you are not an athlete and can afford Apple Watch, go for an Apple Watch instead.

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