Do Smartwatches have cameras? Everything you Should Know!

Do Smartwatches have cameras

The convenience of smartwatches is undeniable. The ability to answer calls, check email, track your activity, and more, all from the wrist, is very appealing. But do the smartwatches have cameras? Can we take a selfie or video with a smartwatch?

Well, in this article, we are going to attempt to answer that question.

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Do Smartwatches have cameras?

Smartwatches generally do not have a camera because Apple does not think it’s necessary. Top watchmakers such as Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, etc., do not include a camera in their smartwatches. This might be bad news for the selfie-obsessed, but you shouldn’t let it make or break your decision about whether you should invest in a smartwatch. Because there are tons of benefits to smartwatches, and they are only going to get smarter.

In the future, we might be able to find a smartwatch with a camera, but for now, the answer is no. With that said, some kid’s watches and other Chinese brands make cheap smartwatches with a camera. However, we do not recommend them because of the poor build and picture quality.

Do Apple Watches have cameras?

Apple Watches does not come with a camera. But there is a company called Wristcam that produces Apple Watch bands that comes with cameras. This Apple Watch band with a camera includes a 2 MB selfie camera and an 8 MB rear-facing camera.

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It is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 and later, including the latest Apple Watch Series 7.

Here are some facts about the Wristcam

  1. Lightweight(22 gms) and durable design
  2. IP 68 water resistance
  3. 4k images and 1080p videos
  4. 8 GB storage space
  5. Connectivity: Wifi and Bluetooth
  6. Siri can be integrated into the device
  7. There is a built-in mic for voice commands
  8. It has a battery, so it does not put a toll on the Apple watch

Some of the disadvantages of Wrist Cam

  1. Expensive
  2. Bulky
  3. Not a replacement for the iPhone camera

With this band, you can take images and even send video messages to your friends and family. However, the quality of the photos and videos depends on the daylight and other environmental factors. In short, do not expect to get high-quality images and videos that you shoot or capture with your iPhone or iPad.

For your reference, here are some images taken by the iPhone and wrist cam. Compare the quality of the pictures and decide whether you will invest in this Apple Watch band with the camera or not.

Now, if we compare the prices of the Apple Watch and the Wristcam band, we would realize that it makes more sense to buy a good quality iPhone than to buy this camera-enabled Apple watch band. The price of the Apple Watch is nearly $350, while Apple Watch Wristcam comes about $300!

Do Samsung Makes Smartwatch with Cameras?

The latest Samsung wearables, including the latest Galaxy Watch 4, come without a camera. The Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch was the only Samsung Smartwatch with a camera but discontinued.

Why do most smartwatch makers do not include cameras?

Mobile cameras are now powerful, popularized by apps like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. With the popularization of smartwatches, some watch manufacturers may include a camera in their wearables in the future. However, this is not the case for most brands that instead focus on enhancing the user experience through innovative software and hardware.

But why do watchmakers not want to include a camera in their watches? There are several reasons for this:

  1. It may put an extra burden on already limited battery life, so it wouldn’t be surprising if watchmakers are unwilling to put another feature that could eat up the remaining power.
  2. A camera can easily take up a lot of space in the design. It will make the smartwatch bulkier.
  3. It may block user experience.
  4. Most smartwatch cameras have an obtrusive nature, which is inconvenient for the user.
  5. A secondary camera will also increase costs of production and design.


At the moment, there is no indication that any famous smartwatch makers will include cameras anytime soon. However, as the market is constantly changing and evolving, we might see a smartwatch with a camera in the future.

The Wristcam is the only available option if you want to include a camera in your Apple Watch. However, you do not expect top-notch images and videos with it. Instead of buying the Wristcam, you are better off getting a high-quality camera or smartphone to get high-resolution photos and videos.

What do you think? Do you think a smartwatch camera is necessary? Please let us know in the comments below!

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