Does Fitbit Work On Treadmill? Ultimate Guide + Pro Tips!

Does Fitbit Work On Treadmill

Treadmill running is one of the best indoor exercises. However, tracking your steps or laps while running on a treadmill is challenging as you are stationary in a specific place. In this guide, we will be looking at whether a Fitbit fitness tracker can work on the treadmill?

Many Fitbit wearables boast a built-in treadmill mode to track your running. For example, the popular Fitbit Versa 3 and Charge 5 can record and log all of its activity automatically without any extra effort on your part!

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Does Fitbit Work On Treadmill?

Yes. Fitbit wearables work on a treadmill, and it accurately tracks your steps, pace, distance, and laps along with your body metrics with the help of its built-in sensors and an accelerometer.

Treadmill runners find it hard to record their health metrics while running on the treadmill, but Fitbit fitness trackers automatically recognize this activity. Otherwise, you require an advanced treadmill that costs thousands of dollars to record your heart rate, blood oxygen, etc., during treadmill activities.

Moreover, you may be required to connect some cables and wires to your body to understand your heart rate during a treadmill activity. If you are using a treadmill at a Gym, it will be hard for you to connect those cables and wires to your body as it is an unideal place for such things.

If you have a Fitbit or any other smartwatch or fitness tracker that works with the treadmill, you don’t need to worry about anything. Step-counting, sleep tracking, and additional health monitoring are automated even if you are running or walking on a treadmill.

While you are running on a Fitbit with a treadmill, it tracks the following data:

  1. Number of Steps
  2. Calories burned
  3. Distance
  4. Heart Rate
  5. Duration(timer)
  6. Active Zone Minutes

How does Fitbit Tracks Treadmill work out?

Fitbit uses its accelerometer to track your steps and speed. So, it is essential to move your hands while running on a treadmil to track your performance accurately.

Many people make this mistake by holding their hands on the treadmill bar while working out. As a result, their device will not register their steps due to the lack of movement. GPS also cannot help you in this situation because you are remaining in the same spot.

To get accurate data, you should also adjust the stride length in FitbitThe default strider length is 22 inches for a man, while 30 inches for a woman. However, this varies based on your height and activity(walking or running).

The simplest formula to calculate stride length is to multiply your height by 0.413 for women and 0413 for men. Otherwise, you can use a pedometer app to calculate your Strider length.

If you still struggle to calculate the stride length, please watch this video.

Once you know your strider length, you can adjust it in the Fitbit App.

How to adjust Strider length in Fitbit?

  1. Open Fitbit App on your smartphone
  2. Open the “Today” tab and tap on your profile picture.
    Fitbit today tab
  3. Tap on “Activity and Wellness”
    Activity and Wellness
  4. Now tap on “Exercise” on the new window
  5. Scroll up and tap on “Stride length.”
    Stride length

Now a new window will open and where you can set your stride length for running and walking. You can also set it to “Automatically,” which will use the GPS data to adjust your Strider length.

Fitbit Stride length final settings

Note: If you are not an athlete, it is okay to set it to “Automatic” as it still provides similar results. They were less than a 10% difference on our tests with Fitbit Versa 3 and Charge 5. 

It is also equally important to wear your Fitbit on your non-dominant hand during any activities for a better result as we move our dominant hands more frequently than the non-dominant hands.

Many people ignore cleaning their Fitbit after a workout, and it can affect its performance in many ways. So, ensure that you clean it after every workout.


Now it is clear that the Fitbit wearables work on a treadmil, and the accuracy depends on many factors such as stride length, how you move your hands, and a clean device.

If you have any questions regarding Fitbit and treadmill, please leave a message below.

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