How do I Know if My Fitbit is Charged? Quick and Simple Guide

How do I Know if My Fitbit is Charged

Fitbit is a great wearable device to track your health and fitness metrics. Even if Fitbit wearables are known for their long battery life, it is still essential to know how many battery percentages are in your Fitbit.

There are multiple ways to view the battery percentage of your Fitbit smartwatches. Generally, Fitbit devices do not display the battery level on your smartphone, making it difficult for you to see how much battery juice is left on your Fitbit watch.

For uninterrupted activity tracking, you must have a fully charged Fitbit device before going for a long run, walking, or hiking.

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This article will show you a few simple tips on how to see the remaining battery percentage on your watch.

How do I Know if My Fitbit is Charged?

1. Install a Compatible Clock Face

Fitbit Clock face with battery percentage

Install a compatible watch face that displays the battery level right on your Fitbit watch. For instance, you can download the free ‘Clean Zone’ app your device’s remaining battery percentage on your Fitbit watch face.

2. Install a Battery App on Your Watch

Fitbit battery app

Many apps are available on the Fitbit App Store that gives you details about the battery percentage, last charged date and time since the last charge. This app also allows you to identify your Fitbit watch’s battery life easily.

3. Connect the watch to the Charger

Battery percentage

If you dont have a battery app or clock face installed on your Fitbit, just connect it to the Charger. As soon as you connect to the Charger, the watch will display the battery percentage on your watch for a few seconds.

4. Check Battery Percentage in the Fitbit App

Battery Percentage on App

You can check the battery percentage on the Fitbit watch. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Fitbit App
  2. Just pull down the screen to see the battery percentage on the top just above the date(See the image above)

I hope this article on “how do I know if my Fitbit is Chared” gives you an idea about the ways of understanding the battery percentage on your watch. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us or write a comment below.

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