How does Apple Watch LTE work? A Quick Guide

Decided to purchase an LTE Apple Watch? Wait, are you still confused? No more worries. Supercharge with our detailed review, tips, and reasons to confirm your decision. We here give you an excellent idea of how each version can benefit you, how you can install various setups and apps most quickly. Scratch from the surface of every minute details that you need to know about the cellular version.

Let’s study in detail how it works and benefits you, and why you should consider it.

What is an Apple Watch with LTE or cellular?

The new Apple Watch is the best standalone smartwatch with a SIM card that can substitute for the demanding iPhone. You may think about how a mere watch can replace a multifunctional iPhone? The wireless cellular LTE connectivity on the smartwatch allows you to receive calls, send messages, notifications even if your Watch is away from your phone.

How to set up LTE or Activate cellular connectivity in Apple Watch?

Here is a simple step by step gudie on how to activate LTE feature on your Apple Smartwatch.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone and assure that both your phone and the smartwatch possess the latest software.
  • Select the cellular option from the My Watch tab and further click on Setup Cellular.
  • Next is to pay for your plan depending on the carriers, which you can switch as the Apple watch has five cellular plans.
  • Do all the above steps, then swipe up the home screen of your smartwatch, and you will find the tower-like option with green color to show that the setup was successful.

Even if any of your family members don’t have an iPhone but wish to have an Apple Watch, then you can add them to your plan provided your cellular carrier supports it.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) network uses if the smartwatch connects to cellular else it shall connect to UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) under carrier support.

What is the difference between Apple Watch Cellular and GPS?

Both the cellular and GPS models have their perks, have a look at them.

  • The main difference is that the Apple watch GPS only model needs an iPhone connected to it all the time for its work, and it cannot support Family setup. The Cellular model has built-in GPS as well as can work efficiently, even if it is away from a smartphone.
  • The Cellular model is expensive, needs to shell out an extra monthly charge of $10, while the GPS model is less expensive, costs a high amount without any monthly expense.
  • Music streaming is not possible in the GPS model.
  • The battery life of the GPS model is much longer because of less specific functions, but the cellular model battery has almost 5 hours of outdoor lifetime.
  • GPS models are lighter in weight as they are aluminium models, while the Cellular model is available in aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium as case materials.

Advantages of Apple Watch with LTE 

  • It can work efficiently if the iPhone is away: With built-in storage capacity and an ample of storage, you can do a hell lot of things with Apple watch. The standalone feature allows you to use enjoy basic features of a smartphone right from your wrist even when you are away from your smartphone.
  • Stream to Apple music and listen to mind-blowing podcasts: Refresh yourself with favourite tunes or enrich with power-packed podcasts and audiobooks, radio, synced with this product. It also enables pairing with the AirPods and Bluetooth headphones. You can create a playlist as per your interest and can manually add songs to it even in the Apple watch Spotify app.
  • Send and receive messages, SMS, and calls without an iPhone: Apple came up with a user-friendly interactive mode in both messaging and call sections. You can make stickers while chats. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and a lot more can be used just by a tap on your Apple watch.
  • The fall detection feature: This feature is one of the powerful ones, reliable for all, and beneficial for mostly the older people who might have lost balance and are prone to frequent falls. The accelerometer and gyroscope can detect patterns of movement and deliver real-time data. When you fall, the device hits the wrist and sounds an emergency alarm with an alert. If you didn’t respond to the notifications within the 60s of the fall, then an automatic emergency message is sent to the contact list. There would be a 30s countdown during which the device sets an automated call.
  • Heart rate monitoring and oxygen level tracking(Available in both Models): The smartwatch checks your regular heartbeat rate. Use this super method to diagnose arrhythmia can alert you with the chances of strokes, if any, thereby making the user have a daily check.
  • The unique ECG feature(Available in both Models): An important feature to help you out in taking care of your tiny heart, Electrocardiogram (ECG), is the first test done to detect any heart malfunctioning and, this is a way to measure the strength and timeline of your heartbeat. The test may take around 30 minutes in the hospital that you can do within 30 seconds with the help of an Apple smartwatch. If you have a healthy rhythm cycle, it will show Sinus Rhythm as a result, and in case of any variation, it shows atrial fibrillation, which means there is a chance of heart attack or stroke.
  • The Siri assistant, for flexible usage(Available in both Models): Siri has become more user-friendly and gives you more contextual information such as the scores of your favourite sport, the route of a destination, and a lot more. You have to use the wrist raise option to kickstart our assistant and can give commands which simplify your tasks. Activity tracking of the workouts and gym sessions is possible in these premium smartwatches.
  • Enables tracking of your sleep time, sets alarms and reminders(Available in both Models): With the help of Bedtime mode, you can easily track your resting hours as well as can schedule alarms for weekends and weekdays by wearing it to bed. You can decide your sleep hours and also find how much quality sleep you got in the past 14 days, just looking at the trends option. The smartwatches can serve as a calendar to remind you about essential tasks.
  • Breathing and handwash app(Available in both Models): To keep a check on your health in post-pandemic life, you may use the handwash checker app that countdown the time you take to wash hands. The breath rate apps monitor your respiratory function, giving you details like breaths per minute and any abnormality with your intake rate of oxygen.

Disadvantages of Apple Watch LTE 

We have already sicussed the benefits of having a smartwatch with LTE feature. Now let us have a look into some disadvantages of smartwatch with cellular connectivity.

  • Hefty price compared to standard models: The new series 5 is costly, further based on the case materials, the price may go very high.
  • An extra monthly expense: For all the extra features that you enjoy, you need to pay a $10 minimum, and, for more advanced features, it costs a very high amount.
  • Poor battery life: It depends mostly on your use, may get 8 hours of indoor use and 5 hours of outdoor use.

Is Cellular worth it on Apple Watch?

The features that the cellular version puts forward are unique in this decade. The health-related apps of the smartwatch keep a close eye on our daily routine and help us to build a healthy habit. But think a while before choosing the cellular and non-cellular. 

If you are a person who has your smartphone with you all the time, then almost all features except the live stream of music are available in the non-LTE version provided it’s connected to your iPhone. You may download your favourite music in non-LTE to overcome this inconvenience.

The LTE version is useful for those who want to remain connected to the internet even without their smartphone. If you forget your smartphone in an emergency, then the LTE smartwatch aids you to handle all necessary calls, SMS, and other notifications. 

The non-cellular version provides you with the maps and location without connectivity so that can help you in case you lose track of a holiday walk etc. The cellular version works like the non-cellular one when its LTE mode switched off, so if you are someone who wishes to do all tasks with a quick tap on your smartwatch or someone who can’t use a smartphone at your workplace, then go for the LTE version else you can try the non-LTE version. 

Which is the Best Apple Watch with LTE?

Here is the list of best Apple Watch with LTE in 2020 and beyond. If you are looking for an LTE smartwatch with cellular connectivity, then you can check my previous article on the best smartwatch with a SIM card

1. Apple Watch Series 6 LTE

Apple Watch Series 6

The Series 6 is the most advanced and premium smartwatch, consisting of a SpO2 sensor for tracking the level of blood oxygen along with an anytime anywhere ECG feature. With the Always-On Retina display that is you can view everything on the watch home screen without tapping or raising your wrist without draining your battery. These are the additional features that Series 6 have compared to Series 5 and SE.

2. Apple Watch SE LTE

Apple Watch SE

This series has cellular and GPS versions that come up with extraordinary safety features like Fall detection and Emergency SOS. It is water-resistant and can even be paired with gym equipment to track your workout sessions. You can track your menstrual cycle just by a tap on the wrist. Compared to Series 6, it lacks the ECG feature. Its crown is made of aluminium but has an irregular heart rhythm notification feature.

3. Apple Watch Series 5 LTE

Apple Watch Series 5

Compared to Series 4, Series 5 has an Always-On Retina LTPO display and also has a 32GB capacity. You have access to LTE and UMTS networks with an emergency International call feature. It has a preloaded WatchOS 6.

4. Apple Watch Series 4 LTE

Apple Watch Series 4

Both GPS and GPS+Cellular models are available in Series 4. It has a second-generation optical heart sensor and a barometric altimeter to track your location. It has only 16GB capacity. It has an LTPO (Low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) OLED display is a signature feature of series 4.

Modern problems need modern solutions. Different blends of innovative features made the Apple smartwatches a true masterpiece. Their products are indeed above the budget of the common man, but its valuable inputs in mingling health and fitness with technology will be a part of the future generations to come. 

Decide whether it can tackle your concerns and consider investing in, for you need to put money into the most beneficial things that can aid in your growth.

I hope that now you have enough knowledge on How does Apple Watch Cellular work? If you have anything else want to know about smartwatch with LTE, then feel free to comment below. 

I’m Saneesh VS. I’m a Registered Nurse by Profession, but my passion lies in Gadgets like smartwatches, fitness trackers and fitness. Nothing makes me happier than being able to share my knowledge to help people make informed decisions on what they need to buy or use in their everyday lives.

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