How to Clean Your Fitbit: Keeping it Healthy and Long-lasting

How to Clean Your Fitbit

Do you have a Fitbit and want to know how to clean it? This article will show you the best ways to keep your Fitbit in working order for longer. If you don’t clean your Fitbit regularly, it will look dirty and stop working correctly.

When should I clean my Fitbit?

You should clean your Fitbit at least once a week, but if you are sweating or working out a lot, you may need to clean it more often because the dust and sweat can get trapped in the device and cause it not to function as well. Also, a bad smell can come from the device if it isn’t cleaned regularly after workouts.

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You must take good care of your fitness tracker to get the most out of it. I understand that it may be tempting to clean with soap and water since we do so daily, and however, those materials could seriously damage or even ruin your Fitbit. So how to clean your Fitbit correctly?

There are several different ways that you clean your Fitbit. Now let us see what the best ways to clean your Fitbit are.

How to Clean your Fitbit Device(Not the Stra or Band)?

1. Use a Damp Cloth

This is the simplest and easiest way to clean your Fitbit, and all you need is a cloth. I clean my Fitbit Versa 2 at least three times a day with a damp cloth. I just dampen the cloth with water and clean off the device. Before you wear it on your wrist ensure that you don’t leave any moisture on it, as this could damage the device over time.

2. Use Ear Buds

If you can’t clean the device with a cloth, you can use an earbud to get into all the crevices of the Fitbit. Gently clean the charging ports and sensors below the case.

Make sure that the charging ports of your smartwatch or fitness tracker are gold or bronze-colored; if it is not then, you might have a hard time charging your device.

3. Use water to clean the Fitbit

Cleaning Fitbit Versa 3

Use a wet cloth to clean your Fitbit. After cleaning the device with a damp cloth, be sure to dry it off with a clean cloth as well. Also, make sure that you do not charge your Fitbit immediately after cleaning it because the water could damage the device.

Can I use soap to clean my Fitbit?

No. You should not use soap or other corrosive material to clean your Fitbit because it can damage the device. Using corrosive material or sharp materials can clean off the exterior of your Fitbit, but it will also scratch and damage the interior. We do not want that to happen to you because this could make our device permanently unusable or decrease its functionality.

If the waterproof sealing breaks with these types of materials, your Fitbit will not be waterproof anymore, and it’s advised not to clean it with these types of materials.

Can I clean my Fitbit with a toothbrush?

You may also clean your Fitbit with a toothbrush, but be careful that the bristles are soft. Brush all the dirt and sweat off the device and then dry it off.

How should I clean my Fitbit band?

Fitbit uses multiple types of bands, so the cleaning process for each band is different. Let us have a look into it.

Silicone Bands

Silicone bands are waterproof, and it is ideal for cleaning them with water. Use clean tap water to clean the dust and dirt off your band, but make sure to dry it before wearing it again.

If you do not clean your band thoroughly, it will damage very soon. Have look at these two bands. My friend and I bought a Fitbit Versa 2 last year and she was not maintaining it properly. Now her band has some kind of white spots on it and mine is still in a good condition.

Damage Fitbit Silicone Band

You can also clean your silicone band with any type of mild soap or alcohol after taking it off the gadget. Make sure you wash your silicone band thoroughly with clean water to remove all the soap or alcohol because it might harm it in the long run.

Leather and Cloth Bands

Ideally, you should not use leather bands during any activity that involves sweat and water. These bands are not waterproof and it just for show-off, so you should clean them with a dry cloth. Gently remove the dust and sweat from the band and then air dry before wearing it again. Please do not use any cleaning agents, chemicals, or liquid on these bands, which could damage them.

Metal Bands

Cleaning metal bands is tricky because some types of metal can be damaged with water. So if your brand is not waterproof, you should clean it with a dry cloth and remove all the sweat and dust. If your band is waterproof, you can wash it with fresh water but make sure that you don’t leave it in water for too long.

Further, you should clean the clasp separately because it can get dirty pretty quickly. Use a damp cloth to clean off all the dust and dirt, but make sure that you don’t leave any moisture on it. You can also use an earbud or paper towel with water to clean the inside of the claps well. If there is too much grime, you can scrub the clasp with a toothbrush.

Wrap Up!

We have talked about different ways to clean your Fitbit and how to clean each type of band in this article. Always keep track of the time while cleaning it since leaving moisture on your smartwatch or fitness tracker for too long may permanently damage the device’s internal components. Also, never use any type of sharp or corrosive material to clean your Fitbit because it can heavily damage the device.

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