How to Fix Fitbit Charging Slowly: Learn How To Improve Your Charge Time

How to Fix Fitbit Charging Slowly

Fitbit is a great way to improve your fitness and get in shape, but it can be frustrating when you’re not getting the charge time that Fitbit promises. Even if you use the same(original) charger, Fitbits may charge too slowly with an error message “Slowly Charging.”

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There are many reasons for this problem, including low battery life, loose charging cable, and other environmental factors such as high temperatures.

This article will help you to fix “Fitbit charging slowly” so that you can get back to your workout routine on time.

What is the Average Fitbit Charging time?

Fitbit wearables reached 0-100% charge in a maximum of two hours. Fitbits can be charged on any USB port, including the one on your laptop or an electric plug adapter for wall sockets. 

However, the charging duration may vary depending on the power source. It is recommended to charge your Fitbit with an AC adaptor rather than a power bank or laptop to reduce the charging time.

Also, make sure that you use the original Fitbit charging cable. Using an incorrect charger may take longer than expected due to the power source and Fitbits’ compatibility issues.

What to do if your Fitbit Charges slowly?

You might be wondering why your Fitbit is taking so long to charge. There could always just be a software or charger problem that slows down the charging process!

Now let us have a look at some Fitbit charging slowly problems and how to solve them:

Restart/Reboot Your Fitbit

The Fitbit or any other wearable is a tiny computer that can become sluggish after prolonged use. I recommend you restart or reboot your Fitbit first before going ahead with any further steps to fix this issue. Restarting the device may result in resolving most software and hardware issues. Here is an in-depth guide by Fitbit to resetting

Check for a Software update.

Your smartwatch or fitness tracker is more than just an accessory. To get the most out of it, you should ensure that its software isn’t outdated – this can cause multiple issues, including prolonged charge times!

If you encounter this issue suddenly, you should check for a software update. If a software update is available, the Fitbit app will prompt you to download and install it.

Check for Loose Charging Cable

The Fitbit charging cable can become loose after several months/years of usage! Repeated plugging and unplugging can cause the Fitbit charging cable to get loose. You should check for a loose Fitbit charger by looking at both ends of the charging cable – if either end is worn-down or bent, you’ll need to replace it with a new one!

Ensure that you replace the old charger with a genuine Fitbit Charging adaptor or cable to avoid the “Fitbit charging slowly” issue. In the worst case, using a duplicate adaptor or USB cable can damage your battery in the long run.

Check Charging Port of your Fitbit?

Inspect the Fitbit’s charging port for any debris or dirt that may have accumulated over time. Fitbits are tiny gadgets, so there is a huge chance of getting dust or debris inside the charging port, slowing down the Fitbit battery charge!

You should clean Fitbit’s charging port by using a wet cotton swab to remove any foreign particles from your device.

Turn off Always-on Display While Charging Fit

The Fitbit quick start guide recommends turning off the Always-on display feature while charging Fitbits because it consumes a lot of power and slows down Fitbit’s charge time! You can quickly turn it off at the display settings.

Factory reset the Fitbit

If none of the steps helps you fix Fitbit’s “charging slowly” problem, you should try a factory reset of your Fitbit. Ensure to back up all the data on your Fitbit before performing this step so that it doesn’t get lost during the process!

After resetting the Fitbit, it will bring back all the settings to their factory defaults. So, you must have to set Fitbit up again!

Contact Fitbit for Support

If Fitbit is still charging slowly even after trying out all the above solutions, you should contact Fitbit for support. If you are in the warranty period, Fitbit may well replace your Fitbit.

I hope this blog post provided some helpful information on how to fix Fitibt’s Charging Slowly! If it did, don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below.

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