What is Green Light in Apple Watch and How to Turn it Off?

“Here is an in-depth guide on what is Green Light on an Apple watch and how to turn it off.”

What is Green Light in Apple Watch

If you are new to the Apple Watch, you may wonder what the green light on the Apple watch is and how to turn it off. As you know, Apple Watch has multiple sensors to track various data points such as your heart rate, oxygen level, activities, location, etc.

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What is Green Light in Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Heart Rate Sensor
Source: Apple.com

The green light comes from the optical heart rate sensor, which is located on the back of the watch. This sensor uses light-sensitive photodiodes and green LED lights to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist. The technology used on Apple watches to measure heart rate is called photoplethysmography(PPG).

When your heart beats, the blood flow in your blood vessels increases, and more green light is absorbed during each beat. As a result, the amount of green light reflected back during a heart beast is less compared to that during the resting state. By detecting these changes in green light reflection, the Apple Watch can estimate your heart rate.

Accuracy of Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor

The Apple Watches uses optical and electrical heart sensors to measure heart rate, and both sensors work together to provide accurate heart rate readings. We have tested the accuracy of the Apple watch heart rate against cardiac monitors used in the ICUs such as Philips IntelliVue and GE Healthcare Mac 5500. The results showed that the Apple watch was accurate within ±5% of the ICU monitors.

What happens when you turn off the green light on your Apple Watch?

Now you know that the green light on your Apple Watch is coming from the heart rate sensor. So if you turn off the green light, the watch will no longer be able to track your heart rate. This means that your watch will not be able to track your heart rate until you turn the green light back on.

Because of this reason, I do not recommend you turn off the heart rate monitoring on your watch. Even though the Apple watch is not a medical device, it can detect and alert you about irregular heart rate alerts, which may need immediate medical attention. If you are turning off the heart rate monitor to save battery life, then there are many other tips to save the battery life of the Apple Watch.

If you still want to turn off the green light on your watch, check the step-by-step guide below.

How to turn off Green Light on Apple Watch?

1. Open Apple Health App on your Smartphone.

2. Now tap on “My Watch.”

3. Scroll down and locate “Privacy.”

4. Look for “Motion and Fitness” and tap on it.

5. In the new window, toggle the button to turn off “Heart rate.”

Apple Watch Heart Rate on and off Settings

Alternatively, you can also turn off the green light on Apple Watch by turning off the heart rate in the Strava in the Apple Health App.

Why does the green light always on even when the watch is not on my wrist?

The green light under your Apple watch normally turns off as soon as you remove it from your wrist. However, the green light may sometimes stay on even after it is removed from your wrist.

I had also faced this issue multiple times when water or sweat stuck under the watch. Next time when you see the green light blinking, even after removing the watch from your wrist, just wipe off the water or sweat from the watch with a soft dry cloth.

If that doesn’t work, here is a simple guide that you can try to fix this issue.

Step 1: Please turn off your Apple Watch and turn it on again. If it does not work, then go to step no:2.

Step 2: Turn off the Heart rate at “Privacy” and turn it on after a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Unpair your Apple Watch from your smartphone and then pair it again. Still not fixed? Then try the next step.

Step 4:  Reset your Apple Watch. But resetting the smartwatch will permanently delete all your data from the smartwatch.

If all these steps fail, you must contact Apple customer support for further assistance.

Are the green lights of the Apple watch harmful for you?

No. The green light on the Apple watch is not harmful to you. The Apple Watch emits non-ionizing radiation and does not cause any health hazards to humans. If we specifically talk about the green light health hazards of the Apple watch, it is just like a medical-grade Pulse Ox machine to measure the pulse rate and blood oxygen level(SpO2), and thus it does not cause any harm.

However, if you feel any irritation or color changes under the skin where the watch was in contact, immediately remove the watch and consult a doctor. It is very rare and has only been reported in a few cases.

However, many people have complained about the redness and irritation under the skin after using the Apple watch. This is because of the Nickel in the stainless steel casing of the watch. If you are allergic to Nickel, then you must remove the watch as soon as possible and see your doctor for more assistance.

Final Words

Now you know that the Apple Watch uses green light to measure your heart rate, and it won’t be able to measure your heart rate if you turn off the green light. Additionally, the watch won’t be able alerts you about any abnormal changes(increased or decreased heart rate) when it is turned off. So now it is your choice to decide whether to keep the green light or heart rate monitor to turn on or turn it off.

I hope this article has answered your concern about “What is Green Light in Apple Watch?” and how to turn it off.

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