4 Best Browser for Wear OS Watches in 2023

Best Browser for Wear OS Watches

If you use Wear OS Watches, you can download several apps and games into your smartwatch from the Google Play Store. With the most advanced Wear OS smartwatch, like Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, you can enjoy many features similar to a smartphone, such as listening to music, browsing social media, making calls, and receiving messages. But … Read more

Wearables and Telehealth — Why Both are the Future Healthcare?

Wearables and Telehealth

Patients turned to telehealth for treatment when the COVID-19 pandemic began to limit opportunities for physical contact. A report published by Yahoo Finance revealed that in 2020 alone, approximately 9 million virtual consultations were recorded. Because of the rapidly expanding demand for virtual care, the telehealth market reached a market size of 144.38 billion USD (INR 11.3 … Read more

Garmin Instinct 2 vs Suunto 5 Peak: In-Depth Comparison Guide

Garmin Instinct 2 vs Suunto 5 Peak

Today here is our edge-to-edge comparison of Garmin Instinct 2 vs Suunto 5 Peak: two budget-friendly top GPS Sport Watches in 2022. GPS smartwatches have become an integral part of our fast-paced modern lifestyle. Since such devices offer optimal health and fitness monitoring features, athletes and health freaks nowadays depend on these products to achieve their fitness goals smoothly. … Read more

Tissot vs Rolex: Neck-a-neck Comparison!

Tissot Vs Rolex

Between the two watches, Tissot and Rolex, Rolex seems to be the most common and most popular, but does it really have more functions and features than the Tissot brand? This article will explore the key similarities and differences between Tissot and Rolex. Neck-a-neck, we will explore their strengths and weaknesses and examine which stands out by way … Read more

What Is a Presidential Rolex? A Symbol of Prestige and Luxury!

What is a Presidential Rolex

Due to their nature and exceptional appearance, Rolex Day-Date watches are called Presidential Rolex. It was first introduced in 1956, and since then, this luxury timepiece has become popular among politicians and other influential figures worldwide. Today we are taking a closer look at these precise watches, uncovering their stories of success, as well as how … Read more

Garmin Fenix 7 vs Coros Vertix 2: Which is the Better GPS Watch?

Garmin Fenix 7 vs Coros Vertix 2

In the last two years, Garmin has redesigned its top-tier adventure multi-sport watch, the Fenix. Garmin’s new Fenix 7 has the same rugged, outdoor-ready design, but the battery life and GPS accuracy have been improved significantly. The Coros Vertix 2 belongs to the growing trend of sports watches. In addition to tracking extreme sports like climbing, ultrarunning, and multi-day … Read more

What is Sedentary Reminder in Smartwatch?

What is Sedentary Reminder in Smartwatch

The sedentary reminder is an important feature in smartwatches and fitness trackers. Top smartwatch makers, such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung, etc., have this feature. Before we go ahead, it is important to understand what sedentary behavior is. What is a Sedentary Behavior? According to the WHO, sedentary behavior is defined as “any behavior characterized by … Read more