Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is Not Turning On: How to Fix it?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is Not Turning On

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is not turning on? I’ve got some ways for you to fix this issue, and we know that many people have the same trouble. So, let’s get into it together!

Most of the time, a minor problem may be stopping your Galaxy Watch 4 from turning on. So it is worth trying this step-by-step guide before rushing into a service center.

This troubleshooting guide can fix the same issues with all Galaxy Watch Series such as Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch Active 3, and Galaxy Watch 3.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is Not Turning On: Step by Step Guide

NB: During the troubleshoot, you mustn’t open up the watch case, as it will damage the watch and void any warranties.

1. Always use a Company recommended Charging Accessories

Before you try any troubleshooting methods, you’d better make sure that you are using the original charger and the USB cable that comes with the watch because some fake chargers and cables cannot provide sufficient power to charge your smartwatch.

It is also the same for the wireless charger. Because most wireless chargers are not original, they may lead to the Galaxy Watch 4 not turning on. Moreover, using third-party charging accessories may damage the battery of the watch.

So if you are using third-party charging accessories, you should stop using them and try to charge your watch with official accessories first.

2. Inspect the Adaptor and Charging Cable for Damage

If you’re using a Samsung-approved charger, inspect the adaptor and charging cable for any damage. Hold the charger and examine it carefully. If there is a bulge or flimsiness in the adaptor, that might be the reason your smartwatch won’t charge. If something’s wrong, try using another USB port or wall adapter to see whether the cable is faulty or not.

3. Charge the smartwatch for one hour

If you are using the original Samsung charger and do not find any issues with your charger, try charging it for at least one hour before attempting to turn it on again. Even if there is no battery indicator on the charger, you should charge the watch for one hour. Try pressing and holding the power key for 3-5 seconds after charging the watch for an hour. Still not working? Go on with troubleshooting.

4. Check the Power Source

Now it is time to check the power source. Is it working normally? If your power source is not stable or not working, it might be the reason why your watch won’t charge. If the issue is with the electrical power source, try using another power source or wall adapter to charge your smartwatch.

5. Check the Backside of the watch for any foreign body

If none of the steps work, you can check the Backside of your Samsung watch for any foreign body. If there are any foreign bodies like dust or dirt on your smartwatch, that may cause it not to charge correctly. Take a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently brush the area around the charging pins with a little bit of water. Remember, do not use any sharp tools or corrosive liquids to clean your Galaxy Watch 4 as it may damage the waterproof sealing.

Can I use the Charger of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to Charge Watch 4?

No. The Galaxy Watch 4 comes with a new charging interface. So you cannot charge it from the charger of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or any other smartwatch. You should use the charger that comes with your Galaxy Watch 4 to recharge your watch. Otherwise, it will cause irreparable damage to your watch.

If it still does not work, the only resort is to contact the Samsung Service Center. There are many fake or unofficial service centers around, so make sure to contact the Samsung Official Customer support for help.

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