What does the Red Dot on Apple Watch Mean? (2021)

If you see a red dot on Apple watch display, it means that you have an unread notification. The red dot will disappear from your Apple watch once you check or dismiss the notification. 

What does the Red Dot on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the most advanced premium watch you can buy in 2021. It is the perfect smartwatch for you if you are looking for a secondary screen for your smartphone. It shows notifications right on your wrist even without grabbing your smartphone.

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It allows you to stay updated with the latest emails, calls, messages, social media notifications, etc. 

What does the Red Dot on Apple Watch mean?

Apple watch uses many symbols to keep you informed about various information. If you see a red dot on Apple watch display, it means that you have a new notification on your watch. It disappears when you read or dismiss the notification. 

How to check notifications on Apple watch?

Follow the below steps to dismiss notifications from the watch.

  • Wake up the watch by pressing the digital crown.
  • Swipe down the display to open the Notification Center.
  • If you have multiple notifications, turn the digital crown to select a notification.
  • To read a notification, just tap on it.
  • Done

To dismiss/delete the notification from Apple smartwatch, open the notification centre and then swipe left. A cross symbol appears and taps on it to dismiss the notification. 

Remember, you will get notifications on smartwatch only if your Apple Phone is locked otherwise you will not see the watch’s notification. 

How to Permanently Remove the Red Dot from Apple Watch?

If you want to have a clean and tidy display, you can permanently disable the red dot on Apple Watch in the settings. Once you disable this, no longer you will see the red on the Apple watch. 

Apple phone notification settings

Follow the steps below to disable getting notifications on your Apple watch. 

  • Go to the Apple Phone
  • Open the My Watch App
  • Tap on “Notifications”
  • Simply toggle the “Notification Icon” button to off position.
  • Done

After disabling it, your Apple watch no longer display the red dot on your watch. Just turn it on if you want to re-enable notifications feature on your watch. 

Disabling the notification on the Apple watch helps you save battery on Apple watch. However, if you disable this feature, you may miss some important notifications. 

Instead, you can customize the notifications on the settings. I would recommend you to enable the necessary notifications rather than completely disable it. 

You can customize Apple watch notifications on the settings. Here is the step by step guide to customize your Apple smartwatch notifications.

  • Open “Apple Watch App” on your iPhone
  • Find ” My Watch”
  • Now tap on “Notifications.”
  • Now you will see a list of Apps. Only enable notifications from the apps that you want. 
  • Done.

Final Words

I hope now you have a clear idea of what does the red dot on Apple watch. You can either limit or completely limit red dot on the Apple watch by completely disabling or restricting the notifications on the settings. If you need any further queries, please feel free to comment below. 

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