What is a Hybrid Smartwatch?Everything You Should Know

A hybrid smartwatch looks similar to a traditional watch. Like smartwatches, it doesn’t have a touch screen. It can be connected to an iPhone or Android phone through Bluetooth and a mobile app.

What is a Hybrid smartwatch

You might be familiar with a watch and smartwatch.¬†However, most people don’t know what is a hybrid smartwatch. In this article, I will explain to you in detail what is a hybrid smartwatch, its features and its functionalities.

What is a Hybrid Smartwatch or Watch?

A hybrid smartwatch comes with both mechanical and digital parts. As a result, it possesses some smart features in addition to its timekeeping capabilities.

A hybrid watch doesn’t have a touchscreen like a smartwatch, but it comes with buttons for navigation and also to change the settings. Thus, a hybrid smartwatch looks like a traditional watch; it is difficult to differentiate from a regular watch.

If you are a beginner and looking for an entry-level watch, then go for Fossil watches. Fossil wearables are known for its best hybrid smartwatches. Moreover, it is affordable compared with other manufacturers such as Garmin, Withings Moov, Mondaine, etc.


The hybrid wearable watches resembles a traditional watch. It doesn’t have a touchscreen but has multiple buttons. This helps you to set times, control music or set goals, etc.

These watches have a lightweight and thin design compared with a smartwatch. Thus, it doesn’t look bulky on your wrist.

It also comes with an interchangeable watch band that you can customize based on your outfit. You can even buy more customized bands online.


Most hybrid watches has a circular display. Unlike smartwatches, it doesn’t have a touchscreen. But it comes with small widgets on the screen to show the notifications.

What does a hybrid smartwatch do?

Hybrid smartwatches can do many things like a smartwatch. It is best for people who love to wear a smartwatch with a traditional look and design. Still, they can keep an eye on their heart rate, calorie burned, number of steps, etc.

Health Tracking With Your Hybrid Smartwatch

The hybrid wearable watches goes beyond just timekeeping, and it also comes with many health-tracking features. Heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking, etc., are a few health tracking features available on these wearables.

Heart Rate Monitor

Hybrid watches from Fossil, Withings, Garmin, etc., comes with a heart rate sensor. It closely monitors your heart rate and gives you in-depth data on your health metrics, including calories burned on the companion app.

Withings Steel HR is an example of the best hybrid smartwatch with advanced health-tracking features. Additionally, it also looks like a traditional watch.


Withings Moov ECG Smartwatch has gone even beyond just heart rate monitoring. It comes with an ECG monitor. But its ECG feature is not clinically validated yet, so it is not recommended for serious wrist-based ECG tracking.

If you are looking for an ECG tracking watch, you can look into our list of the best ECG tracking smartwatch and devices approved by the FDA.

Sleep Tracking

Hybrid watches can also track sleep. The Fossil Hybrid watches, Garmin Vivomove, etc., track sleep pattern. These watches give you detailed data of your sleep on the watch app on your smartphone.

Activity Tracking Features

In addition to fitness tracking features, it also comes with some activity tracking features. When you wear it on your wrist, it can track your activities like steps, distance, etc. These wearables can also alert you if you rest for long; thus, you can do some exercises to stay active.

Smart Features

Now let us have a look into some features of a hybrid smartwatch.

Mobile Notifications 

Once connected with a smartphone through the companion app, you can get smartphone notifications right on your wrist. Some watches got a dedicated space for notifications, and others don’t have one. Both cases alert you with a buzz on your wrist for each notification you get on your smartphone. 

Additionally, it also comes with an alarm clock, reminder, stopwatch, different times zone, etc. 

Battery Life

Hybrid smartwatches are known for their long battery life. Most of them come with a replaceable battery, and their battery life can go up to 6 to 12 months. As a result, you do not need to recharge the battery frequently as a smartwatch.


Hybrid smartwatches are waterproof. Most of the hybrid watches come with 5 ATM waterproof ratings. This means that these watches are safe to use up to 50 meters deep water.

What is the difference between a Hybrid watch and Smartwatch?

Hybrid Watches


Traditional look and Design

Looks like a technical piece of equipment

Do not have a touchscreen

Have a touchscreen

Limited Features
Rich in features

Longer Battery life(6 to 12 Months)

Need to charge battery 12- 24 hours



Generally cheaper than Smartwatches


Best Hybrid watchmakers in 2021

There are more than a couple of companies that make hybrid smartwatches. Fossil watches are known for their features and competitive price. 

If you are looking for cheap and the best hybrid smartwatches, then Fossil devices will be the right choice for you. Withings took over by Nokia, and it also got some cool hybrid smartwatches with some advanced features. 

If you are looking for some expensive hybrid smartwatches, you can consider Kate Spade, Skagen, Michele and Emporio Armani. All these companies have a vast collection of the best hybrid smartwatches on their portfolio. 

Final Words

Now I hope that you have an idea about what is a hybrid smartwatch and what is its difference from a smartwatch. These wearables are best for people who love a traditional watch and still wants to enjoy some smart features. 

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