What are Fitbit badges, and how to earn them? Quick Guide

You can earn Fitbit badges by achieving your fitness goals. It keeps you motivated to achieve your goals and set new goals.

Fitbit badges

Fitbit is an American fitness company that doesn’t need any introduction. The company produces some of the finest fitness trackers and smartwatches on the market. Fitbit also has different ways of keeping the consumer engaged. One such feature is the Fitbit badges offered by the company as rewards to the user.

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This guide will help you understand what these Fitbit badges are and how to earn them. If you’re a Fitbit user and want to know about the latest badges, then this article is for you. The list includes how to unlock each badge.

What are the Badges of Fitbit?

Fitbit badges overview

As said earlier, badges are rewards given to the user upon completing set goals and achievements. These badges let the user showcase the daily progress they’ve made. For example, the March of Penguins is a badge a user earns when they walk 70 miles since joining Fitbit. There are over 100 badges from Fitbit that a user can collect.

Why do you want to earn badges?

If you know anything about the neurotransmitter Dopamine, then you’d probably know that rewards will make a person crave more. So, these new badges from Fitbit sure seem to be doing the job. These badges will help the user stay fit by earning rewards. It seems Fitbit won’t make a fortune from these badges, so why hesitate to grab them all?

Types of badges and how to earn them?

There are over 100 Fitbit badges, and they can be broadly classified into 5 groups.

To be precise, there are two groups of daily badges, two groups of lifetime badges, and a dedicated group of weight loss badges. Here is the complete list of badges grouped and sorted from low to high.

Fitbit Daily Badges

Urban Boot Fitbit badge

Fitbit daily badges can be earned more than once (or, if you have the dedication, daily). There are two types of daily badges, Daily Steps Badges and Daily Floors Badges.

Fitbit Daily Steps Badges

Marathon Fitbit Badge

Climbing steps are a great way of burning fat. The fitness community considers it to be more effective than jogging. Fitbit is discouraging the use of elevators and escalators by rewarding them with the following Daily Steps Badges.

  • Boat Shoes: Earned for climbing 5000 steps.
  • Sneaker: Earned for climbing 10,000 steps.
  • Urban Boots: Earned for climbing 15,000 steps.
  • High Tops: Earned for climbing 20,000 steps.
  • Classics: Earned for climbing 25,000 steps.
  • Trail Shoes: Earned for climbing 30,000 steps.
  • Hiking Boots: Earned for climbing 35,000 steps.
  • Cleats: Earned for climbing 40,000 steps.
  • Snow Boots: Earned for climbing 45,000 steps.
  • Cowboy Boots: Earned for climbing 50,000 steps.
  • Platform Shoes: Earned for climbing 55,000 steps.
  • Blue Suede Shoes: Earned for climbing 60,000 steps.
  • Ruby Slippers: Earned for climbing 65,000 steps.
  • Spring Loader: Earned for climbing 70,000 steps.
  • Genie Shoes: Earned for climbing 75,000 steps.
  • Futuristic Kicks: Earned for climbing 80,000 steps.
  • Rocket Boots: Earned for climbing 90,000 steps.
  • Olympian Sandals: Earned for climbing 1,00,000 steps.

Fitbit Daily Floors Badges

These badges are similar to Daily Steps Badges.

  • Happy Hill: Earned for climbing 10 stories.
  • Redwood Forest: Earned for climbing 25 stories.
  • Lighthouse: Earned for climbing 50 stories.
  • Ferris Wheel: Earned for climbing 75 stories.
  • Skyscraper: Earned for climbing 100 stories.
  • Rollercoaster: Earned for climbing 125 stories.
  • Stadium: Earned for climbing 150 stories.
  • Bridge: Earned for climbing 175 stories. Congrats, you just passed the top floor
  • of Burj Khalifa.
  • Castle: Earned for climbing 200 stories.
  • Waterfall: Earned for climbing 300 stories.
  • Canyon: Earned for climbing 400 stories.
  • Volcano: Earned for climbing 500 stories.
  • Mountain: Earned for climbing 600 stories.
  • Rainbow: Earned for climbing 700 stories.

Fitbit Lifetime Badges

Hawaii Fitbit Badge

These are badges that can be achieved by completing lifetime goals. Fitbit offers Lifetime Distance Badges and Lifetime Climb Badges. Fitbit Weight Goal Badges for the Fitbit Scales can also be considered Lifetime Badges. They are:

  • Marathon: Earned for walking 26 miles.
  • March of Penguins: Earned for walking 70 miles.
  • London: Earned for walking 250 miles.
  • Hawaiian Islands: Earned for walking 350 miles.
  • Serengeti: Earned for walking 500 miles.
  • Italy: Earned for walking 736 miles.
  • New Zealand: Earned for walking 900 miles.
  • Great Barrier Reef: Earned for walking 1600 miles.
  • Japan: Earned for walking 1,869 miles.
  • India: Earned for walking 1,997 miles.
  • Monarch Migration: Earned for walking 2,500 miles.
  • Sahara: Earned for walking 2,983 miles.
  • Nile: Earned for walking 4,132 miles.
  • Africa: Earned for walking 5,000 miles.
  • Great Wall: Earned for walking 5,500 miles.
  • Russian Railway: Earned for walking 5,772 miles.
  • Earth Diameter: Earned for walking 7,900 miles.
  • Pole to Pole: Earned for walking 12,430 miles.

The last one might just be a piece of cake for Forrest Gump. But for regular folks like us, we wonder whether the watch will endure that long of a period.

Fitbit Lifetime Climb Badges

This one starts with something less challenging than a Daily Floors Badge. But goes all the way up to the height of roughly 12 Mount Everest.

  • Helicopter: Earned for climbing 500 floors.
  • SkyDrive: Earned for climbing 1,000 floors.
  • Hot Air Balloon: Earned for climbing 2,000 floors.
  • 747: Earned for climbing 4,000 floors.
  • Cloud: Earned for climbing 8,000 floors.
  • Spaceship: Earned for climbing 14,000 floors.
  • Shooting Star: Earned for climbing 20,000 floors.
  • Astronaut: Earned for climbing 28,000 floors.
  • Satellite: Earned for climbing 35,000 floors.

Fitbit Weight Goal Badges

Weight lose Goal Badge
Fitbit Weight Badge

To earn these badges, you must first own a Fitbit Scale. We believe these badges might be the most important of all that is worth giving a try. So grab a Fitbit Aria or a Fitbit Aria 2.

earn a Weight Goal Badge for simply setting a goal. But the remaining might be the hardest to come by. Here are the badges that can be collected by losing weight.

  • Weight Goal Set: When you set a goal.
  • Weight Goal Met: When you reach your goal.
  • 5-Pound Weight loss: Earned for losing 5 pounds.

This goes all the way up to 200 pounds with increments of 5 pounds. You might be disappointed if you’re a skinny person. We believe people do need some motivation in the form of Weight gain badges.

Where to check Fitbit Badges?

A user might be in dire need of showing these badges to their close ones or at least admiring themselves. One must know how to check for earned badges. These badges can be viewed through the Fitbit app, the official website, and lastly, on selected Fitbit devices (expensive ones, for sure).

View Badges through Fitbit App

Step 1: Open the Fitbit App and click on the Today tab.

Fitbit Charge 5 Profile Pic

Step 2: Tap on your profile picture and then on your name.

Badges and Trophies

Step 3: Click on Badges and Trophies, and you can find the badges you have earned inside the Badge Collection.

You could also log in to Fitbit.com to view the badges you’ve earned. They will be safe inside the profile page.

View Badges that can be earned through Fitbit Watch

  1. Swipe up on the watch to go to Fitbit Today.
  2. Look for the badges tile and swipe on it to see the upcoming daily and lifetime.
  3. Those can be earned within the next four days.

Benefits of Earning Badges

You should’ve already understood the benefits of earning these badges. You could use them as a showpiece to showcase to your friends, or you could think of them as lesser rewards for your hard work and trying to do better.

Earn more Badges with Fitbit

As of now, there are no shortcuts to earning a Fitbit badge. The only choice is to work out harder every day. If you think you are getting bored of these badges, get some friends to join the party. A small race will give you the boost you need.


There have never been any shortcuts to success. Laziness and lack of appreciation are what keep us at bay to keep ourselves healthy. Fitbit is now giving us a proper solution that addresses both of these constraints. We don’t see anything that Fitbit can benefit from this. Everything you earn is yours to keep, so we repeat, why not give it a try?

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