Samsung Galaxy Fall Detection: Ultimate Guide

Samsung Galaxy Fall Detection

Smartwatches do more than monitor your heartbeat and calorie burn all day. They also come with a fall detection feature that alerts emergency services in the advent of accidents such as a fall. Several emergencies can happen while you’re engaged in different activities, and so it’s vital to choose a smartwatch with fall detection.

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Many people often wonder how fall detection sensors can help after a fall. Fortunately, we’ll be answering this question and explaining in detail why you need a smartwatch with this specific feature.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Fall Detection?
  2. Why is Fall Detection Important?
  3. Do Samsung Watches have fall detection?
  4. How Does Fall Detection Work in Samsung Watches?
  5. Emergency SOS in Samsung Galaxy Watches
  6. How to Set Up Fall Detection in Samsung Galaxy Watches?
  7. Conclusion

What is Fall Detection?

Fall detection is essentially a feature that automatically detects a fall when a user is engaged in any high-risk activities. In case of a fall, the watch detects it with the help of its accelerometer sensor. It can also evaluate and record your body’s position, physical activity, and the smoothness of acceleration of movements.

Whenever the system detects notable changes that it considers within the danger zone (during a fall), it springs into action. The system will instantly contact emergency response services with your real-time location to assist you. This way, you can always be safe regardless of your location or the severity of your injuries.

Why is Fall Detection Important?

Depending on the type of activities you engage in or your job, you may need a smartwatch with a fall detection feature. Fall detection is essential for everyone who is at higher risk of fall, like outdoor enthusiasts such as runners, riders, etc. Factory workers, as well as seniors, are also at risk of falling and injury.

Multiple studies show that as of 2019, over 36.5% of workplace-related injuries and deaths were caused by a fall. Because this occurrence happens more often than you think, getting a smartwatch with this feature is vital. Aside from the fact that fall detections can alert your several emergency contacts, too, it also works efficiently.

Most fall detection systems do not rely on a user’s ability to function, and they usually run on the theory that most emergencies will cause the victim to be disabled. So, they do the work. This means that even if you lose consciousness from a fall, you will likely get help before things worsen. 

There are so many smartwatches with the fall detection feature. Whether you prefer Apple or Android, you can benefit from either option. After Apple Watch, one of the most reliable smartwatches with fall detection is Samsung smartwatches. The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has fall detection, amongst other excellent health and fitness features.

Do Samsung Watches have fall detection?

Samsung watches now have fall detection sensors as part of the numerous features. Until recently, you would find fall detection sensors on only Apple watches. However, Samsung recently included the life-saving feature in its Watch models. In addition to Galaxy Watch 4, the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch 3, and Galaxy Watch also have this feature. If it is not available on your device, please update your smartwatch to the latest OS.

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So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch and are yet to activate your fall detection system, you should start by upgrading the software. After which, you can activate the fall detection system.

How Does Samsung Galaxy Fall Detection Work?

The fall detection works in Samsung watches via the accelerometer, a specific sensor that tracks bodily movements. 

Samsung Watch Fall Detection

Essentially, the accelerometer can detect sudden or jerky movements that mostly happen during a fall. So, if this occurs, your smartwatch will immediately know you have fallen and will alert you, and the watch will activate an alarm that will ring for 60 seconds.

Suppose you cannot deactivate the alarm within 60 seconds. In that case, the watch assumes that you are in danger, and the watch automatically calls the emergency services and four other selected emergency contacts for help. However, once you deactivate the alarm, your watch will assume you’re fine.

Samsung recently improved this feature to be more reliable because multiple users complained about incidents when the accelerometer didn’t detect a fall. We have also tested this on our recent Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review, and we are pretty impressed with its performance.

Emergency SOS in Samsung Galaxy Watches

Emergency SOS Samsung

In addition to fall detection, you can activate the emergency SOS service in most Galaxy smartwatches by simply tapping on the home screen. This saves you time and ensures that you get help even when your hands are full, or they’re muddy.

Once this feature is activated, it sends a message to your contacts and alerts emergency services of your location. This helps emergency personnel to reach you in time and offer help.

This SOS feature is handy for females and children as they can quickly call for help with a few taps on the screen or a button.

How to Set Up Samsung Galaxy Fall Detection?

The process of setting up the fall detection in Samsung is easy. It doesn’t matter what model you own; the steps are always the same. The fall detection feature is usually not turned on by default, so you must do this manually. And for that to work, you’ll first need to be connected to the Galaxy Wearable app.

  • Connect your smartwatch to Samsung App via your smartphone
  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your device
  • Tap on watch settings
  • Tap Advanced or Advanced features
  • Search for SOS and tap on it. After this, proceed to tap on When hard fall detected or Detect falls. 
  • Check for “switch” at the top of the screen and allow the permissions offered.

NB: Please make sure that you grant the permissions to the location and SMS services.

After you have followed all these steps, you will need to select one of your existing contacts as an emergency contact. This contact will be sent an SOS message whenever you may have an accident.


Owning a smartwatch with fall detection is great because accidents could get serious quickly without access to help. The Samsung Galaxy Watch fall detection can save your life by calling emergency services and alerting selected contacts in case of a fall. So, always make sure that you activate and use this feature as it could come in handy if you ever may need it.

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