What is Sedentary Reminder in Smartwatch?

A sedentary reminder is an essential function of some smartwatches that reminds the wearer to get up and move when sitting too long. Light movement helps keep the muscles active, decreases stiff joints, and reduces the chance of developing many health issues such as hypertension, high glucose level, obesity, etc.

What is Sedentary Reminder in Smartwatch

What is Sedentary Reminder in Smartwatch?

Before we speak about this, it is important to understand what is a sedentary reminder and how it can adversely affect your health and overall fitness.

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What is a Sedentary Behaviour?

According to the WHO, sedentary behavior is defined as “any waking behavior characterized by an energy expenditure ≤1.5 metabolic equivalents (METs) while in a sitting, reclining or lying posture.” Notice that the definition includes sleep, watching TV, and even driving a car, which means an activity reminder might be essential to avoid issues.

Dr. Edward R. Laskowski, M.D writes that “Sitting for long periods has been linked with many health problems, including obesity, increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and excess body fat around the waist.” So, get up and move around for at least a couple of minutes every hour, even if you work out regularly.

Why is it important to move even if you work out daily?

Because of their busy schedules, many people spend most of their time sitting. They work at a desk, drive to and from work, go gym either in the evening or at night. But is that enough for a healthy life?

Even if you do exercises daily, your muscles can be temporarily inactive after periods of rest, drastically decreasing your metabolism and putting you at an increased risk of developing any chronic disease.

Whereas frequent light movement helps keep the muscles active, decreases stiff joints, and reduces the chance of developing many health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, etc.

Dr. Deborah Rohm Young, Ph.D. from Kaiser Permanente Southern California, wrote in the American Heart Association journal that “If you’re already physically active, that’s the most important thing. But it’s good to take breaks from sedentary time, too,”

It is common knowledge that prolonged sitting time leads to cardiovascular diseases. The WHO says sedentary behavior, such as prolonged sitting, has been deemed a significant public health concern.

Sitting too much does not just affect our mental well-being; it can actually increase our chances of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

How can we reduce our sedentary time?

There is absolutely no need to give up your job and spend all day in the park to meet the requirements of staying healthy. Just set a reminder on your smartwatch to get up and move for a few minutes every one or two hours.

Research shows that such short breaks add up and allow you to decrease sedentary time enough for a healthy life. An ideal time frame is less than 30 minutes a day, but even small changes produce positive results.

An hour-long lunch break? Cut it down to 50 minutes and just walk around a bit instead of sitting at your desk the whole time! Don’t forget those few steps to the printer or copier!

How does the reminder to move work on Smartwatches?Sedentary Reminder in Fitbit

A sedentary reminder is an app on the smartwatch that monitors your activity and alerts you with vibration or sound when you sit for too long. Depending on the brand, it might work differently: Some devices will monitor your movements; others rely on heart rate sensors.

For example, Fitbit wearable devices remind you to take 250 steps every hour or so, break up sitting time with short walks, and prompt you to go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If you do not complete the 250 steps in an hour, it will remind you to complete the remaining steps to achieve the hourly goals.

How to Enable Sedentary Reminder in Fitbit?

By default, sedentary reminders are turned on your Fitbit device. You can turn it ON or OFF at the Fitbit App on your smartphone.

  1. Open Fitbit App
  2. From the “Today” tab, tap on your profile picture.
    Fitbit today tab
  3. Now select the device that you want to set the “Sedentary Reminder”.
    Device page on Fitbit App
  4. A new window will open up and locate ” Reminders to Move”.
    Reminder to move
  5. Tap on it and turn it “ON”(if it is off).
    Reminder to move settings page

Here you can also set the start time, end time, and also the days you want to activate the sedentary reminder.

Do I need a special smartwatch for daily activity monitoring?

Not necessarily. Fitness trackers are becoming more common, and some of them can do the job just fine. Smartwatches from the brands like Fitbit, Apple, and Garmin come with the reminder to move.

Don’t have a smartwatch, or you don’t have a smartwatch this feature? No worry! Many apps are available in the Android and iOS app store that reminds you to move and be active during the day. Simply install this app on your iOS or Android phone, and it will alert you to take a break and move around for a few minutes at regular intervals.

Benefits of having the reminders to move feature on your watch?

If you have a smartwatch with the reminder to move feature, you can get more ideas about your day-to-day activities along with various health metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, etc. It can even track your sleep quality based, thus helping to improve your quality of sleep.

Further, when you hit your hourly activity goals, a smartwatch reward you with a fun animation or badges. This keeps you motivated to achieve your daily fitness goals.

How to set this feature on your smartwatch?

Most smartwatches and fitness trackers come with this feature by default. Simply choose the desired interval and the activity duration, and your device will vibrate or play a sound at the specified time intervals.

If it is not pre-set on your smartwatch, follow the steps below to set this feature on your smartwatch.

  1. Open the Activity app on your smartwatch.
  2. Tap on ‘Customize.’
  3. Scroll down and select the Sedentary Reminder option (Depending on the Brand, you find it under different names like Move reminder, Sit reminder, etc.)
  4. You can set it to alert you after every 1 hour or 2, and also, you can set the number of steps you want to take.
  5. Tap OK and save your changes.
  6. Now, every 1 or 2 hours, you will receive a reminder on your smartwatch to move around for a few minutes.

1. Which is the Best Smartwatch with prolonged rest Reminders?

Apple Watch Series 6, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 3, Fitbit Charge 5, Charge 3, etc., come with the prolonged rest reminder feature. In addition to the move reminders, these watches also come with many advanced health tracking features that help you stay active and healthy.

2. Do Garmin Watches come with reminders to move?

Yes. Garmin watches come with sedentary reminders. Garmin Vivosmart 4, Fenix 6 Series, Forerunner Series, etc., is one of the best smartwatches which remind you to be active and take breaks from your daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Who is at the risk of disease associated with prolonged rest?

People who spend most of the time on the desk are at high risk of diseases associated with prolonged rest, such as IT professionals, accountants, etc. These people sit on their desks throughout the day and have a lot of sedentary time. To make matters worse, they might be spending time watching TV, playing video games, or doing other activities after they’ve reached home.


Conclusively, smartwatches with the reminder to move feature encourages people to take regular breaks from sitting and avoid sedentary behavior over prolonged periods. It is an incentive for them to be more active day-to-day and benefit their health by decreasing the sedentary time they spend during the day.

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