Where Casio Watches are Made?

Casio is a Japanese-based multinational electronics manufacturing company established in 1946. Casio was the first company to mass-produce calculator watches and is currently the largest manufacturer of watches in Japan by revenue. It also produces other electronic gadgets such as cameras, mobile phones, calculators, etc.

Where Casio Watches are Made

Casio Started to make watches in the 1980s due to the increasing demand for electronic watches around the globe. Beyond traditional timekeeping, today, many Casio watches can track fitness activities such as steps, calories burned, and elevation. Casio G-Shock watches are one of my favorite brands of watches because of their unique rugged design. Plus, it is so comfortable to wear throughout the day.

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Where are Casio watches made?

More than 70% of Casio products are made outside Japan. With that said, all the premium Casio watches, such as the Casio G-Shock DW-6900 and MRG-BF1000R(announced recently), are manufactured in Japan. Some affordable and mid-range models are manufactured in China or Thailand to cut down expenses.

Casio Yamagata is the “mother factory” of all other Casio factories all around the globe. This factory is located in Yamagata, Japan, and was opened in October 1979. Advanced technology and highly skilled labor are used to manufacture the finest quality Casio digital products, such as G-Shock watch models, medical equipment, and projectors. Takumi Fukuchi, the President of Yamagata Casio, says, “There are 13 stages in total and 11 processes for making the product.”

If we look back, as part of the company’s cost-cutting strategy, Casio started to make its electronics and digital products outside the country. In the 80s, Casio established manufacturing units in China and Thailand, producing the most affordable mid-range products.

Today Casio factories are spread worldwide in different countries, including Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, California, and Mexico.

Where to Check your Casio watch was Made?

To confirm the actual country of origin for a Casio watch, you can look at the back of your watch case. Each Casio product has a model number and a code on it representing in which factory, country, month, and year it was manufactured. You can also see the water resistance ratings of a Casio watch on its back.

Why are Japan-made Casio Watches Considered high value?

“Made in Japan” Casio devices, especially watches, are considered high value as they are made using the latest high precision and advanced technology to produce the perfect electronic gears.

However, I don’t think there is any difference in quality if you buy a Casio watch made in Japan vs. a watch produced outside Japan. Because, in most cases, the electronic parts are made in Japan and assembled outside the country. Moreover, each product is gone through strict quality control and testing procedures before being shipped out. Though it is made in other countries such as China and Thailand, or other countries, Casio products are reliable and worth your money!

Where to buy a “Made in Japan” watch outside of Japan?

If you are outside Japan and want to buy a “Made in Japan” Casio watch, you can order it from the official Casio store or an authorized dealer in your country. Some people get confused with the terms like “Made in Japan” and “Japan-made,” but they are serving to confirm that the products were manufactured in Japan only.

Ensure that an international warranty covers it before purchasing a “Made in Japan” in your country. This warranty will be valid in any country, even outside Japan!

If you purchase it from any other third-party stores, make sure that you are buying a genuine Casio product.

How to identify Real vs Fake G-Shock Watches?

Is Casio a Luxury Watch Brand?

Casio is not a luxury watch manufacturer but definitely offers high-quality, affordable timepieces suitable for any occasion. You can find a Casio watch for under $30 to a premium level watch such as CASIO G-Shock GWF-A1000C-1AJF FROGMAN Bluetooth Solar Radio Watch that costs about $700. Whatever the price is, Casio watches have an elegant, delicate, and attractive look and design.

Are Casio watches made in America?

Casio started to manufacture watches and other electronic devices in California and Mexico. The California and Mexico factory opened in the 1990s. This was done to reduce production costs.


Today Casio watches are made worldwide in countries like China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, California, and Mexico. According to a new report, more than 70% of Casio products are manufactured outside Japan. But in reality, there is no difference in the quality of such products as they undergo strict inspection and testing procedures before being shipped out to the market!

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