Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down? The Top 7 Reasons

Do you wear your watch upside down? If not, you may be wondering why people do it. There are many reasons for wearing a watch facing down, but the main one is to avoid damage to the watch screen. However, it is up to you whether you wear your watch facing upside down or not.

Wear Watches Upside Down

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This article will explore the top seven reasons people wear watches upside down.

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down?

Keep the watch from getting damaged. One of the main reasons people wear their watches upside down is to keep them from getting damaged. When you wear your watch facing backward, the face of the watch is protected from scratches and other damage that can occur when you wear it right side up.

Dalai Lama with Rolex
Credit: Dalailama.com

Many people wear prefer to wear expensive watches such as a Rolex or Patek Philippe. This way, they can avoid damage to the face of their favorite watch(to some extent) and keep it looking new for longer. Even Dalailama appeared to have worn his Rolex upside down, and it is not only a fashion statement but also has some practical benefits.

1. To Avoid Glare and Reflection

When you wear a watch upside down, it prevents glare and reflection from disrupting your view. This is especially helpful while you are outdoors or in a bright setting. You can easily read the time without obstructions by flipping your watch around. Additionally, wearing your watch on the inside of your wrist makes it easier to read the time and other data on the watch. 

2. As a Fashion Statement

Many people wear their watch face facing back as a fashion statement, and it can be a fun way to change your appearance and show your personality. They also believe it looks cool or unique, setting them apart from the crowd.

3. Easy for Multitasking

When you wear watches facing in, it is easy to multitask. You can wear your watch while doing other things without worrying about your face getting damaged. Besides, it also helps you quickly see the time without interrupting what you are doing.

4. Personal Choice

How to wear a watch is your personal choice, and there is no right or wrong way to wear it. Some people prefer the look of an upside-down watch, while others find it more comfortable. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how you wear your watch. 

5. For Security Purposes

People who wear expensive watches like Rolex tend to wear them upside down. This way, they can hide the watch face under their sleeve and avoid drawing attention to themselves. It also makes it difficult for someone to grab the watch off their wrist. Former NATO soldier, GB-man, from Rolex Forum, says, “I’ve worn my Rolex upside down when I was in NATO. My goal was to avoid drawing attention from annoying individuals or strangers.”

6. Military Personnel

Military personnel such as snippers and those in combat operations often wear their watches with their face down. This is done so that the watch face does not act as a shiny surface and give away its position. Additionally, it also helps them to view the display without making any movement which may compromise their position.

Who Wears Watches Upside Down?

Many people wear watches facing upside down for different reasons. However, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and first responders are the most common wearers of upside-down watches.

Can I wear a Smartwatch upside down?

It is not recommended to wear a smartwatch upside down. Because when you wear a smartwatch facing in, the watch’s sensors will not correctly record your heart rate and other health data. With that said, if you are wearing a regular watch facing back, it is not a problem.


Many people wear watches facing in because of multiple reasons. The main reason is that it is more comfortable for them. Secondly, people believe that it provides better protection for the watch’s face and glass. And lastly, some people wear their watches this way because they think it looks fantastic. In fact, it is up to you to decide which way you want to wear your watch. There is no right or wrong answer.

I hope this article on “Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down?” has answered your question. If you have any other questions on this or smartwatches, please leave a comment below.

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